Reports: Steve Greeley to leave BU, join New York Rangers scouting staff

Boston University associate head coach Steve Greeley is expected to depart BU and accept a scouting position with the New York Rangers of the NHL, according to Jeff Cox of SB Nation.

UPDATE on Wednesday, 12:40 p.m.: Several reports are indicating that Greeley’s new job will include a front-office position.

Mike McMahon of College Hockey News reports that current Director of Hockey Operations Scott Young is expected to take Greeley’s position.

Greeley, who played at BU from 2000-04, became associate head coach in 2013, replacing Mike Bavis. Six years prior to that, Greeley was a scout for the Los Angeles Kings. Greeley has been widely praised for his recruiting ability, and is responsible for several of the pieces that helped guide BU to a spot in the national championship game last season.

This story is still developing, so we’ll update this post as more information becomes available. Stay tuned.


  1. I’m a Rangers fan … but still, this news does not please me. I do think Young will be a great replacement. This is always a problem/risk when you have the top coaches at the college level. And now … I will hand the mike over to the doomsayers …

  2. Question. Is Steve Greeley leaving BU because his recruiting efforts with Letunov were thwarted by the admissions department?

  3. I highly doubt it. He apparently got a great offer he couldn’t turn down. He’s got 2 very young children and maybe the recruiting isn’t as grueling with NHL accommodations (planes vs cars= shorter trips<family time)

  4. Glad to hear that he got a great offer Allison. I feel better about him leaving if it’s a move up for his career and family. He served BU hockey well. I wish him the very best. And I agree Scott Young will be a terrific replacement.

  5. Rangers GM Scott Gorton worked for the Bruins for a very long time. He’ll be poaching New England people constantly.

  6. A scouting job usually does not place one on a path to a head coaching job. Why does not anyone understand we have a serious problem at BU with athletics ? Doomsayer ? I am getting afraid to go on this site. Who is next ???

  7. There is a difference between doomsayers and reality. The fact is that too many players and coaches leave or potential players are denied admission for the wrong reason. I would be surprised if Dave Quinn will last the duration of his contract.

  8. The balloon has burst for me this season. Who will be the next to go ? Do we not pay them enough ? What is going on at BU today? The AD is the problem.

  9. everything was cool up to the summer hockey luncheon on august 2 and then all hell broke loose. there, greeley was extolling the virtues of the incoming class which included letenov. the irony is too much

    i am feeling Quinn is next

    we lost an awful lot this summer – some i get are minor characters but still, what an exodus! duane, sherwood, piccinich, eichel, letenov, mactavish, greeley. collectively, it gives me an uneasy feeling and i agree with Ralph my hopes have been tempered for a real run at the end. hope i am wrong

  10. Friend_of_BU_Hockey

    Greeley’s new position with NYR is apparently a front-office player personnel role, something that is more aligned with the GM career path in the NHL/AHL. Sounds like it was too good of an opportunity to pass up for multiple reasons (salary, reduced travel esp. w/ young, growing family).

    The timing stinks, although the transition should hopefully be seamless w/ Young already being on the staff. It’ll be interesting to see what Young can offer from the recruiting standpoint, which is one area Greeley excelled in.

    But I agree with some of those concerned by some of the recent, unexpected turnover. A lot of late-offseason activity that raises some concern for what’s happening behind the scenes. My concern for the program is if they miss the golden opportunity to harness last year’s success and resurgence towards more championships, FF appearances and more in coming years.

  11. Why should anyone think that Letunov was denied admission to BU for the “wrong reason”? I do wish that a full interview could be done with the involved parties. Judy and Sarah: Do you think you could arrange an interview to get Quinn’s perspective on what exactly happened in the Letunov process? There is no reason whatsoever to think BU admissions and administration is anti-sports. Vinnie listed a bunch of names. Anyone who thinks Greeley left because of the above referenced loss of a prospect is (please excuse me) nuts. He will be getting a high-level position with the NY Rangers. Are we supposed to believe that if Letunov was admitted to BU that Greeley would have turned down the NYR front-office job? Sherwood was able to translate an outstanding summer camp performance with the Blue Jackets into an NHL contract. Is that loss the fault of the BU administration? MacTavish was told he would not get much ice time at BU. Piccinich struggled and was also likely to see little playing time this year. Duane was also not considered as having a strong chance of getting adequate playing time with our program. Can someone tell me why Quinn would leave BU? This whole line of thinking is ridiculous … sorry!

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      Quinn interview might be hard to spin for the time being — we do all interviews with him in person, so that likely won’t be doable until September. That being said, not sure how much we can get out of him re: admissions for all the reasons I’ve mentioned previously. I can’t promise anything in terms of how much he can tell, but we’ll certainly try.

