1. I listened very nice job. Wish him luck in the coming weeks. A terrific opportunity for him to get some ice time.

    I mention the players who don’t always play in some of my posts and how hard a role that is for kids as talented as we have so for Vinny to get this opportunity I’m very excited to see him succeed.

    I mentioned in a earlier response bu needs to focus on Friday first we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

    Thank you again for reporting on this team and allowing us the ability to comment on this great hockey program.

    The blog is a big part of the bu hockey experience thanks again and best of luck with your studies. Go bu 🐾

  2. friday’s game is huge for Vinny’s confidence going into the Beanpot. without DC, the team needs to put a greater premium on team defense. gotta make sure we clear the zone, before taking it the other way. limit maine’s opportunities. forwards need to back check like crazy

    if vinny can avoid the “wish i had that one back” goal, i think we will be ok

  3. also, how about brown beating cornell and harvard scoring 6 straight against BC. harvard has some offensive talent despite missing 2 guys to the olympics

  4. Yes Vinnie, good to see Cornell lose, as they are in the PW at #11. Has anyone figured out if we are officially out of the PW rankings in terms of having any chance at all of getting an invite to the NCAA’s?

    I hope Vinnie D reminds us of the heroics he pulled off last year.

  5. It will be hard to crack the top 15 with only 1 game left or maybe 2 if we meet up with NU in the Pot that are ahead of us

    • Thanks Ozzie. That does seem to be the case. I think if we still have a mathematical chance of getting in (by invitation), it is extremely low and so many things with other teams have to happen. But I like what I am seeing now and these wins make me think that we have a good chance of winning two games at TD in March and getting into the NCAA’s that way.

  6. Hey Belle and Company! I loved the interview with Vinnie from Quebec! It was a whole lot of fun to listen to your podcast.