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BU head coach Albie O’Connell suspended one game

Albie O’Connell leads BU from behind the bench last season. Photo by Matt Dresens.

BU head coach Albie O’Connell has been suspended for one game due to “behavior following Saturday’s 4-1 loss at Massachusetts,” according to Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna.

“My postgame conduct on Saturday was regrettable and I will learn from this mistake,” O’Connell said in a statement. “I respect the decision of Commissioner Bertagna and I am certainly apologetic for my actions.”

O’Connell will miss Friday night’s game against Vermont at Agganis Arena. Associate head coach Paul Pearl would be expected to take over coaching duties on Friday.

“We have high standards regarding the conduct of our coaches, and when they are not met, it’s important to properly address the situation,” BU Director of Athletics Drew Marrochello said. “We fully support Commissioner Bertagna’s decision.”


  1. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Parker blasted the refs all the time. League needs more excitement not less.Candy ass Marrochello is a do nothing AD who has brought the Hockey team down during his reign. He should SUPPORT his coach. What jerk he is and no wonder college hockey is in decline wit “leaders” like Drew M.

  2. I’m not sure what coach did and maybe he deserves to be suspended but I will say this we have been on the short end of some major calls which for some reason always seems to be on Saturday’s . Some of bu 29 minutes of penalties were deserved but certainly not all of them especially when u mass did not get called for anything close to ticky tack like bu did. My biggest disappointment was on u mass second goal it sure looked like a high stick I immediately watched the bu bench who wanted the play looked at captain curry stood outside refs crease and obviously I could not hear conversation but Milea gesture to center ice and his body language certainly infuriated me. I don’t get hockey East they review everything this is a play that changed the game to me it’s totally unacceptable. I’m not sure if this is what angered coach but if it is I can see him letting refs have it. I think coach is the best coach in the game and sometimes these things happen I also don’t buy the notion mr Marichello left his coach out to dry first of all we don’t know what coach said or did. Mr Marichello is the AD he has to toe the line on discipline I think he understands sports and how good his coach is and he’s probably well aware of just how bad the officiating has been. I’m sure he’s addressing it with the league in the appropriate forum. This team will play hard for this coach while he is out Friday and our assistant coaches all have experience as head coaches I’m sure we will be fine. I will say without knowing exactly what happened I’m a huge fan and support this coach and our AD we have a special hockey program which has been cultivated by this coach under the leadership of this AD I support them both as a huge bu hockey fan for the past 34 years