New York Rangers formally name Steve Greeley as Assistant Director of Player Personnel

Confirming reports from Tuesday and Wednesday, the New York Rangers officially announced Thursday that Boston University associate head coach Steve Greeley will become the Rangers’ Assistant Director of Player Personnel.

BU has not announced a replacement, though a report from Mike McMahon of College Hockey News says current Director of Hockey Operations Scott Young is expected to be named to the position.

The Terriers tweeted out good wishes for Greeley on Thursday morning:


  1. Congratulations to Steve Greeley … as he goes from one of my favorite teams to the other. Also, best of luck to Scott Young as new Associate Head Coach.

  2. Big loss for BU. He brought in some outstanding players. Program in tailspin.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      “Tailspin” is too strong a word. Greeley’s departure will likely impact BU from a recruiting standpoint a few years from now, but it’s a hyperbole to refer to the program in a tailspin when this opportunity for Greeley is a step up. He never had coaching experience prior to BU and perhaps he believes his best career path is in a front-office role in the pros.

  3. Tailspin? Really? There will probably be four BU players chosen in the first round of the 2016 NHL draft.

  4. What is with the “sky is falling” crowd that’s been posting here? Sure Greeley’s eye for talent will be missed. But that’s what happens when you get elite people–whether coaches or players. Eichel left after a year, too. Both he and Greeley are more than ready for the next step. Don’t forget that Albie O’Connell is a highly regarded recruiter, who convinced both Johnny Gaudreau and Jon Gillies to commit to Northeastern before the coaching issue led them to decommit, and he was Harvard’s top recruiter and power play architect. Terriers now add an excellent coach in Young who has superb credentials and did a great job turning around the St. Mark’s program. He’ll be the only Division 1 recruiter introducing himself to families while wearing two Stanley Cup rings.

  5. The sky is not falling but it is raining with bad news. Certainly the loses of coaches and personal is not going to move the program forward and perhaps it might take a step backward, especially with #9 in Buffalo.

  6. I agree with Walter. Other programs do not have all of this happening at the same time. To me any “Friend of BU Hockey” is just a front for the horrible Athletic Administration. I understand Greeley was the main man in the recruiting. Does anyone forget the problems that BU Hockey had prior to Quinn coming on board ? When I go to games I can not believe how many empty seats there are for a team such as we had last year. BU Administration wants control over everything and does not work with Quinn. If it did we would have one more top six forward coming this year. It wants to be PC and nothing else. I wonder how many B ball players were not allowed to come in the last few years AFTER THEY WERE ALREADY ADMITTED ? This is from someone who saw his first game in 1964.

  7. Chad Krys just announced he is coming to BU

  8. Finally some good news! Wonder if admissions will change its mind ?

  9. Great news. Great kid. Great player. Great family.

  10. YES!!! Great news! I guess Chad Krys didn’t perceive the BU situation as being problematic. Don’t forget that DQ was an exceptional recruiter before Greeley came in 2013. I think he will take on more of that role in the near future – until the new Associate Head Coach gets up to speed with that aspect of the job.

  11. Greeley is definitely a loss for the program, I am very surprised at the short memories some of the bloggers are showing! Has everyone forgotten who did 95% of the recruiting prior to the last NCAA championship game that BU won?-QUINN,NOT only is he a very good coach,he is one of the best recruiters in all of college Hockey! The program is in good hands!

  12. yes but head coaches do not beat the bushes like the assistants. no doubt, DQ can close the deal with a kid and his parents, but he is too busy coaching practices and games to be in rinks scouting. Remember Grant Stanbrook at Maine? His main responsibility was finding players and he was excellent at that. Then Walsh closed the deal. Not saying albie and Scott can’t but Greely was special. Oh well, I understand why he left

  13. I hope SG will one day be considered as the architect of NY Ranger Stanley Cup teams. My Rangers have had some dreadful drafts, given away first round picks like Oprah gives away cars, and traded for players who don’t produce in the post-season. SG: Please end these awful habits my team has foolishly embraced!

