Terriers ready to turn the page to 2019-20

After an action-packed 40 games and an eventful first month of the offseason, the dust has finally settled on the 2018-19 BU men’s hockey season.

“There were a lot of ups and downs this year,” said BU head coach Albie O’Connell in reflection on the 2018-19 campaign.

It was O’Connell’s first season at the helm for the Terriers, and according to the former BU captain, he received some assistance along the way from BU hockey legend Jack Parker and now-New York Rangers boss David Quinn, whom O’Connell served as an assistant coach for during his tenure at BU.

“[Those were] two guys I leaned on a little bit this year,” O’Connell said. “They were pretty helpful to me and our staff in the transition.”

The first-year manager was certainly tested in his inaugural season, leading a team that finished with an overall record of 16-18-4. While the Terriers went winless in their first five competitive games, the team would only fall in three of their final 10 fixtures – an improvement that O’Connell credits to his players.

“They stuck with it and kept working,” said the Duxbury resident. “Guys were playing pretty banged up.”

Although BU’s form appeared to peak at just the right time down the stretch, the season would ultimately conclude with no hardware returning to Commonwealth Avenue.

“We were, in the Beanpot and the Hockey East semifinals, a goal away,” said O’Connell in regards to his team’s 2-1 overtime losses to Northeastern University in both competitions. “Those are tough pills to swallow.”

In terms of simply getting to the Hockey East semifinals, O’Connell believes earning a spot among the conference’s final four was a notable accomplishment in itself.

“It’s hard to get to the Garden,” the coach said. “The league was very tight this year.”

The final results may not have come for Terriers, but the way Coach O’Connell saw it, effort was never a question from his men on the ice.

The guys gave it their all,” O’Connell said. “We look for the same, if not more, from the returners.”

Embarking on a new season this upcoming fall, the Terriers will rely on continued contributions from major pieces of the 2018-19 squad. Among those anticipated to carry the weight will be a leadership group comprised of rising seniors Patrick Curry and Patrick Harper, as well as rising juniors Logan Cockerill and Cam Crotty.

Curry will serve as BU’s sole captain as announced by Coach O’Connell at the team’s annual banquet. The Illinois native had a breakout season as a junior, tallying 26 points to top his total from his first two collegiate seasons combined. With Curry entering his senior season, the Terriers know that they have a strong skipper to set an example for the club.

“To the guys who are in the weight room, watch what Curry did last year,” said Coach O’Connell. “We love the way he plays, we love the way he competes.”

Alongside Curry will be fellow senior Patrick Harper, who was named an assistant captain. As one of just a handful of seniors on the roster, Harper will be expected to continue his knack for production that has brought about three straight seasons of 20 or more points.

“He’s a great scorer, playmaker, and offensive threat,” O’Connell said about Harper. “We believe we have the most dynamic guy in the league in Patrick Harper.”

Cam Crotty will also wear an “A” in his third season with the team, and as the only non-forward among the leadership group, the Canadian looks to be the clear-cut leader of the BU defensive corps.

“He really was stable back there,” said O’Connell of Crotty. “He gave us some offense at times, but didn’t do it in the way of losing any defense.”

Another junior in a leadership position, Logan Cockerill will round out the list of BU assistant captains. To Coach O’Connell, Cockerill presents major potential on both ends of the ice, and could play a critical role for BU as an upperclassman.

“When he’s on his game, he’s about as good as anyone in the country,” said the head coach. “He’s a competitive guy, and we expect him to be like that every game next year. Consistency will be a key for him.”

The team will welcome ten recruits to Agganis Arena in the fall, replacing the five graduating seniors and five premature departures bound for professional hockey. Per Coach O’Connell, the team also has plans to bring in a graduate transfer goaltender to fill the void left by junior Jake Oettinger, who has elected to move on to the Dallas Stars organization.

Oettinger patrolled the BU crease for the previous three seasons, and the Terriers understand that a graduate student would only serve as a temporary solution between the pipes. Within the program, O’Connell is confident that rising sophomore Vinnie Purpura is poised to make a long-term impact, whether it be this upcoming season or the next.

“He did a really good job,” O’Connell said regarding Purpura. “We expect him to have a good summer and push for the number one job.”

Another freshman from the 2018-19 team deserving of recognition is Joel Farabee. In his first and only season with BU, the now-Philadelphia Flyer led the team in goals (17) and points (36), and was recently named both the Hockey East Rookie of the Year and the Most Outstanding Freshman in NCAA Division I.

As O’Connell put it simply, “Joel had a terrific freshman year.”

Looking towards the fall, the central mission for the team appears to be creating an emphasis on teamwork and cohesiveness.

“We have the ability to have a good team if we become a team right away,” said O’Connell.

The trait of team unity on the ice was an attribute that O’Connell noted as a point of development among his team over the course of his first season in charge.

“At the start of the year, we had a lot of individuals. We had a lot of guys on their own page at times,” the coach said. “By the end of the year, we became a team – we played a team game. We weren’t worried about who was scoring, we were worried about winning. That’s what the program should be about.”

