THT Podcast

Terrier Hockey Talk: May 4, 2021

On this episode of “Terrier Hockey Talk”, The Boston Hockey Blog answered your questions on the impact of Matthew Quercia’s transfer, the greatest BU hockey team of all time, and what it was like covering the team during a pandemic.


  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Great again, guys. I have seen most of those teams . People have told me the 71/ 72 team was like a pro team. Their 40 % + power play was crazy. As to the last team to go into a Championship game O’Connor’s “miff” always has to be questioned as to what had been going on those past two years.How many people know what I am talking about ?.
    Remember going back to the 60’s the game was very different. There was no red line and Kelly wanted BU to always “dump and chase”.Plus no face masks and squads only had 11 forwards and five D men. Goalies had very little equipment at all and they used a “stand up ” method of playing the position.
    I have seen the 72 team on film and along with the stats they had to be the best team.
    Great job and a lot of fun to listen.
    As to the live blog I think it is great to bring it back. What I did was to put the live blog on one tab on my computer, Bernie on radio on another, live stats on yet another and if on TV yet another !! Yes I am a crazy BU Hockey fan. Guilty as charged !!!

  2. Vito DiGregorio

    Great job on the podcast once again. I agree that the Terriers will find another Quecia type player next year who will be gritty and block shots. As far as the greatest BU team ever, you guys are certainly better read than i am about the subject. I can only give you my opinion just from being an observer and fan since the 1970s. #1 1995. The team was loaded with all americans Brennan, O’Sullivan, Pandolfo, Grier, and future hobey baker award winner Drury who in fact played 4 years for the Terriers. They won EVERY tourney they played in that year and beat defending champ Lake Superior ST., Minn, and Maine in the final all by 4 goals, in the NCAA tourney. (6-2, 7-3, and 7-3). A total butt kicking of the best competition. Coming in at a close 2nd is a tie between 2009 and 1978. i was a student in 1978 and they won their first 21 games, one of the greatest starts in NCAA history. They also had to win a special playoff game against Providence ( who else?) after they had beaten them in the ECAC semifinal at BG., just to get to the Frozen 4. In those days they took just 4 teams. But they handily beat a very good Wisconsin team who were also defending champs 5-2. The 2009 team was as you know loaded and Jack said it was his best team. Won all championships available 7 championships and 6 tourneys but struggles in NCAAs ., almost every game won by a single goal and a miracle needed to win the final. Barely remember 1972 but they had of course the legendary Kelley who along with a host of BU grads ( Jordan, Anderson, Danby) coached the NE Whalers to the first Avco Cup (WHA) title in 1973. Also was more or less same team that won previous year in 1971 to go back to back. So maybe its a three way tie IMO.

  3. Excellent analysis of BU players & coaches!