THT Podcast

Terrier Hockey Talk: April 13, 2021

This week on “Terrier Hockey Talk,” the Boston Hockey Blog discusses UMass Amherst’s national championship win and what it means for Hockey East as a league. On the Terrier side of things, with transfer news recently being released, BHB covers the future of Boston University’s program and what the team may look like next season.


  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Great job again guys . Shows you have real insight into team.
    As to so many players leaving the value of a BU education does not seem in any player today. Not so when I was in school.
    Most have delusions of grandeur as they were not a good as represented to us .
    Players like Wise will not give you championships as he does not grind at all and shoots when the puck is on his ALL THE TIME.
    Must follow the style and type of player on U Mass and top Western teams to win championships now . Wise and the Q man were not the type to win championships.
    Keep up the good work !!!!!

  2. Good analysis on the Umass championship win. They certainly hit their stride and top form throughout the postseason and deserve a great deal of credit to be able to beat 2 time champ Minn- Duluth without 2 of their best players. Its just a feather in the Terriers cap that hey beat them twice although early in ythe season when Umass was probably not at their best. In the final they just punked St Cloud which is a good thing for hockey East in general. It means our best teams can complete and even beat the west’s best, something that has for the most part not been true historically. I agree that the Terriers appear to be moving away from the one and done player and that is a good thing for the program as well. I think next year has the potential to be a banner year for the Terriers provided that they are able to play a full season and hopefully in person attendance ( at least some). Keep up the great work, its good to have continued discussion about the Terrier hockey program year round.