1. ok great job on the podcast once again guys. Writing this after just learned the Terriers opponent in the NCAA, and it could not have gone better. Against St Cloud State ( a beatable opponent) in Albany, with the chance to play BC in the regional final. and a chance to knock them out ( also a team we have beaten and practically tied this year.) After the way the HE tourney ended i’m not feeling as bad about the loss to Lowell. Bazin’s tactics almost worked all the way and UMASS was a little lucky to beat them. Lowell has older, bigger, and more experienced players who also push around their younger and more talented opponents , ie BU & BC. Bazin’s been doing it for years but it hasn’t netted him the big prize yet. Anyways we won’t likely see that again in the Nationals. I also agree with your analysis of the Terriers for next season. They only lose 2 significant seniors, (Cockerill & Farrance), and have a large influx of frosh talent coming in. As long as we don’t have other defections to the pros BU should be in excellent shape next year. BTW didn’t the Terriers beat UMASS and BC without either Farrance or Cockerill or both already this year. Enjoy the Tourney!

  2. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Should have a good chance to advance. So great to see a return to NCAA . can D hold up and Our freshman goalie also. That is the question. Our stars must shine and get some goals. Goals hard to come by in these games.

  3. MIght Ethan Philips finally be available for the Saint Cloud State University game?

    • Caroline Fernandez

      I’m not sure, but there were some photos of him skating with the team on Twitter this afternoon. Whether or not he’ll play is an interesting conversation either way