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Men’s Hockey heads into winter break after falling to US development team

Following the sharp sting of last night’s shootout loss to Boston College, the Boston University men’s hockey team (6-9-3, 5-5-3 Hockey East) had a quick turnaround with a matinee matchup against the U.S. under-18 National Team. BU fell 4-3, now heading into winter break for some much-needed rest. 

“All-in-all it’s a bad scheduling game by us a little bit––I think originally it was supposed to be on Sunday,” Head Coach Albie O’Connell said in the post game press conference. “The quick turnaround going from an electric night to a building that wasn’t that crowded is sometimes a tough mental challenge.”

Four future Terriers made their Agganis Arena debut playing for the development program. Forwards Quinn Hutson, Jack Harvey, and Devin Kaplan, as well as defenseman Lane Hutson are all headed to Comm Ave within the next couple of years. 

BU had some notable changes in their lineup, getting the opportunity to deal some ice time to players like Sean Driscoll and John Copeland. The two defensemenboth left their homes at the blueline to fill in as forwards with junior Markus Boguslavsky. 

Sophomore goaltender Drew Commesso got the afternoon off as did some of the Terriers’ top guys due to injury and fatigue. Ashton Abel was between the pipes for the first time in almost a year––his last start was on Feb. 5, 2021 against BC. The junior netminder had a mediocre game, somewhat expectedly, with 20 saves. 

NTDP had a real spunk to their game from puck drop, playing with a chip on their shoulder as the younger group. BU was able to counter their aggressive strikes during the first period, but the gas seemed to run out of the tank as the competition spanned on. 

The Terriers got on the board first with a power play goal from freshman defenseman Ty Gallagher after forward Ryan Leonard got called for interference at 14:31. Blasting it from the point, Gallagher continued his point streak following his three apples in last night’s game to give BU a 1-0 lead. 

The development program got their chance on the man-advantage towards the end of the period. Sophomore forward Robert Mastrosimone was sent to the box for delay-of-game at 19:24, shifting the momentum as the first closed out. Copeland had a hefty blocked shot on the penalty kill, hobbling off the ice to end the opening period.

Things went downhill from there, but it’s questionable how disappointed one can actually be. Coming off an emotionally and physically exhausting game against BC, with less than 24 hours rest, and a chunk of the team suffering from the flu, it’s hard to put together a good 60 minutes. 

“If you were in our video meeting this morning, you might’ve thrown on a couple masks––there’s a lot of sickness going around the room,” O’Connell said. “We’re a pretty beat-up group, so the break’s coming at a perfect time.” 

The NTDP collected two tallies in the second period. University of Michigan recruit, forward Rutger McGroarty, opened up scoring for his squad at 1:51, snapping one fivehole on Abel from the left circle. 

BU’s third power play turned into a highlight-reel for their opponents. The development program showcased a shutdown penalty kill with tight defense, limiting the Terriers’ space to get a cycle going, and leading to a shorthanded goal from forward Brady Berard. 

Forward Frank Nazar III was on the rush without a stick, picked one up while dashing past the bench, kicked the puck forward while adjusting to the new twig, then settled the rubber and got it across to Berard to make the game 2-1 at 11:57. You almost couldn’t be mad about the goal because it was so cool to watch. 

Towards the end of the middle frame, defenseman Kaden Muir and junior forward Sam Stevens got in a tussle in front of the BU bench, prompting the Northeastern recruit to throw some punches. Stevens was dealt two for roughing while Muir got a five-minute-major for contact to the head––the Terriers would start the third with the man-advantage. 

Mastrosimone got one past goaltender Tyler Muszelik on the power play––his first goal since the team’s weekend in Northern Michigan––at 2:40 of the closing period. Junior defenseman Domenick Fensore’s initial shot was blocked in front where Mastrosimone then gathered the rebound and wristed it top shelf to knot the game at two a piece. 

