Three Takeaways from Friday’s win over No. 5 Massachusetts

Sam Tucker was locked in against UMass. Photo by Jenna Vansickle.

The Terriers earned their first win in three weeks on Friday night, leaving Agganis Arena victorious over N0. 5 UMass 4-3. There’s a lot to take away from this victory for BU, so here are my top three takeaways from their third win of the season. All opinions are my own.

Getting it done

Outshot by 30? Who cares, the Terriers got a win again. I had a feeling BU could break through this weekend against a UMass team that had somewhat stumbled as of late, and sure enough, they did. Admittedly, it would be hard to argue that BU totally deserved this win, but scoring in bunches, buckling down on defense, and getting phenomenal goaltending got them over the line. This was Massachusetts’s first loss following a loss in about a year and a half, and I’m proud it was BU who gave it to them.

Sam Tucker had a night to remember

Let me revise what I implied in that last paragraph about the shots on goal margin not mattering. It does matter, and it would have mattered in a big way if Sam Tucker didn’t decide to have the night of his career between the pipes. Tucker came through with 49 saves, BU’s most since Jake Oettinger made 56 back in March of 2017. In a week where the goaltending scrutiny had heightened, Tucker came up with a massive response and willed BU to a win over one of the best teams in the nation. Boom.

Comeback concerns continue

Like that alliteration? I do too. What I don’t like, however, is BU giving me a mini heart attack every time they can’t hang on to a big lead, and I’m sure I’m not the only fan, coach or player who feels this way. That’s now three games already this fall in which the Terriers have surrendered three unanswered goals late, and the inability to put games away is quickly becoming one of the top concerns for the 2019-2o Terriers. Like the team has said, hopefully experience and maturity will result in more 60-minute efforts.

BU and UMass will travel to Amherst’s Mullins Center for the second half of this doubleheader on Saturday at 8pm.


  1. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Great win that will give Terriers confidence for the rest of the year to come. U. Mass could quite be going deep into the NCAA’s again and will be one of the best teams for BU to face this year. You have to score goals to win and the way it was done on both sides was to bring almost the while team down to as narrow an arc on goal as possible. This seems to be the only way to get pucks past these enormous goalies with their giant equipment these days. Problem is of course is that the later will result in breakaways and odd mans. Thus the need for outstanding tending which we got last night. To me this is the only was BU can win games. To get a LOT of goals. Our boy Tucker can use his glove and stops pucks at his feet that Brady’s man crush Oettinger could and can not do. That is the difference. Maybe Tucker will be my man crush this year !!!!. We will see !!!!

    • Hey, to call Oettinger my man-crush is a little strong! I just thought he was a solid every-night guy and bailed them out a few times when they were mediocre at best. REGARDLESS – you’re exactly right that this team gave us reason to believe last night, so let’s do it again tonight!

  2. Love the ‘literation Brady (see what I did there) AND the upbeat SoCC! Seriously, good takeaways from what must have been another exciting game. Now if they could pull off back to backs in their rink tonight, that would really be something!

  3. Tucker was fantastic last night. I didn’t think the defense played very well and we had a real tough time getting the puck into the offensive zone. At times it looked like we were in slow motion. Other than that it was a GREAT win and hopefully we can do it again tonight.

    • Great analysis Dan, not always the cleanest in the back but Tucker made up for it and they found a way to get two points. Love it!

  4. Good point Dan I thought they looked slow I watched some film and why I think they looked slow is because they did not do a lot of north south skating they tried a lot of fancy east west toe tapping moves. I think when you play a talented team you need to adapt to there strengths and use speed to get pucks in quicker and with force. Tonight will be even more of a challenge with big sheet BU needs to bring skating legs. As always Brady excellent work on dissecting the game. Go bu🐾

    • Thank you Colin, and those are some good thoughts from you too – watching the film, awesome! Looking for the speed to play a bigger role tonight for sure.

  5. After disrespecting Tucker earlier, I have to give him credit for the fine game he played last night. Tonight’s game is huge for this team. Can we even dare think about stealing a point there? Tk out!!