Calling all BU hockey questions

Hey guys, it’s that time of week! We’ll be recording our podcast Thursday afternoon, so if you have any BU hockey questions, leave a comment below or tweet at us, whichever you prefer! We’ll try to answer as many as we can to the best of our abilities.

Here are links to our first two episodes if you missed ’em!

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  1. Isn’t the Friday night game vs Michigan a 6 pm start? My fears about Maguire are coming true. Let’s hope that LaCouvee can handle the workload.

  2. I’ve taken to calling Fortunato “the backpack” based on his defensive zone “coverage”. Thankfully he’s putting points up to help offset that issue. Seriously wonder if he can play at the next level without bulking up. Is that a focus for him this season? It doesn’t look like he’s put on much weight.

    Will Olson get a shot on the top two lines or is his role limited to the grinding line this season. Seems like he could provide a scoring punch if matched with more talented players.

    Speaking of talent, losing Letunov really put the pressure on the team to up its dedication to team defense. After a “pond hockey” like start to the season, they seem to be putting more focus on defense. They lack that Max-like creative player (after the top line) who is comfortable keeping the puck on his stick long enough to create better chances. Thus, the offense (after the top line) seems more spastic than planned.

    It will become more of an issue when they play lower scoring games against more talented defensive teams. Who does Quinn see as the guy who can step up the creativity as the season goes along?

  3. Who do you guys see as the best freshman so far early in this season? McAvoy, JFK and Cloonan have all impressed me…

  4. Greer and Greenway are two big wingers who are supposed to be gifted scorers. Why are they having difficulties at the collegiate level?

  5. Finally, someone admits the Greenway and Greer are struggling. Forget the past reputations. Stick with the facts to date. maybe they will develop but as of now

    greenway 8 games 0 goals 2 assists
    greer 8 games 0 goals 1 assist

    now you can argue that they forecheck well and all that. but these guys are supposed to light the lamp. at least that was what i was led to believe. perhaps i am listening to the wrong people

    i would definitely move olsson up. fourth line. no way. let the two muckers above take a turn on the 4th line. and Bobo might need to take a twirl there as well. can you have 5 guys play the 4th line at once?

  6. G & G are both 2015 NHL Draft second-rounders. I am still hopeful that the management of Colorado and Minnesota will be proven to have made wise choices in that round.

  7. wise choices for them does not always mean wise choices for us. frankly i could give a rat’s ass what kind of players they are when they leave BU. i want to see results when they are wearing the scarlet and white

    i know it is good for future recruits to see BU players in the NHL etc,. But do something for us while you are here. call me selfish!

    too many of these guys come him with gaudy stats from glitter programs and they can not produce in HE. remember nick gillis? that guy shattered all the private school scoring records. at BU, and i am being kind, he was pedestrian at best – 26 goals in 4 years. i know he won the bean pot on a great feed from poti. but even Ozzie could have scored that one

  8. come in NOT come him