The Terriers had a chance to regain the lead on a Berard penalty, but ended up doing the exact opposite…again. Unassisted, forward Cutter Guathier was alone on the breakaway and dumped the puck into the back of the net on a low-rising shot at 6:55. BU’s structural breakdown proved to have its costs. 

“Hard to win a game when you give up two short-handed goals. I’m just glad we got out of it with no more injuries,” O’Connell said. 

The NTDP widened the scoring gap at 13:22 with a goal from forward Quinn Hutson––but he’s a BU recruit so one could also see this as a positive in the long run. Trying to stay optimistic over here. Hutson intercepted a pass from Fensore, dragged the puck from the right of the crease, and tucked it behind Abel’s left pad for a 4-2 boost. 

Hutson’s group really played with an edge and an energizing level of confidence that propelled them through the afternoon. Frustrations were visibly rising for the scarlet and white, culminating in a blunder of penalties in the later minutes of the third for both sides. 

In a dying breath, junior forward Matt Brown got the Terriers within one with 2:04 on the clock after his wrist shot from near the right faceoff dot lit the lamp. BU was unable to force overtime and the buzzer at the end of the period was somewhat of a relief. 

The Terriers will now head into a three week break as the holidays approach. The first half of the season has shown some really high highs accompanied by some really low lows––the group has a lot to reflect on and grow from as they look to regroup during this time off. 

Battling through injuries, sickness––and to put it bluntly–– some painfully poor performances at points, the Terriers need to take their effort from games like Northeastern, UMass, and the majority of BC, and apply it to the second half of the year. 

This team’s got the components to put together consistent winning hockey, but everyone on that bench has got to show up night in and night out––from lowerclassmen, to upperclassmen, to the coaching staff. 

“I think we learned a lot about the group, I think we’ve got the ability to make a push in the second half,” O’Connell said. “We’ve played a lot of the teams at the top of the league––from a points standpoint––and we fare pretty well.” 

BU will take the ice again on Dec. 31 in Rhode Island for a New Years Eve matchup against Brown University at 2:00p.m.. Until then, let’s hope the guys get some rest, reset, and come back ready to compete. 

The Boston Hockey Blog will try to have as much coverage as possible during our winter break. Follow along on Twitter @BOShockeyblog and Instagram for updates on all things BU hockey in the meantime.


  1. the Ozman called it

  2. Call me Crazy but I told 0 wins this weekend.

  3. Finished the first half strong this game was what it was a scrimmage game. I put 0 stock in it other then to say the bu recruits looked good. I was impressed with Devin Kaplan passing and one of the brothers #23 he moved the puck well.
    Tough first half but for the last four to five weeks we have been playing good teams and have been playing right with them.

    We have been hurt and now sick and have not lost a game in the last 3 we hit the break at the right time. Like coach says you have to play that game yesterday but no one got hurt and now time to rest up get healthy and prepare for Brown.

    Some of our guys are on a roll right now playing good hockey. Ty Gallagher is on fire offensively and his passing is smooth. I see talented players come down on him and it looks like they have the edge and then he shifts gears it’s a cool little ability he has.
    Dom Fensore can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a gamer tough kid who plays the game right.

    Max Kaufman kids been carrying the goal light in his bag the last two weeks. No one works harder then this kid. My only disappointment is we had to split him with Vermont he’s a pleasure to watch and talk too he’s a great kid happy for his success.

    Peterson was sick this weekend and he gutted it out on to world juniors for him and our hot goalie Drew hopefully they get a jump when they get back.

    Ty Amonte after being hurt is heating up Brown is becoming very noticeable in the offensive zone look for good things from him.
    Mastrimone McCarthy will bring there tenacious style every night both highly gifted players.

    Our Defense has been great of late it will only get better. When O’Brien is in our line up this team’s identity changes our lines change we become significantly better he’s a gifted player unfortunately injuries happen I’m hoping for none in the second half.

    My wild card in this is Tyler Boucher he’s playing fourth line he was bumped down he took some bad penalties he received some bad calls by the officials and things did not go well for him the first half. Granted he played limited minutes Friday but I thought he looked fantastic in fact I would have played him more in the third (yes I’m saying coach should have played him more. I do have my own opinions for the record.) I think this kid is going to have a big second half.

