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  1. Vito DiGregorio

    great job on the podcast again. Its great that we have one and its the best going by far for several years, certainly better than what the other hockey east schools have. I agree with all of your points about the St Cloud game, the state of BU hockey nationally, and the coaching situation. One thing, I think Caroline said, about the team not being able to come back from a deficit as BU teams historically have been able to do in big games. ( I remember so many!). But vis a vis the 2009 team, which did that all season long, its a bit unfair to compare. That team was LOADED, too much so that it seemed they would just coast and not skate for long periods in games knowing they could win the game with 2 or 3 goals in a few minutes. Saturday we were playing a very good team ( better than i thought) and we had not been playing that well for quite a stretch before., and they probably also ran out of gas not playing nearly as many games as St Cloud and down a forward.
    As far as coach goes i think he will not be fired. This year he has shown an ability to put together a fairly consistent team in a difficult year ( for everyone), with the Terriers back in the nat’l ranking where they belong. Also he has gone out of his way to meet with fans and friends of the program in these 3 years at the helm, and shown interest to hear their views and concerns, which his predecessor largely ignored. It seems he is interested in developing the program long term and his moves this year to make the team more competitive illustrate this. Anyways what’s the alternative? BU has never gone outside the program to hire a coach and i don’t think they want to move in that direction now.
    I very much look forward to next years’ team, for the first time in i don’t know how many years we only lose 1 regular, and we have seniors who want to come back! ( Cockerill, Amonte). And as you point out, a big incoming frosh class. Again lets just hope there are no early departures