1. good analysis guys about the Terriers this season. Cockerill stated in an interview that the team feels they can compete with anyone in the nation and i believe that. They have beaten 3 times opponents that are ranked higher than they are in the USCHO national poll. Of course now as belle pointed out the team must focus one game at a time and be ready who ever they face in the playoffs as there will be no second chances to win HE tourney. As far as nationally goes , who knows, when they face opponents they have never played before and from different leagues. Those teams will also be up against an unknown as well. I am optimistic about their chances . They have 2 outstanding goalies, one of the best if not the best defensemen in the nation in Farrance and a well balanced attack, where O’Connell cab roll 3 lines confident that any one of them can come up with a big goal when needed. The only issues i think might be PENALTIES, and dumb ones at times and these can kill you in the playoffs. Evidently BU has nothing on the ’78 Bruins in taking too many men on the ice penalties, but their PK has been pretty good all year except for last game vs Lowell. Also the PP has struggled a bit. They need to improve in these areas as special teams are very important in playoffs

  2. Great points vito I believe we will see a very determined focused team as they know what lays ahead that said good to know we got a goalie that can make the “Timely save or cover gives mistake from the defense… Go BU 🐾🐾 can’t wait until Sunday… This feels special this year … Go BU 🐾

  3. SonofCaesarCarlaci

    Getting food munchies for Sunday. Looking forward to the game as the first one in a while that meant so much on a Sunday afternoon. As to the NCAA’s the only problem as I see it is that some of the Western teams have played a few more games and as I see it at a much quicker pace.I have seen some of these and maybe it is the camera angle but teams seem more advanced.But we shall see.