    I like the direction we have been heading we are playing good hockey we dug a little hole for ourselves but we are playing our way out of that hole things are looking up looking forward to New Year’s Eve where we continue the unbeaten streak to 4 with a win. Go bu 🐾

  4. Two games. No wins. No excuses. Giving out participation awards means not being interested in accountability for doing the real things that create real W’s. Magical thinking is toxic to a winning culture. But go ahead and keep on drinking the poison.

  5. Jake Wise had two goals on Saturday night for Ohio State in its wins over Michigan and Hank Crone seems to be thriving with Northern Michigan…

    Neither of those guys did much in their time on Comm Ave.

    • Yeah, Crone is on the 3rd D1 team of his career. That’s gotta be a first. Glad to see he’s matured into a solid player (29 pts in 19 games) and a legit free agent prospect for next year. I think he’s a good case study showing the short college career approach of a lot of early round draft picks (the Eichels and Kellers of the world are few and far between) isn’t necessarily a template for player success. And as a team, the AOC Terriers certainly haven’t gained much from this template themselves.

    • Mark I was a big fan of Hank. I still talk to him regularly he loved his time at bu. He did not leave because he was unhappy he left because they had to make room for Wilman. I know Hank respects and likes Albie and it was not Albie who let him go. I’m thrilled with Hanks success he’s a great kid

  6. Colin,

    To me finishing the first half strong means winning 5 games in a row. Not the crap we have been watching.
    Merrimack just pounded the USA team 8-2. Stop making excuses for bad play. USA played their back up goalie against us and we made him look good.

    We are way under achieving and since you only have your BU glasses on you seem not to see or hear what all the real hockey people notice.

    Give it up two wins vs teams with winning records what a joke. We need a fix not more of the same

    • Ozzie no one wanted to play that game Saturday if your judging the team by that game your just looking for things to bash the program over. Half the team did not play. The team has a little streak going and your still bashing them. I have no problem coming on here defending my team. You can try and promote your negativity and you may be successful in swaying some misguided fans but at the end of the day bu hockey will be fine if not more resilient because it defended itself from attacks to try and dismantle it. We have a premiere program coached by a great staff filled with great players who make Boston university hockey a special place to play. No matter how hard or how much you whine it will not change. Looking forward to bu hockey continuing where they left off first half. Go bu 🐾

    • Spot on.

    • 100% true but maybe don’t get him going. IMO It’s not worth arguing people who ignore objective reality. It’s best to just shine them on. Lol.

      • Mark Myword —

        I know who he is but don’t have a relationship with him. I understand he’s a nice guy who usually means well, but the way which it comes across in his words and behavior is a bit off-putting.

        I feel he sets a double-standard when it comes to criticism about BU Hockey. There was an away game years ago where I sat near him; he wasn’t shy in verbalizing his frustrations towards how the team was performing. I mostly agreed with what he was saying because that BU team was playing poorly against a subpar opponent. However, given how quick he is to attack anyone who criticizes Albie and/or the players’ effort & performance, the disconnect between his opinions that game vs. the stance he takes on this blog strikes me as a bit hypocritical.

        I think he seems himself as the BU fan who’s above all others and defender-in-chief of the BU Hockey program. The bragging over who he knows, who/what he has access to, how he hangs around campus and Agganis…It’s not just what he says, but the tone its said in that really rubs people the wrong way.

        • Makes sense. I guess any talk or notion of a new regime to replace this failing one spells trouble for his future “status.” Lol.

  7. This is comical. I never brag about who I know. I only bring it up when folks on this blog go after kids who play college hockey. I have stated many times this platform should not be used to attack kids personally. Since I know most of them personally and their character I bring that up to counter the argument many make on this blog that the bu culture as some call it is lacking the will to be the best they can be, And that the kids don’t care.I make no apology in defending the kids or the program.

