Live blog: No. 8 BU at No. 17 Merrimack

Weekend Preview

BU lines:
Ahti Oksanen-Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson-Danny O’Regan
Jordan Greenway-Matt Lane-Ryan Cloonan
Chase Phelps-Robbie Baillargeon-Bobo Carpenter
A.J. Greer-Mike Moran-Nikolas Olsson

Brandon Hickey-Brandon Fortunato
Doyle Somerby-Charlie McAvoy
Brien Diffley-John MacLeod

Sean Maguire
Connor LaCouvee
Max Prawdzik

Merrimack lines:
Justin Hussar-Brian Christie-Ben Bahe
Jace Hennig-Brett Seney-Mathieu Foget
John Gustafsson-Hampus Gustafsson-Chris LeBlanc
Craig Wyszomirski-Michael Babcock-Alfred Larsson

Marc Biega-Jonathan Lashyn
Jared Kolquist-Ethan Spaxman
Matt Cronin-Aaron Titcomb

Collin Delia
Drew Vogler
Joe Pantalone

Kevin Shea
John Gravallese
Brendan Kelleher
Joe Ross

Live Blog BU at Merrimack (10-30-2015)


  1. Danny’s back

  2. There goes the neighborhood

  3. Gotta take some lumps sometime. Game not over yet people.

  4. well as discouraging as this may seem, its super early in the season. Eichel is no longer with us nor will he ever be so I don’t see the need to keep harping on that, Same goes with Max. We have a lot of talent on this team. Jack made EVERYONE better but it doesn’t mean they weren’t any good without him. These kids need to step it up. They are making themselves look worse. The penalties are ridiculous. They need to close in on the rebounds. Last year those are goals. This year no one is there to stick them. As far as Coaching…I forget who keeps referencing that he’s a recruiter and not a coach or is unproven as a coach or something along those lines. That is just a ridiculous statement on so many levels. One only has to read his resume to see he has been extremely successful at many different levels and this age being his most successful. Has anyone thought about the fact that the trainer left as well? Maybe these kids aren’t as conditioned as last years? It seems to me that this group has yet to find its place…and it seems the coaching staff is working on that as well. I don’t mind the criticism when its deserved but some comments are just clearly from either distaste of the coaching staff (particularly Quinn) or because they can’t seem to let go of Eichel and Max. I’m disappointed with the way the season has started for sure….I may even yell at my computer screen here and there but I have hope….and I think you all should too!

    • Very good post,I agree with everything you said,and it is really one disgruntled gentleman who does not like DQ,he refers to him as a coach in training,and still has much to learn….very ridiculous statements.I believe this team will find it’s identity,and do very well.

  5. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Hard to believe that, for the most part, this is the same D that came within one goal of the NCAA Championship lat year.