THT Podcast

Terrier Hockey Talk: June 3rd, 2021 (Final Episode of 2020-2021)

This was our last edition of Terrier Hockey Talk for this campaign of BU Men’s and Women’s Hockey. We covered Terriers performing for team USA in the IIHF World Championship, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Toronto Star’s controversial front page. We ended discussing the highlights and our closing thoughts on writing and podcasting for The Boston Hockey Blog this year.


  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Not too interested in girls hockey but the BU men’s coverage excellent.
    Glad you guys know so much about hockey in general. It provides a great framework for talking BU Hockey .
    Good luck this Summer and looking forward to most of you guys next year in coverage.
    and as a long time guy here thank you for your coverage.

  2. Glenn Carey Staub

    Very disappointed to learn that Roman Schmidt has decommitted from BU and is now going the major junior route. Do any of you know why this happened? He is one the best shutdown defensemen in the upcoming draft.

    • Son of Caesar Carlaci

      A lot of my contacts are out of hockey now but I may have a general answer.
      Watching the Cup games on TV I noticed that it would seem the tougher teams and not the more talented teams seem to win. Witness last night’s Islander’s win. To this we have to realize that Eastern college hockey has gone real soft from where it was a few years ago. Today you can not even touch a player and it is a penalty. Did you see the two ex Terriers on the Bruins get their asses kicked vs the Islanders ? Thus, I believe, the agents are telling their guys that Canadian Jr.s are better for them for their pro futures . Just an idea that seems to make sense.