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BU Hockey Offseason/Mailbag

We’ve really appreciated our readers and listeners throughout this entire, bizarre year, so we’d love to open up a forum for any questions, thoughts on the on/off season, or topics away from the ice!

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  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    How did you guys handle the classes on line ? Were there any classes in person this year ? How are finals given ? There were some classes you needed back and forth with the profs when I we there. Hard to do on Zoom I would imagine ! The one college person who served me food and is a freshman says it has been brutal get first year in college.
    Thanx for doing this.

  2. Why Quercia is a bigger loss for the Terriers than people are saying. Brings an element to the game that no one else does. Size speed heaviness. Defense. Etc.

  3. Miss the old in-game blog. Guess Twitter doesn’t do it for me. But thanks for all the coverage.

    • Son of Caesar Carlaci

      Me too, Dave. How are you doing ? Blog was a great in game tool for us die hard fans of BU Hockey .

      • Doing well, SOCC. Hope you are, too. Started to get excited this year, only to reach disappointment at the end. But years of disappointment are what make championship seasons so sweet.

  4. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Nice to hear from you . yes 2009 seems a long way off . fact that we went so far with out any real skating before first of year is great credit to coach. Hope you are fine until next season.I also am doing fine.

  5. Vito DiGregorio

    i have the $64,000 question. Do you think the Athletic Dept will consider re hiring David Quinn as coach now that he is probably looking for a job. Do you think that Dollar Dave would even want to coach in the college ranks again ?

  6. DQ is a pro guy, not college. I think he got turned off to the whole recruiting process and kids leaving early and kids decomitting

    • Vito DiGregorio

      you’re probably right but i don’t see Dollar Dave having much success in the NHL either. In three years he couldn’t get the rangers into the playoffs or even to win a game in the expanded qualifying round last year vs the Hurricanes.

  7. I wonder if Quinn winds up on the NHL Network this season.