1. Spot on Belle regarding your comparison of the effect Matt Brown’s mom’s passing had on this Terrier team to what the NYR experienced after the death of Martin Saint Louis’s mom back in 2014.

  2. Terrific job on the podcast guys. I haven’t been listening much lately but the season has become a magical one now. I was at the Beanpot Monday and it was a thought a terrific college hockey game. Cockerill was on fire especially in the first period when he scored a fantastic goal and seemed to be all over the place. The Terriers really took it to the Crimson, established a substantial lead and then as you said shut the door in the third probing for the insurance marker and allowing Harv. few chances to tie the game. I also loved the throwback Uniforms with the Terriers head on the front. Those are the jerseys they wore throughout the 70s when I was a student and BU hockey was experiencing their golden age with 3 Nat’l championships, 4 straight ECAC cups and , at one point 5 consecutive final 4 appearances , before it was called the “Frozen Four”. I think that the team will win the Beanpot, in fact i am SURE of it. NU has been slumping lately,doesn’t seem to be much of an offensive threat, their just barely beaten a horrid BC team illustrating this, and in the two games thus far this season the Terriers have played them very tough and in some stretches have dominated play including a game i attended at Matthews Arena. They have won last night against a traditional “thorn in our side” Prov., you know they beat us back in 1978 in the ECAC semis when we were 27-1? So thats 2 win vs that pain in the a… Anyways as you can probably tell I’m quite optimistic about the rest of the season. I think its possible to win out , BC is horrible at this point and so is Maine, and have a chance at an at large bid to the NCAA tourney even if they don’t win the Hockey East tourney. So enjoy the Beanpot Final, this is the way BU hockey was back in the day when we owned this tourney. and would go on tears down the stretch.