    Next I can’t be fired from being a fan. If coach is let go tomorrow my friendships will still be in place and I’m sure I will meet and become friends with new group of players. And yes I will still be the biggest bu hockey fan around my respect for coach is just that it’s separate from my passion for this team. Unless hockey is canceled next year I will be quite fine no matter who is coaching. My allegiance to bu hockey is going no where.

    As I have stated before I have friendships with former players many of whom I met long before I met coach O’Connell. Let me be clear I don’t work for the bu hockey team I don’t have access nor have I ever asked for any special access. I know the game of hockey and the way I see the game is very close to how coach sees it. I believe there is a mutual respect for the way we see the game and again I make no apologies for supporting him. I have stated before I don’t agree with every decision he has ever made but I don’t second guess him in public. I’m loyal to him as he runs the program I care so much about. I honestly believe he is doing a good job.

    You said you saw me criticize a game in the past certainly possible I’m a die hard fan and if they are not playing well I will say so. I don’t sugar coat things if your not playing well I won’t say you are. What I won’t do is attack a player on this blog. I appreciate you thinking I’m a nice guy I think I am. 🤔

    As I have been stating over and over I’m not the only one who knows these players and there is a push and I have seen it to undercut what is being taught by our coaching staff and that is wrong. Contrary to what has been speculated I’m very positive when talking to these kids my only goal is to see these kids thrive while at bu I cheer them on I would never tell them something contrary to what the coaches are telling them I’m usually encouraging them telling them to stick with it. With the start they have had I think that’s what they need not negativity that helps no one.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion I don’t agree with many of the bloggers on this blog but you have the right to attack the coaching staff if you want. He is paid and therefore subject to criticism, but as a fan I don’t have to buy into that line of thinking and I too have the right to defend him .

    a student run hockey blog in my opinion is not the place to attack the players and I will continue to call out those that due and if I know a player I’m not bragging about it I’m proud that the hockey program I have been following since 11yrs old is continuing to turn out great young men year after year.

    I respect everyone’s opinions I certainly don’t agree with many of them and I’m sure most don’t agree with me but I will continue to protect my team from attacks especially those that come from within. The bu hockey team is a special group of kids .

    I wish everyone happy holidays and hope bu hockey has a successful second half . Go bu .🐾

    • Oh Colin,

      We were on a little streak. Two wins by one goal over a team ranked 42 nd in the pairwise is nothing to get excited about.

      So my question to you is how many players will leave at the break. My guess is the over/under number is 2.
      You have access to these players. What is your guess.qp.

    • Colin,

      I think there’s a disconnect between what you constantly perceive as personal attacks directed towards the student-athletes and coaching staff. I will say that never have I felt the team’s underperformance has been attributed to a lack of effort/passion. However, I believe there has been inconsistent-to-poor execution that is the result of not being consistently put in positions to succeed from a preparation and coaching standpoint.

      I think where you and most others here disagree is that you believe that they should continue to stick with the results will come. Whereas I think most others here feel that something has to change given there’s a mounting pattern of underperformance in relation to the team’s abilities with Albie leading the program.

      There are others who contribute their thoughts/opinions here who may be as connected as you are to the coaching staff and student-athletes (but choose to be more discreet / less boastful about it). Based on who and what I know, I only think of positive things to say about the student-athletes and coaching staff as people. But just because they’re terrific people doesn’t mean that we can’t feel frustration, disappointment, and feel change is necessary if they as coaches and athletes aren’t executing to BU Hockey standards.

  8. Ozzie I hope none. I really don’t get involved in that stuff I believe that’s between the coach and his players. My access to the team is just me saying hello and talking hockey. I’m just a fan sometimes wish I was more but that’s it. I have been fortunate to meet players over the years and become friendly with coaches players and families but that’s it.

  9. Ozzie let me ask you a question if we get O’Brien and hopefully Phillips back later in second half will that make a difference in our offensive game enough to win some close games? I think it does I think this kid is a difference maker and Phillips provides depth on the first two lines. Just curious what you or anyone thinks. Is this team as close to making a run at things as I believe them to be ?

