BU adds F Erik Udahl for 2nd semester

Boston University has added another player for the second semester, with East Walpole native Erik Udahl making an announcement on Twitter:

Udahl joins forward Oskar Andren, who announced on Dec. 20 that he would join the Terriers, as another second-semester addition. The 19-year-old Udahl is a product of the Rivers School in Weston. He most recently played for the Coquitliam Express of the BCHL, recording seven goals and three assists in 33 games this season.


  1. I quite impressed by how pro active the coaching staff has been in adding two players
    Mid season. That is not easy to do. I like that these guys are older. More often than not, the previous regime would before passive in this situation. Good job DQ and the staff

  2. Would be passive

  3. I think we are all going to be pleasantly surprised with the second half! GO BU!!

  4. Right on guest 66 ….Especially if McGuire really emerges. I think he is our ticket. In all due respect to lacouvee. Since karlson is our own only forward missing practice becaue of the juniors and he is on the first line the these guys have time to get chemistry with the other players

  5. Excellent point with Maguire! Would love to see him breakout, for more reasons than the obvious. Such a good kid and deserving of a great year!

  6. It always fun to have dual rooting interests. To see the terriers win and the guys up the street lose. 3 straight baby!!!!!!

  7. Yea but I’m not liking PC being undefeated!!! I mean it was a total gaff that they won THAT game. They were good, don’t get me wrong but go back and look at the shots on net, we clearly outplayed them and their coach knows it. He actually acknowledged it privately. But to see them come back and start the way they have kills me!! YES I’m bitter and angry still LOL sorry we should’ve won that game! But lets see how they do 2nd half. They set up a pretty cushy first half for themselves with the teams they chose to play. I mean really at one point they were 9-0 and in last place in hockey east because they hadn’t played a single HE game.

  8. Based on his success at Union I think Leaman is the real deal and so is there program/ team.

    Yes we should have won that game and the one against northern Michigan ??

  9. Hey Vinnie,

    Max has as many points as Danny O. Hard not to see him with over 30 at BU

  10. No question, he would be a huge asset, Ozzie. Maybe Danny O would have more points if he was on his line.

    But I like Danny O. I expect a big second half

    However, i am feeling some doom and gloom around Gryz’s readiness second half. Let’s hope the rumor mill is wrong this time

    I know it wasn’t about Roberto at the start of the season