  14. OMG…I can’t even believe what I’m reading here. Such drama amongst grown men. FIRST of all, Quinn DOES “beat the bushes” “pond the pavement” when it comes to recruiting. He is the BEST recruiter BU has ever had. Greely was a close second. Next…he is not coaching games or holding practices from end of season to beginning of season which gives him 5 months to do above mentioned recruiting. UGH…Sometimes I wonder why I come on here. Thankfully rational thinking people like Glen prevail.
    Next….Agganis is HUGE!! no easy feat to sell out regardless. Besides, the prices of the concessions are outrageous!
    Last word on the street is Albie and Scott will stay on the bench as Assoc Head coaches and new person will stay behind the scenes.
    RELAX!! All is well. GO BU!!!

    • No drama just reality, It is nice to have these potential elite players commit to B.U., it is even better if they are actually admitted. The attendance was not only a disgrace last year, I heard season tickets are off , for the current season. Last years team deserved better than two sellouts. Unfortunately the attendance up the street for an inferior team in a basketball arena was better than ours. B.U. did not need to build Agganis if it could not achieve better and more consistent attendance. I would rather sellout a noisy Walter Brown arena every night then go to half filled quiet arena that cold be mistaken for Mugar library. Nobody is asking you to eat the food. I agree that it is overpriced and barely edible. Unfortunatley it is comprable to other venues.

  15. I am just as disappointed about Agganis attendance issues as anyone. Still, I can tell you one thing about it … it is a major recruiting advantage we have over other schools … except perhaps The University of North Dakota. It is a pro-style arena and I am very proud of it. I would love to have a better plan than we have in place … with regard to filling it up on a regular basis.

    • It is the best facility in the east and a living legacy to Jack Parker who designed the entire building. I am proud to invite people to the games but more often then not embarrassed by the attendance. It does help recruit but it must be disappointing to the players when the building is half empty and relatively quiet.

  16. Allison, all is not well. We lost a top six player because of a nutty administration. Championships happen because of great players. The administration made the coaches look bad and hurt the program. Would they have done this to the B ball program if we had a major one at the University ? Not !! See Ralph Briggs’ comment above. He is a long time observer of the program and is spot on.

  17. Thank you for the reality check. Unfortunately the admissions department is the one opponent that Coach Quinn will not defeat.

  18. Now that letenov has been officially cleared to play for unconn, there are a few things i would like to say

    But, before i get accused of being a “troll”, as one responder called me on an earlier post, for having the audacity to call BU a wannabe elite school (not in top 50 of forbes), i would like to set the record straight on my allegiance to BU and you can believe me or not….. don’t really care

    my father (class of 43) and i (class of 72) are both graduates from bu. my dad took me to bu games at the old arena when i was 12. if you do the math, that would make me a grown man”. i witnessed the titan match ups against the great ken dryden of cornell and was there with my parents for the 3-3 tie with cornell at the Boston Arena Christmas tournament in 1966. as a student, we won back to back national championships in 71 & 72 and i had the pure pleasure of watching bruce taylor (often from my 13 th floor dorm room at west campus) run circles around BU opponents

    that said, coach quinn does need to worry about the mercurial nature of the present administration and admission dept in terms of its support to the hockey program. that combined with a puppet athletic department and basically defunct friends of BU hockey means his excellent work at recruiting can be undermined at the drop of a hat.

    in my humble opinion, BU men’s hockey is the jewel of BU athletics. in all due respect, to the women’s athletic programs and all the other men’s programs, men’s hockey is the king. now i know college hockey is regionally followed, but it is the men’s hockey team that can go head to head with any brand name program in the country, and come out many times victorious. sorry, but women’s hockey does not have the same cache as men’s hockey (and i loved watching poulin, wakefield, ward etc play), and occasionally winning the patriot league/america east in Bball only to get slaughtered in the first round can not really be considered something to get truly excited about. Yawn

    so, Allison, in all due respect, to you and the fellow poster (name politely omitted) who only sees the pollyanaish bright side when it comes to BU, it is not that “easy” to relax when you have witnessed first hand the absolute indifference the BU administration has shown toward athletics throughout the years.

    GO BU always

    PS -oh yea, i almost forgot, the football team is playing who this year?