THT Podcast

Terrier Hockey Talk, Episode 1 – 9/26/19

Welcome to the Boston Hockey Blog’s brand new Boston University hockey podcast!

In the inaugural episode of Terrier Hockey Talk, Brady Gardner and Patrick Donnelly welcome listeners to a new season of BU Hockey, and introduce you to the new podcast. Next, they discuss takeaways from Hockey East Media Day and conversations with players, as well as the most recent preseason polls for both the men’s and women’s teams. To close the program, they give a glimpse of what they expect from both the veterans and newcomers this season.

Hockey season is nearly here! Get back into BU hockey with a listen to Terrier Hockey Talk.


  1. Hi guys, thanks for your program. There is not enough of this for such an esteemed program as BU. I would have hoped, however, for a little more depth into coverage into the preview for the men’s team, unless that is something you have planned for another episode. So many freshmen to discuss. Which ones are pegged to play/contribute? What does each offer as a player? We would love your insight. Thank you.

    • There’s a lot coming, don’t worry! We’ll have another show this week, and our hockey preseason edition of the Daily Free Press comes out this Thursday.

  2. as already cited on previous blogs posts, there are two main question marks for this team

    1. how will the goaltending hold up?
    2. where will the goals come from?

  3. Jake Wise and Patrick Harper need to be a big part of BU goal production. Some highly touted freshmen may take a while to score on a regular basis. Wise and Harper need to be point-per-game guys for us to make the NCAA tournament.

    • They definitely do Glenn, as will many other veteran guys. The older guys will have to be the ones to lead a quick start.

  4. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Great that you guys do that for us. One problem. Woman’s Hockey has almost no following and it prevents total coverage of the men’s game. Everyone here on the blog cares only about MEN’S hockey. Thank you again. I, also, would like coverage of the MANY new faces on the team.

    • Thanks SOCC, good to hear from you again. I think you’d be surprised by the increasing interest in the women’s hockey team, especially on campus. We will certainly continue our thorough coverage of the men’s team, but given the excitement surrounding the women’s team (a very strong roster AND the Frozen Four will be at Agganis!), I think it’s important that we give them some attention too. We’ll get to those new faces, don’t worry 🙂

    • HI SoCC. I hope you had a nice summer. I must dispute that claim of yours. I care a great deal about BU Women’s Hockey and know at least several others on this blog who do too and attend their games. Regardless, there is no conflict. Brady and company will have more than enough resources to thoroughly cover both men’s and women’s hockey.

  5. It’s good to be talking hockey again. Really tough to get a read on this team. Can they score? Will the goaltending hold up? Can Harper, Wise, Zegras stay healthy? Lots of yet unanswered questions. We’ll see shortly. TK out!!!!!!

    • It sure is, TK. You’re right – it’s a tricky one, but I feel like the more I think about it, the more I’m buying in on this team… Either way, they will definitely have to stay healthy – that was probably their biggest weakness last year.

  6. As for goaltending, I just found out that Tucker was second-team All-ECAC last year in front of a supposedly bad Yale defense. So, it seems our goaltending situation has a pretty high floor. But I agree, lots of unanswered questions … that will be answered very soon …. Saturday. I know it’s only one game, but a convincing win would go a long way in making us feel good for two weeks.

    • He’s solid Glenn, I went to a practice last week and he was a brick wall back there. Really good guy too. I’m not sure all the questions will be answered, it is just one game… that said, we’ll get a lot closer to figuring out some of these questions once we see some real game action.