Three Takeaways from BU’s Beanpot win over BC

BU beat Boston College 5-4 in the Beanpot semifinals on Monday night, coming back from two goals down in the third to take the game in double-overtime. Here are my three takeaways from the game – all opinions are my own.

Albie O’Connell’s midseason recruits came up big

Six weeks ago, freshman forward Wilmer Skoog and freshman goaltender Ashton Abel were not on the Terrier roster. Skating in the Beanpot semifinals just eight games into their collegiate careers, Abel came up with  37 saves and Skoog scored BU’s double-overtime game-winner. Skoog has had a knack for the big moment, potting an OT winner against Brown in his first collegiate game and pulling off a lacrosse-style goal at Dartmouth later that week. Abel steadied after a shaky opening eight minutes, making a series of critical stops to keep BU within striking distance and in position to grab a deciding goal. Albie O’Connell has been praised for his recruiting ability in his time at BU, and these midseason pickups might just be his best work.

BU’s passing sequences were the best we’ve seen yet

As BU mounted a comeback in the third period, the synergy on the ice was arguably the strongest it has been all season. BU’s quick movement and stick-to-stick passing created a plethora of opportunities between the final ten minutes and overtime, and the only thing missing at times was the end result of putting the puck in the back of the net. The late goals will get the highlights but perhaps the best representation of BU’s crisp passing was the first goal, where senior forward Patrick Curry combined with junior forward Logan Cockerill and junior defenseman David Farrance for a tic-tac-toe power-play goal. Later, freshman forward Trevor Zegras did what seems like only he can do, sending a tape-to-tape pass through three Eagle defenders to a streaking Robert Mastrosimone at the back door to give BU a late lead.

Alex Vlasic ended on a high note

Freshman defenseman Alex Vlasic’s main impact on the game wasn’t a good one through 40 minutes, as the puck took an unfortunate bounce off the six-foot-six d-man and trickled across the goal line on BC senior forward David Cotton’s pinballing shot late in the second period. Vlasic did impress defensively at other times, including flattening freshman forward Matt Boldy to prevent a chance, but his biggest contribution came on offense to tee up Skoog’s game-winner. Pinching into the attacking zone, Vlasic fluttered a shot towards goal, causing a battle for the loose puck that Skoog eventually tucked in. It was certainly encouraging for BU fans to see the freshman rebound from a mistake on one end to make a big play on the other.

BU will face Northeastern in the Beanpot final next Monday at 7:30 p.m.


  1. Paige good observations I think we struggled early but certainly got better as the game went on. We played a smart game in that our defenseman never let bc make that long distance breakaway pass which they did 3 times last time we played them. Kotkansalo and Crotty made bc forwards pay the price in the corners and out in front of the net. Vlasik as you explained got better as the game went on. Mccarthy was solid in a tough position for a freshman to be in . As for ferrance and Fensore they are elite difference makers. I can’t say enough about our Defense they never folded and held the fort down till our forward lines could get things started offensively . When we did get going offensively we went on a tear. I think if we can play a third period like that there’s no reason why we can’t play 60 minutes like that. Northeastern is good but if we play up to our potential we can beat them. It’s no secret I don’t like them . I give them full credit for being a good team but I don’t like the way they conduct themselves,they will try to get us to retaliate to there chippy play we can’t get sucked in to there game plan. Paige you Patrick and Brady do a great job covering this team and it’s a lot of fun to read and post on this blog especially when the team is rolling. I think it’s going to get very exciting in the next couple of weeks. I wanted to thank you folks again for being so good at what you do. Go bu 🐾

  2. Question for anyone of you three. Who will be wearing the home sweaters Monday.

  3. Hi Brady. I am hoping that you and your staff will do an article that summarizes the health status for injury-affected Terriers, including their projected target date (approximate of course) for availability. Thanks in advance.

    • We’re talking to Albie tomorrow so we’ll have an update on Twitter then, and of course it’ll be in our game previews.

      • Great! Hopefully it will be good news.

        • Here Glenn, from our Twitter…

          BU injury updates straight from Albie O’Connell:

          Armstrong “looks like he’s getting pretty close.”

          Phillips “was just kind of dinged up … we thought it was a lot more serious than it was … I don’t know if he’ll be in tomorrow, but I don’t expect it to be super long.”

          • Thanks Brady! And do you expect Armstrong to be a top-six forward when he returns?

          • I personally would expect he’d play alongside Zegras and Harper on the top line where he excelled when he was healthy. That’s just my opinion, though.