1. yeah guys i enjoyed listening to your podcast discussion about BU hockey’s outlook for this season and i agree with much your insights and predictions. A big problem however over the past few years has been losing the high end recruits ie, Eichel, farabee, Keller, Zegras, ect after only one year. I would imagine its hard to run a program at top notch level with this happening year in year out. Of course you can build the program around these types of players if they stay. Many on this blog have maintained that the Terriers should change their recruiting strategy and go more for the player who is interested in a college education, is a good player, and will stay at least 2 years. I hope that Commesso, for example will stay as did Curry and Millan years ago for 4 years As an old fan i remember this always being a problem for the Terriers with for example Amonte (2 years), Tkachuk (1 year) DePietro (1 years), however Chris Drury, one of the best Terriers ever and a hobey Baker winner, stayed the entire 4 year career. I know those days are probably over for good but it might be possible to have some , like Harper and Farrance is doing and give BU hockey 4 years of their skills.

    I did not like the way they played the first game but they bounced back well the next night. What concerns me most is the shot totals they are giving up. Even with the best goalie it will catch up to you. Maybe its the fact they they are way behind in game preparation and ice time vis a vis they rest of the league, and with the postponements this weekend vs UMass will put them even further behind. Anyways lets hope for the best and i’ll be listening to you future podcasts.

  2. Glad to hear of the reverence that many who are new citizens of Terrier Nation already have for Travis Roy.