    • I am nuts, no disagreement on that point. If you want to continue to be a B.U. cheerleader
      so be it .After five decades of being involved in the B.U Hockey program, I think I understand the admissions process and the relationship of the current administration with athletics better than most fans and alumni. I have had coaches reveal to me many issues with both. If you want to believe that Max was treated fairly that is your prerogative. I have the opposite opinion. The simple fact that he was granted a scholarship indicates he was qualified to attend. His job was to maintain grades which I believe he did. He was rejected due to transcripts from his childhood in Russia, when some overzealous admission personal flexed their muscles to justify their job. A pro athletic administration would have supported the hockey program and admitted him. In today’s politically correct world no one will find out what really occurred, thus I can only speculate on the limited information provided and attempt to connect the dots.You will still seem twice a year playing for UConn. They must be laughing up the street where athletic admissions are looked differently the regular admissions.

    • Glenn, I agree with everything you said in your post, and as for -Why would Quinn leave? I think that is an easy question,I don’t think he is, or is planning on going. But, what if an NHL team offered a job and salary he couldn’t refuse? Just thinking about the future…..

  12. Sarah: If Quinn cannot comment much on that issue, is there anyone else on campus who would? I guess the question that I’d like to be asked (to avoid privacy issues with Letunov), is: Going forward, how can we avoid such a development from arising at such a ridiculously inopportune time? What communication processes are needed between the athlete, admissions and the athletics/hockey staff … to ensure that the courses that BU requires are the ones that the athlete has taken or is in the process of taking?

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      All good questions. We’ve tried to reach out to people who might have insight on the situation, much to no avail right now. We might have better luck once the school year starts back up — harder than usual to track down people when everybody is in offseason/summer mode and I the writer am home 3,000 miles away in Seattle.

  13. Thanks Sarah!

  14. In my opinion the new athletic directors is nothing more than a make no waves, puppet for the administration.

  15. Yes Larry. I am a BU cheerleader, for sure. No arguments there. I think we will just have to agree to disagree on the facts … unless more light is shed on the case by someone who has all the facts. As for Letunov (or anyone) being given a scholarship offer, it by no means indicates that he/she is qualified to attend. It means that if they take the right courses and get the right grades, they will be given a scholarship. We’ve gotten verbal commitments from Farrance and Wise. Obviously, we have no idea as to how they will perform academically.

  16. BU Hockey 7: Yes, I agree with you. One can never say never when it comes to moving on to greener pastures. I am just pretty sure that if DQ does move on, it will have nothing to do with there being irreconcilable issues here at BU …. rather a better opportunity. That happens in all of the premier college sports programs in the country.

  17. He is not only attractive to the N.H.L but the frustration of having qualified
    recruits denied admission that end up going to our competition.

  18. I am pretty sure the requirements are known prior to acceptance of a potential scholarship. I have two kids that graduated B.U. and one that will soon begin his senior year. I can tell you from personal experience B.U.s’ admission system is severely flawed and biased. I will never believe that Max was treated fairly.

    • Larry, I agree with you as well, why did it take so long for Admissions to realize that Max was not “acceptable” to BU,this should have been known a year ago,at the very least!!!!!

      • I am concerned that some of these potential great recruits will never skate for B.U. unless admissions , the administration and the coaching staff have better communication. I expect at least one disappointment each year unless attitudes and perceptions change dramatically.

  19. Here is a thought taking into consideration some history. The current administration and its admissions department were never happy with the enormous following Jack Parker had, the dual positions he held and his influence at the university despite his phenominal success. The Admissions Department rejection of this year’s number one recruit, Letunov, at this late date was a strong message sent to the coaching staff that no matter how successful you are you answer to admissions and the university administration. Put another way, “Coach, you don’t get any leeway unless we decide to give it to you.”

  20. This sounds like a lot of conjecture and not much based on facts.

  21. Guest, you are 100% correct. The administration ruined Jack Parkers’ reputation with that phony baloney committee and investigation into two unfortunate incidents that had nothing to do with hockey. When that committee could not find any violations, they leaked unsubstantiated rumors that never occurred. Our stand up leader never took responsibility and made Jack the scape goat. Even a court of law had to drop the original charges in both cases. So Glenn this is not conjecture, guest knows what is going on as Jack lost the power struggle and eventually both jobs.

  22. The guest cannot be deemed to be correct if nobody knows what happened (other than the general details of courses being unacceptable). The guest’s opinions are most certainly conjecture. Just because you saw previous things going on that resulted in unjust and unfair outcomes against Parker, doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the here and now. Having said that, I do expect answers … as I alluded to in a previous post. I will be very disappointed if nobody talks.

  23. You will be very disappointed. I could relate other examples but I will not because it will not change your opinion. The fact that they ruined Jacks reputation after a lifetime of dedication should be enough.

  24. We shall see what happens but I am very unsure.

  25. Yes Larry, as these next few years play out, we shall see whether or not there is a cause for concern with how the BU administration deals with our much loved hockey program.