    • Colin – I don’t think they’re as close as you might think, but I also don’t think they’re as far off as some others might think in terms of being able to make a run.

      The injuries and constant lineup shuffling (sometimes out of necessity) hasn’t helped. But even the team’s best performances this year haven’t yielded enough wins in relation to their quality of play.

      O’Brien is definitely a difference maker. When healthy and in the lineup, Phillips has been productive this season. But realistically the team as a whole needs to step up and execute with more confidence and consistency. Again, this is not due to a lack of effort, but it seems to me that when they have a lead and in close games, they retreat and lose confidence instead of playing a more assertive style. In these situations, is Albie setting them up for success by giving them confidence to execute what they practice in such moments?

  10. I think “Terry Err” (nice one, BTW 😊) put it well. None of the criticism is in any way a personal attack on the coaches or the players. By all accounts, they’re a good bunch. It’s whether or not they are, for lack of a better phrase, performing to the overall historical standards that the program and fanbase should expect.

    For example, Greg Carvel took over an abysmal and talentless UMass-Amherst program from John Micheletto in 2016. After one transition year his winning percentages have been:

    .462 – #36 PWR
    .756 – #4 PWR + Hockey East Regular Season Champions + Hockey East Semifinalist + National Runner-up in the NCAAs
    .647 – #8 PWR + (Tournaments Cancelled)
    .759 – #6 PWR + Hockey East Champions + National Champions

    A truly phenomenal job.

    Jim Montgomery took over an already successful Denver program and hit the ground running, having an average win percentage of .662 over his 5 seasons (lowest season being .548), making the NCAA tournament in all 5 seasons including being a National Champion and a National Runner-up. David Carle then took over for Montgomery in 2018 and hasn’t missed a beat.

    Mike Hastings took over a bang-average Minnesota State program from Troy Jutting in 2012 and has posted an average .712 win percentage over his tenure. His first four seasons featured an average .657 winning percentage with 3 trips to the NCAAs.

    Nate Leaman took over a poor Providence program from Tim Army and posted an average .565 in his first four seasons including a (and we’d all like to forget this) National Championship in his 4th year.

    I could go on but you get the point. None of those programs were upset that they made a coaching change (Monty’s future personal issues aside), and whether those prior coaches were good guys and trying really hard, or not, it’s a results business. We’re not getting them.

    In comparison to those coaches in their first few seasons, AOC’s first 3.5 seasons have been poor. And, in comparison to college hockey in general, they’ve been about as average as average can be. .500 with nothing to really write home about. (And don’t forget that AOC took over a successful program from Quinn, with players that he (AOC) recruited. It should have been a perfect recipe for him but it all tastes underwhelming.)

    Sometimes an assistant/associate isn’t meant to be a head coach. Or, sometimes an assistant/associate needs to lead at a smaller program before they can have head coaching success at bigger programs in the future.

    But our reality is a program that went from above average to very average after the coaching change (despite so many things in place to keep things rolling well along) and I think that we can all agree that even if we throw out all the records and all the stats and all the dwindling attendance numbers and simply use the “eye test”, it hasn’t been a particularly pleasing watch over the past 3.5 years. Enough talent but mostly individual play, no real recognizable system, and underperformance. Things the coach is in charge of.

    Every team deals with injuries (NU, for example, this season). Every team has dealt with COVID. It’s disingenuous to say that BU has “had it worse” than everyone else because with our history, facilities, drawing power, city, etc., we started with many more advantages than most programs and should be able to deal with issues better than most.

    Will we have a better 2nd half than first half? Damn, I hope so. We’ll really be in the $h!t if we don’t (on the way the UNH- and Maine-town). We have 15 upperclassmen on the team (FIFTEEN) + a solid goaltender and we’re only 6-9-3 with one regulation win since October. Will JO’B’s return help? Absolutely. Will a Phillips return move the needle? I’m not so sure since he hasn’t really impacted games from a results standpoint since he’s been here.

