Dog Pound Diary: A Pot of Beans and Tears

By Brian Foisy
Photo by Brian Foisy

The worst thing the Terriers did on Monday was score. Injecting a comatose Dog Pound with all that false hope so late in the game. The subsequent game-sealing goal to put Northeastern up 3-1 was like giving a little kid an ice cream cone just to take it from his hand and smush it in his face. 

Soon after everyone in the fan section silently said to those around them “we need to get out of here.”

It was like a family leaving a haunted house at the end of a horror movie, and realizing they probably should’ve left hours earlier. 

It started off really promising. BU fans showed up in droves, even more than at last year’s Beanpot Final, where Northeastern fans vastly outnumbered BU’s. Many of the Dog Pound faithful, myself included, thought – somewhat justifiably – it could be a sort of coronation for this year’s team. 

What fans wanted was a coronation. What they got was a pantsing. 

BU got owned, on the ice and in the stands. The score above the ice may have been more lopsided than the one on the ice. Northeastern may have put up three goals downstairs, but if you were scoring the game upstairs, they probably scored 30. 

Coming in hot, aggressive, and classless with their “f**k BU” chants, their “ugly students” chants, “ugly jersey” chants, “safety school,” and the list goes on.

I know we say the same thing every weekend to opposing players, but it really got to me when Northeastern fans chanted, “Commesso sucks.”

The Northeastern fans were mean and angry, just like their team, while the BU fans were cute and cuddly. Not once did anything from the Dog Pound venture into something you wouldn’t say around your grandmother. 

All the Dog Pound could muster was a measly “Go Terriers” or “Go BU,” and firing back with “safety school” chants when they would come from the other side.

The Dog House had us on every jumbotron moment, going nuts every time they showed a Northeastern student and booing the roof off every time they showed BU fans. 

Once they got through the whole ‘Stacy’s Mom’ thing, I wanted my mom to come pick me up. 

The one time the Dog House lost their bite, however, was when they pulled out that stupid “where’s your co-op” chant. Most Northeastern students actually think it’s really, really cool that their school has a co-op program. Any of them reading this right now are clueless as to why someone wouldn’t want to be forced to spend an extra year to get a bachelor’s degree. 

Leaving the game, I was pretty sure the T would just be a nightmarish tube filled to the brim with Huskies frothing at the mouth, yelling “ugly students,” “where’s your co-op,” or some other sixth-grade recess chant. Ordering an Uber seemed like a wiser choice. 

When I got back to my place, I decided, instead of going up to my dorm, to just walk around Beacon Street for a little bit, hoping I could process what I had just seen. 

The first click on the Spotify shuffle got me to “The Tin Man” by Kenny Chesney, which proved to be the perfect song for the moment…

It’s times like these, I wish I were a tin manI wouldn’t have a heart, and I wouldn’t need a soul.

When I got back to the dorm, my roommate, apparently opting for a similar theme, was playing “I Had A Bad Day” on his speakers. 

This is what Devon Levi has reduced us to. 

It got to the point where I now think he may have a legitimate claim to ownership of Boston University. Seriously, I think President Brown has to name his successor as Devon Levi right now. We also might have to name a building after him…or a bathroom, not sure. 

The Terriers’ performance against Northeastern was so atypical of this year’s team that I’m half wondering if former Bowling Green hockey coach Jerry York was cackling somewhere in TD Garden while sticking pins in a Drew Commesso voodoo doll.

Lost in all the misery is the fact that BC lost its game against a school whose student body cares more about quidditch than hockey – nothing but love to all the quidditch players out there. 

Now, the Terriers have to face off against Boston College in – and I’m vomiting as I write this – the consolation game next Monday. Will any BU fans show up for the first-ever matchup between these two schools in the consolation game? I’m not sure. Skipping class feels a little depressing when you’re doing it for the consolation game.

How this game will affect the Terriers for the rest of the year is a question for another day. Monday was the night to cry yourself to sleep, knowing you’ll never go to a school with a co-op program.

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  1. Sorry about your experience at the Garden last night. i couldn’t even attend, the first time in a long while for me, b/c i don’t own a smart phone, just a smart flip. i couldn’t believe they don’t give fans the option anymore of printing out a ticket online as well., since they don’t want to print paper tickets anymore ( thanks jeremy jacobs along with you’re outrageous concessions prices) Any way its just as well. i would have been depressed like you riding the T back to where i parked my car in Brookline before i drove home to Cape Cod after such a dismal performance. The Huskies seem to “own” the beanpot now for the last few years after so many years of being the tourney doormats, except for a brief flurry in the 1980s when they won 4 of them mostly at the Terriers expense, but that didn’t last long. Let those loser NU fans say what they want,, they could win the next 5 and still be miles behind BU’s 31 victories. I have a co worker friend who attended NU many years ago. Once i told him “hey your Huskies are really tearing up the Beanpot the past few years.” He didn’t even know what i was talking about. and what about the Huskies nationally? when was the last time they were ranked in the top 5 in the USCHO poll, the last time they qualified for the NCAAs ,or the last time they were in the Frozen Four? Like maybe just a few times and NEVER. They were pretty good 40 years ago when they had that goon Chris Nilan, a guy who married Whited Bulger’s step daughter. Those are the kind of character kinds the Huskies have. Anyways keep your chin up, There’s a lot to look forward too the rest of the season for the Terriers, b/c we’re back baby, where we belong, at the top of the heap.