THT Podcast

Terrier Hockey Talk: Beanpot pt.2

The Beanpot is back on Comm Ave! This week on THT we discuss the thrilling title game and what the victory means going into the rest of the regular-season. Click below to listen!


  1. Here’s to more “Manic Openings” on Terrier Hockey Talk! I love your content and giddiness.

  2. Great job on the postgame live after the big win on Monday night and on the podcast, love your enthusiasm. I was a terrific game with both teams showing tremendous athleticism and speed. its interesting James that you mentioned the similarity to the Bruins -Lightning game 7 in 2011. Many long time observers of Stanley Cup said it was one of the greatest playoffs games they witnessed with Horton’s OT goal almost identical to Petersen’s although the Bruins’ one had a slower buildup.

    Agree with all of your comment about Albie, he isprobably secure in his job now that the Terriers have completely turned their season around. Just a month and a half ago it was inconceivable that BU would win the Beanpot knock off some of their biggest rivals UCONN, UMASS, and Prov. twice and be in a position for home ice and probably an at large bid for the NCAAs even if we don’t win the HE tourney. If the Terriers win out and get to the Garden they will have been on a 20 of 22 win streak in the second half. I can’t believe the selection committee would exclude a team from the NCAA tourney on such a run.

    My only concern down the stretch is the long layoff between the Beanpot final and our next game at Chestnut Hill. There is a danger of staleness and its not good that a team on a winning run have such a long layoff between games as they may lose their edge. Especially vs our #1 rival who have benn horrible of late but are getting 3 of their best players back and won last night vs a probably demoralized NU team. So for now lets just enjoy and watch the other HE teams beat each other up.