    But our head coach is what his record says he is. A .500 head coach who hasn’t made us more than the sum of our parts and has some very experienced players playing their worst hockey this particular season, for whatever reason.

    Other coaches (as exampled above) have done far more starting from equal or far less.

    I’m not really a “blind faith” guy. If the UMass and Providence admin’s were, they might still have Micheletto and Army at the helm. Sometimes, you need to change to get better.

    Here’s to hoping that we play team hockey, go nearly undefeated in the 2nd half of the season, win the Hockey East Tournament, and make it to the Frozen Four. Most of the guys listed above did that (sometimes more than once) in their first four seasons. If we don’t, I think it’s abundantly clear that a change will be necessary this offseason.

    Over to you, AOC… It’s time for results and the pressure is on because this is D1 sports. And results actually matter (at least they used to), at BU. Do they still? We’re about to find out.

    Either way, let’s hope they do.


    • Mike — Appreciate the insight and objectiveness of your post. I don’t think it was unreasonable that expectations for Albie when he was promoted was to sustain a comparable level of success that Quinn had. Unfortunately the program has taken a significant step backwards when measured across key performance metrics.

      For me, the long-term health of BU Hockey takes precedence over anything else. There isn’t a precedent in BU Hockey where one of its own (Albie) who later became a head coach for the program may not be asked to return (I believe coaches Quinn, Parker, Kelley and Cleverly all left on their own for different reasons).

  11. Gentlemen I have read your comments. I understand your comments I respect your opinions but I politely disagree. I’m hoping we win just like 2018 because I think if we win it will close the gap among our disagreements. We need to find a way to score that’s our biggest thing now we are getting some secondary scoring and I think that will help. I hope everyone understands the bu hockey program has been a big part of my life I have been a fan through thick and thin and I can’t jump ship now that we hit a little rough patch. Again I’m sorry but I can’t root for failure no matter who is coaching bu is my team .

  12. I also must say some of the deficiencies you have pointed out I also see the difference is I don’t blame coach for them. It is my honest belief our coaching staff has held this team together through a tough first half I guess that’s where we disagree the most but again I want to wish everyone happy holidays

  13. Right back at ya, Colin. Health and happiness to you and yours! We disagree on this but I will always respect your passion.

    I’ll be traveling to a wedding so won’t be at the Brown game but I hope we lay a whooping on them. BC did without getting out of second gear. Hope and expect us to do the same.

    Believe me. I just want our program back to the standards it deserves. I’m not rooting for BU to lose. I hope we win the Beanpot, Hockey East to sneak into the national tournament, and make a run in the NCAAs. I wanted Albie to get the job but the results of his tenure thus far don’t point to that happening. You never know. I’ll be thrilled if it does because it will mean we’ve finally figured it out. And if it doesn’t, well, the track record will unfortunately end up speaking for itself and a change will happen.

    I’m an emotional guy. Always have been. But I try to use objective analysis before making decisions.

    The coaches I listed in my prior post got excellent results in their first four seasons seasons after inheriting the same or much worse program situations. That’s an undeniable fact.

    Their programs hired them because the prior coaches weren’t reaching the standards set for them.

    So it’s up to Albie and his staff to finally get their kids playing as a team with consistent success on the ice. Personally, I think he’s had enough time over these past seasons to do that but it hasn’t happened (again, see the other coaches listed above). Hopefully he’ll surprise us and we’ll all get what we want. But if it doesn’t happen, the program will need to make a change – the program is bigger than any one person.

    Time will tell. Go BU!

  14. Colin,

    Why would you think this team is anything else but a 500 team. Again four years of 500 hockey gets you where this team is at. Unlike you I do not need 10 years to figure that out. I do not want to continue anything this team has done unless you want to win one then loose one. Talk to people from other programs do you think they are afraid to play BU? I think just the opposite. You did mention two players by name which I think was a not allowed. I like both players but they have never scored more then 8 goals in season. This is why your logic is flawed you keep thinking we are better then we are

  15. I do believe we are better then our record and we made the national tournament last year that’s impressive.

    • We made which national tournament last year? And I think there’s no such thing as a team being better than its record, unless it’s the first weekend of the season.

