Terrier Hockey Talk: May 14th, 2021

On today’s episode of “Terrier Hockey Talk,” the BU Hockey Blog discusses recent national hockey news, including New York Rangers player Artemiy Panarin’s injury, as well as BU hockey updates including former assistant coach Tara Watchorn’s transfer to Stonehill College. 


  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    As to Quinn having not to work and getting 2 1/2 million for next two years , good luck to him.
    Do any of you “guys’ know who is still being paid ( or was for twenty years recently ) by an NHL team in new York despite not having played for over a decade ??(Former terrier).
    Again Quinn : Smart guy, great recruiter, but lacks INTENSITY and so reflected in his teams. Would be great recruiter for NHL team.

  2. Happy graduation Chad! Thanks for a great job here on the blog. I wish you the best going forward and hope you become an active BU alum. To Caroline, Belle and Joe, I look forward to following your BUH coverage next season.

  3. I just listened to this and think it’s so cool that you guys gave so much time to my NYR! As for Wilson, I think it was no coincidence that the game he gave Buchnevich and Panarin “the business” just so happened to be the game when Kreider, Trouba and Lindgren were all out of the lineup … three guys who would have smashed his face to a pulp. As for Bettman, he has done some good things for the NHL but he made an absolute fool of himself when he doubled down on the league’s decision to not give a lengthy suspension to Wilson. Instead of dismissing Parros from his position, he fines the NYR $250,000. Decisions like that scream out “We are a joke leaugue!”

  4. I think Belle and I are pretty happy right about now LOL! Sorry Joe!