It’s that time of week again…

UPDATE: Due to more unforeseen scheduling conflicts, there won’t be a podcast this week, unfortunately. We do, however, have some exciting features coming up next week. Stay tuned!

Hi friends! Due to a few schedule conflicts, we’ll actually be recording the Boston Hockey Pod earlier in the week. It’ll still come out Friday, but for our own purposes, we’ll be recording tonight, Wednesday.

Feel free to toss us any BU or Michigan hockey questions/topics of conversation you’d like to hear us discuss by tonight, and we’ll try our best to do so!

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

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  1. Is nick Olsson hurt for and extended period of time? Also why did tommy Kelly play over nick Roberto. Nick led all sophomores in scoring last year.

  2. How come BU never gets recruits from the CCHL or NAHL? When I look at collegehockeyinc.com’s list of NCAA D-1 college commitments, I see that some schools have recruits that are coming from those leagues.

  3. And another thing: Is Roberto ever going to play this season?

  4. Tommy Kelley only played about 3 shifts in the first period and was on the bench for the rest of the game (at least that’s what I saw). If that’s going to happen, why dress him at all? It seems that DQ doesn’t have confidence in Kelley or Dillon Lawrence. We’ll see what the lines are for tonight.

  5. Kelly and Lawrence are not ready for prime time. they get overmatched by D 1 play. love the diffley move up front. would like to even see switzer try it.

    hope to see the Oz man at the 4pm game tomorrow. people overheard him say that he now likes the late afternoon starts

    sure could use roberto. i bet he would make a difference. hee hee

  6. Does anyone know Roberto status?

    • Still being benched for disciplinary reasons. I ask every week, and a couple weeks ago, Coach said he thinks we’ll see him before the end of the semester.

  7. Any idea what the infraction was?

  8. I would really like too know the infraction. If you go back in earlier post about BU hockey they say that Brandon fourtunato and nick Roberto were in some trouble but Brandon has played in every game this year. Nick Roberto is a better option on the ice and needs to play.