BU adds forward Oskar Andren for 2nd half of season

It appears the Boston University men’s hockey team has worked quickly to fill the recent hole left on the team’s roster.

Oskar Andren, a 20-year-old forward playing in the NAHL, has announced his commitment to play at BU, starting in the second semester of this season.

Andren’s announcement comes one day after a source confirmed with The Daily Free Press that sophomore forward A.J. Greer has left BU for the QMJHL.

A native of Danderyd, Sweden, Andren has played his last two seasons with the Lone Star Brahmas. He had 47 points (18 goals, 29 assists) in 51 games last season, and has 22 points in 28 games this year, which is tops on the team.

Andren is the first commitment from an NAHL player since Ryan Santana made his decision to come to Commonwealth Avenue in 2008-09.

The Lone Star coaching staff gave Andren praises in a statement published on the team’s website.

There’s a lot of good players in this league, and when you’re a top team, you’re going to lose players,” head coach Dan Wildfong added.  “That’s a good thing because they’re moving on to where they want to go.

Andren went through a lot and when the scholarship came, to reach that goal, we were all excited. We trusted him and believed in him and we’re proud of him.  He couldn’t have asked for a better school.

With Andren’s commitment, the Terriers get more offensive depth and their roster goes back up to 15 forwards and 26 total players for the second half of the season.


  1. Good news, I guess Rhett can remain as the mascot.

  2. Good news, Greers replacement and Rhett remains the mascot.

  3. Welcome to BU Oskar!

  4. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    If you use Greer’s locker please use some deodorizer spray before using. Welcome to the best college hockey program in the country.

  5. Nice to see a positive transaction. We could still use more. GO BU!

  6. This swift moves only confirms my first reaction to Greer leaving. He clearly thought he was better than he was (and produced!!) and Quinn and Co sort of made this happen. Adios AJ,
    WELCOME OSKAR!! you’re going to love it here!

  7. dejavu of the 2012 team

    1 finish on a high note. beat maine (2012) beat the Q (2015)

    2. coyle leaves early; greer leaves early

    3. trivino scandal; roberto scandal

    it all SUCKS

  8. Vincent
    Horrible news that tarnishes the image of the hockey program. Another scandal with possible NCAA ramifications.
    Also before everyone praises the new recruit, can we at least wait until he actually plays in a hockey east game. No disrespect to Ryan Santana but he certainly was not a top six forward.
    For all you bloggers who despise my comments I am very upset with the events of the past week . It certainly reflects on those in charge ! They must be laughing up the street.

  9. Larry,I was expecting nothing but a couple of cheap shots at “those in charge”,just come out and use his name!!!Are they laughing up the street?I guess you don’t follow all BAD College Hockey news,former BC defenseman was arrested for running an illegal sports betting book,but I am SURE he started this after BC,yeah right!!!You got your Christmas present….

  10. Guest 22
    Thank you for the season greetings. Don’t blame for the mess on and off the ice. I am only a fan expressing an opinion on events that occur during thre season. Enjoy reading the Globe or listening to the sports reports today.

    • STILL waiting for the Globe Article,and did you do this much complaining when your idol,Coach Jack,went his last 4 years without winning anything???I doubt it,Coach Q doesn’t kiss your butt,and make you feel special???AWWWWWW,we are all so tired of listening to your ridiculous rhetoric,have you noticed the number of bloggers who disagree with you increase?I certainly have,misery loves company,but WE DON’T!!!

  11. Larry, yeah, they must really “be laughing up the street” … especially after what happened with Milano and Bracco. Oops, I forgot, those were BC recruits. My bad.

  12. Glenn
    I have rooted against the chestnut hill community college my entire life. Thankfully those three corrected there initial mistake. However those three were not implicate in a gambling scandal. The is a huge difference.

  13. OMG Larry, HAHAHAHA, at this point I’m going to sit back and enjoy your comical tirades. Its absolutely outta hand now how bitter you are.