10 thoughts on “Have BU hockey questions?”

  1. Will Roberto ever play? if so, when

    Are the 4 pm starts a fixture from now on?

    Why was Letenov rejected?

    When will the captain return?

    When #5 does return, what would be the potential pairings be?

  2. Without naming who has what for a scholarship, how many current members of the BU hockey team have full scholarships and how many have half or partial scholarships?

    What does a full time BU student pay for a ticket to a regular season home game?

    With the team that BU has and what DQ is building, going to BU hockey games should be the thing to do on campus, What efforts are the Friends of Hockey making to promote student attendance at home games and also at “local” away games, such as Providence, Harvard etc.

    One function of the Friends should be to build the fan base and loyalty to BU. Would the Friends consider raising funds to subsidize charter buses to assist BU students with transportation for a reduced fee to 3 or 4 distant away games such as UMass, UConn, VT. .

  3. will mcguire be back next year? i know he is listed as a senior, but he does have another year of eligibility left. ruikka did a masters in his fifth year

  4. What do we need to do to get the games back on over the air radio?
    Why can’t students get free tickets for the two sections behind the nets? The Comm Ave
    end student section has not had 50 students in it yet this year.

  5. All good points @glen it’s no contest next year and beyond its ottwieller # 1 everyone else who knows but good point I think max will never play a game here like moccia. ..

  6. Hi Big Roy. I am very excited about Oettinger too. It’s interesting that BU and BC each have a goalie-recruit playing for the NTDP U-18’s this season.

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