The Top Five Moments from BU’s Friday Win over Northeastern

Curry pinballs one in

Deadlocked through 27 minutes, the game found its opening goal when Patrick Curry whacked a rebound off a pair of skates in front and through Pantano to give BU the lead.

DeMelis misses up close

Matt DeMelis had a golden opportunity to tie the game on Northeastern’s first power play of the night later in the second, but his tip on Ryan Shea’s slick pass went wide against a gaping frame.

Crotty cuts to make it two

On a tour of the offensive zone late in the second, Trevor Zegras slid the puck to David Farrance, who fed a slashing Cam Crotty to deposit his fourth goal of the season from the slot.

Skoog tips in a third

After winning the puck to keep the possession alive, Wilmer Skoog got a piece of Kasper Kotkansalo’s long shot to redirect the puck past Pantano just over five minutes into the third period.

Van Riemsdyk hits the bar

With Northeastern in search of a miracle late in the third period, Brendan Van Riemsdyk fired a bad-angle shot that caromed off the crossbar and sat in the crease until Trevor Zegras swatted it away.


  1. Every game went our way tonight except Providence couldn’t find a way to tie Maine. Lost 1-0 in Orono. Had they tied or won we could have stole home ice with a win tomorrow. Unfortunately, now we are officially on the road for the quarterfinals. Win tomorrow we play at Maine. Lose or tie tomorrow we play at Lowell. I don’t want to lose or tie tomorrow but I’d rather play Lowell.

  2. Biggest thing I saw in this game was a Terrier D that was intent on doing the difficult work of protecting a goalie in the D zone, something that’s been a liability all season. Defense is thankless and takes effort but it’s exactly the toughness of those willing to actually do it that wins hockey games. Period. MORE OF THIS.

  3. I agree, Mark. Also Swayman made 48 saves for the shutout. 21 in the 3rd period. Wall is excellent but we can beat Lowell. I want no part of Swayman in Orono. But if we can end NU’s season (with some help from UNH) that would be ok.

  4. Vito diGregorio

    Good effort against a team that’s been in free fall since the Beanpot (actually NU was lucky to win that as they were awful vs Harvard and benefited from a terrible call vs Terriers in OT.) Terriers buzzed around Pantano all night and played good defense with everyone helping out. They must give same effort tonite and achieve same outcome to show the consistency they need to go forward regardless of who we meet in the playoffs

  5. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Better to play Lowell I believe plus the strain of going to Orono for players and fans. So to that end I say play Brady in goal tonight. I mean Gardner not Dan Brady from the early 90″s !!!! Although if he is up and about that would be great also.
    Years ago Notre Dame Football was playing Michigan for the mythical national championship and when the Irish had the ball at the end because if injuries their coach sat on the lead to give them a tie and what would give them the title. It was called “TIE one for the Gipper” in reference to the time another ND coach used a dying George Gipp to enspire the team to victory.
    So I say tonight let’s ” Tie one for Brady Gardner” as he makes his debut in net !!! Yea, yea, yea !!!!

  6. Mike, Mark, Vito, and SOCC have pretty much encapsulated my thoughts on last night’s win, so I would like to comment on another topic; i.e., The Dog Pound. For those who were not in attendance, please view the picture that appears when you open Brady’s “The Top Five Moments from BU’s Friday Win over Northeastern”.

    It is my understanding (correct me if I am wrong) that the Dog Pound entourage WALKED from Marsh Chapel, both to-and-fro, in order to support our men. If I am correct, this was a considerable trek, made in inclement weather, and was a commitment worthy of note. Their enthusiasm last night was constant, especially humorous, and worth half a goal. We are fortunate that one of our students has assumed the role of their Captain, and for the past two years has been providing “Dirty Laundry Lists” to the Pound; which are inclusive of cheers, jeers, history, and boundaries of behavior. Additionally, he has been in charge of logistics and ancillary organizational tasks. I am embarrassed that I have forgotten his name, and apologize.

    Personal opinion: The university’s senior level administration, in conjunction with the Athletic Department, (with or without some level of support from the “Friends” $ funds), ought to at least defray, if not totally provide, the cost of bussing the Pound to away venues. Their comfort, and much more their SAFETY, is worthy of expenditures that our school can well afford. PSD