The Beanpot was bad, it’s time to move on

Photo by Eliza Nuestro

Last night just wasn’t good. 

The Terriers looked like a shell of themselves against a desperate Boston College team who was able to find the emotion to make a consolation game mean something. Coming into the Beanpot’s second Monday, the Eagles had dropped their last eight games –– they simply wanted, and needed, the win more. 

“At the end of the day, these guys are Division I college hockey players,” head coach Jay Pandolfo said. “Playing against your rival, you should have enough emotion to get up for a game.” 

BU has been a resilient team and had yet to lose two consecutive contests this season. Bounce-back wins became a character trait of the group early on which makes yesterday’s performance that much more dumbfounding. 

Pandolfo was as confused as we all were in the post-game. 

“I felt like we gave up that first goal and for whatever reason it seemed like our bench was deflated, I don’t know why,” he said. “For whatever reason that’s two games in a row that we just didn’t have our game. There’s just a lot of guys I felt like weren’t there like they typically are.” 

With senior forward Ethan Phillips back for the first time since Dec. 11, Pandolfo shuffled his lineup, but no spark was ignited. Phillips –– who was arguably BU’s best player last night –– slotted into the first line with Wilmer Skoog and Devin Kaplan. The kid line was broken up as Jeremy Wilmer moved up to skate with Jay O’Brien and Matt Brown, but it didn’t matter. 

The chemistry and skill that bolstered BU to the best offense in the country was completely suffocated by not only an aggressive BC attack, but an utter lack of confidence in all three zones from the Terriers. 

The usual gritty, hard-on-pucks mentality was nowhere to be found on BU’s end. It’s hard to say this team didn’t care –– because they’ve proven their passion for the program –– but they slept-walked through the 60 minutes. No one’s waking up with butterflies about a 4:30pm consolation game, but the lack of energy was unacceptable.  

“Sometimes it seems like we want an easy game, and that’s what it felt like to me tonight,” Pandolfo said. “Similar to last game against Northeastern, we didn’t want to put pucks behind them and go to work.” 

This passive play was so uncharacteristic for a group that has skated with so much pride for the scarlet and white jersey this season. It’s a slump I know they’ll get out of, but it’s unfortunate the drop-off came on the Beanpot stage. 

With six regular-season competitions remaining on the schedule, it’s time to see what this team is really made of. Friday’s road matchup against Merrimack now becomes one of the biggest of the year as the Terriers try to avoid a three game skid. 

BU has the winning recipe, it’s just a matter of getting back to it. I’m not sounding any emergency alarms for this squad. 

One year ago today the Terriers hoisted the Beanpot on TD Garden ice. Now, we learn from an embarrassing 2023 tournament and move on. The sting lingers, but it’s time for BU to refocus. Hockey East play returns and the hunt for the next trophy begins.


  1. Obviously a rough Beanpot showing. It’s clear Jay is still discovering some wrinkles leftover from last year needing a more vigorous ironing-out. I’d wager that press is coming down hot and heavy in practice this week. Unfortunately, the power play squads obviously need shaking up and heavy drilling in this back 9 of the season. This Beanpot embarrassment could still prove a stepping stone to a new level of achievement. The talent is obviously there. But is the will? Obviously you need both. Obviously I keep saying that. Ya know it’s obvious.

  2. a number of issues, but I say goalie is #1. to give up that “wobbler” right after we tied it up was a backbreaker. i have no confidence in DC in a big game. I would start Vinnie against the warriors

  3. yeah vinnie i agree , i don’t know why pando has not started duplessis in some of the previous games. he certainly could have started him last night, i mean hell he won us the beanpot last year. Commesso is very good but erratic, you never know what to expect from him

  4. thank you Vito. and if you look at the past ncaa championship teams, they all had top notch goalies in save % and GAA.

    when you start getting into one game eliminations, like the Pot and the Desert Classic, an “erratic” goalie means one and done

  5. I thought Vinnie should have played the 2nd Maine game. I like Commesso but he is inconsistent.

  6. Yet the guy u guys are having issues with won u the bc series and other games kid has a bad game hete and there andbu want vinnie unreal .. He’s your #1 so let’s just stop with the nonsense now.. Let’s not forget Levi has had a average year conpared to last year and we don’t hear any talk about back ups in northeeastren… Drew c will be fine .. Go BU

  7. I just think if we gave DC one game off this weekend, it might help him reset. nothing wrong with that

  8. just saying:
    Mike Richter Award semifinalists announced:

    Ryan Bischel, Notre Dame
    Magnus Chrona, Denver
    Justen Close, Minnesota
    Jakub Dobeš, Ohio State
    Mitchell Gibson, Harvard
    Devon Levi, Northeastern
    Victor Ostman, Maine
    Yaniv Perets, Quinnipiac
    Blake Pietila, Michigan Tech

  9. Where is Colin? I hope he’s ok!

  10. Rui expresses his inner Colin

  11. Chances are when your goalie is ranked number 41 in the country your not going to win anything. Maybe the Richter award judges agree.

  12. Let’s not compare drew to vinnie will ya u guys sound ridiculous.. Good backup not #1 goalie u know that !! Stop it with the nonsense… Next your gonna say ostmanis heter the drew bc he’s on Richter Awards ..too funny 😆 I don’t recall any of the beanpot or NCAA games we lost bc of drew .. Just saying .. Keep it up guys