  16. Glenn we were in the ncaa tournament. We were one of the best teams in the country last year. That’s not coming from me that’s the ncaa saying that through a mathematical formula we were in the top 16 that is a accomplishment many teams would want

  17. Upon further review, I see that we did make the NCAA’s last season. It ended so quickly I guess I forgot, but I stand corrected. Happy and healthy holidays to you, Colin and all who read BHB. Here’s hoping we can get back to that tournament and make some noise next season.

  18. Colin,

    Come on we made the tournament last year because we played half a season. We went 1-3-1 in our last 5 games Played one game in the tournament and got blown away. If we played 34 games we would not have made it.

    • Ozzie that’s possible certainly I don’t think it would have happened in fact the shortened season I believe hurt bu . But every time I come on this blog everyone uses mathematical stats. The Ncaa uses mathematical stats with the exception of league winners to determine entrance into the national tournament. I only brought this up because someone said we have been 500 or below for four years and I pointed out that was not true.

      I actually hate talking about last year I look forward to talking about bu winning some games second half. Go bu 🐾

  19. The 2020-21 season should just be one large asterisk given the variance in # of games played between teams due to COVID. I take UMASS’ National Championship with a grain of salt.

    I’m not sure if, over the course of the conventional 34-game regular season schedule, whether BU’s 10-3-1 Regular Season record in 2020-2021 would’ve been sustainable. The team went on an impressive 9-1-0 run starting from the January 9th @ Providence game thru the February 20th @ UCONN game. Would they have played .500 hockey (or lower) otherwise? Or would they have performed closer to and earned results closer to that 9-1-0 stretch?

    I viewed BU’s selection into the 2021 NCAA tournament as a fresh opportunity to win meaningful games and put the program back in the national spotlight. Unfortunately the way they played much of the 2nd & the entire 3rd period vs. St. Cloud is a microcosm of BU Hockey in recent years. When the stakes are highest, the teams since 2018 haven’t played well enough to win these types of games.

  20. Terry err I agree with you on the 20-21 season but bu played it just like many other teams. They made the tournament for whatever stock you want to put on it. I mentioned it because I wanted to show the success this team has had. If you don’t put any stock in it’s that’s your opinion.
    Again I’m excited for this team and the second half .

  21. Colin,

    Something is wrong. Why didn t Leaman ask the best coach in college hockey to be on this staff for the World Juniors?

  22. Ozzie I have no idea. You guys give me too much credit I’m not in a room discussing USA hockey matters. I have only met coach Lehman a few times. I know he and coach Quinn were friendly but I have no idea what type of relationship he has with Albie or the assistants he’s picked.

    It’s nice to have a coach from bu on the staff because I believe year in year out there is always a guy getting shafted and it’s usually a kid from a rival school such as Gryzlick getting cut on Christmas Eve in Russia of all places told to find his own way home. Our Captain definitely should have made that team but he was cut because he was from the east coast. Next Jake Oettinger should have been the starter but he’s a kid from Minnesota who played at bu coach was from Minnesota therefore Jake got back up duties. Last year Dom Fensore rival team should have made it this year Ty Gallagher definitely deserving to at least get a invite but that’s the politics of USA hockey.

    I watch the tournament it’s a big accomplishment to make the team but I’m aware of how the team is picked. I’m not too concerned coach was not picked for the staff because he has more time to focus on bu. At the end of the day my team is bu and I’m excited for the second half. Please don’t misread what I have stated I am rooting obviously for USA but it’s a short tournament and my love is for Bu.

  23. Colin,

    Just trying to point out that you have him way over rated. A 500 record does not bring you to the best coach in the country title

  24. Nice and peaceful few weeks go bu 🐾.