While the academic semester may be concluding, there will be no break for BU hockey, as the Terriers aim to prepare themselves as best they can before they take the ice against Union College to open the 2019-20 campaign.

“The new season is starting now,” said O’Connell. “We’re worried about pushing as hard as we can to start October when we go down to Union to play that first game.”

As the offseason progresses, stayed tuned for continued posts, articles, and podcasts by the Boston Hockey Blog at hockey.dailyfreepress.com and @BOSHockeyBlog on Twitter.

53 thoughts on “Terriers ready to turn the page to 2019-20”

  1. This season was not acceptable
    Getting to finals of tournament is not an desired outcome
    This is BU hockey considered a dominant program

    • Short and (not to) sweet, Dan! I agree though – the bar is certainly higher than what they were able to reach this past season. Clearly though, the program knows that, and will be back to give it their all again in just a few months.

  2. Brady great piece. I was at banquet Saturday I enjoyed it very much. The friends of bu hockey do a great job with this event. I think this years captains are great choices. They will lead by example. I do want to recognize one terrier who was not selected as a captain and that is Gabe Chabot. Ever since this kid got to bu he has done everything right he always gives 110% on the ice , he is also a good student. He represents the university in the highest light. He has been around hockey and pro hockey a long time with his dad playing professionaly in the Nhl and Europe and now coaching. I’m sure Gabe learned a lot from great players growing up. I think coach is right on about coming out of the gates bought in. We have a great group of captains as I have said but younger players will not only look up to captains but other upperclassmen as well. When a freshman needs a role model I can think of no one better then Gabe Chabot. Gabe does everything the right way that’s leadership to me. I can’t wait for season go bu🐾

    • Thank you, Colin. I’m a big fan of the captains as well – it seems like a good blend of in-your-face guys (Curry and Cockerill) and lead-by-example guys (Harper and Crotty). As for Chabot, you can’t deny the work ethic and off-ice attributes, so I do think he can serve as a role model in those areas. That said, I do think consistent production is a desirable quality in a leader as well, and unfortunately he doesn’t really check that box. Nonetheless, certainly a good senior and depth piece to have on the roster.

  3. i was surprised Amonte did not get an assistant captain selection. all the others are very deserving as well.

    chabot is one of my favorite players. great kid too. spoke to him at length at the banquet two years ago

    • Good point about Amonte, Vinnie… based on Coach’s comments at the banquet, it seems like he’s generally regarded as a bit of a loose cannon, so I think they were probably hesitant to put a wild card like that into a leadership role.

  4. Brady,
    Not exactly reassuring words from Albie. Especially since I believe he is on the hot set this year. Win or his tenure will be short. Unfortunately it is a result oriented business The team was a dumpster fire on the ice and he had no solutions only excuses. 12 NHL draft choices including the top six defensemen refused to play as a team. Statistically B.U.’s team defense was one of the worst in college hockey Perhaps there were glimpses of what could have been at the end but it was too little too late. He certainly has lowered the standards when making the Hockey East championship semi -final or losing a Beanpot semi-final in overtime is a highlight. No mention of the six game losing streak after the semester break when he intimated every thing was awesome . How about the disgraceful performance at Maine with home ice on the line. Or the fact that B.U had more undergraduates leave than any team in college hockey.
    Any comment on the two former Alumni who I believe wrote on this blog calling out the coaching staff on social media? I understand the reluctance to be critical but just a little transparency regarding what really occurred on the ice would be refreshing.

  5. Frozen you want transparency go knock on Tony Granatos door. Direct your questions to him. I have no idea why Colby Cohen would throw a dig coaches way and in the same statement prop Granato up. It’s a Benedict Arnold type move and I offer it no wait. Here’s a question for you and Colby Cohen how’s things working in Wisconsin. I have said it so many times college hockey is changing we need a mix of older bigger kids. Coach gets this he is doing his best. Bu has tough admission standards it’s that simple. Comments on this blog dealing with portal transfers are always negative and say we lost another when in fact the athlete would not be accepted. Frozen you keep mentioning hot seat and how bad the coach did . I don’t see him on the hot seat this team was pretty dam good at the end of the year and all he said was is it is tough to make the garden. And I have news for you it is tough to get to the garden. This team also suffered some devastating injuries. We also had bad puck luck. Coach has a clear vision as do the players buy in early work hard accomplishing success early and building off of that. I have never been prouder of being a bu hockey fan. It’s easy to root for a team who is 19-0 but it’s a true supporter who sticks by them after a less then stellar season. I know you want the program to fall apart frozen but it won’t. There are too many good people involved in it for it not to succeed. Go bu 🐾

  6. Colin,
    Did not know you were mouth piece for Brady. Your comments
    are non sensical, irrational and just not factual. I know Colby and he speaks the truth. Something that is certainly frowned by you and the majority of the blog. I suppose the two former Daily Free Press writers are also rooting for B.U. to lose or perhaps they are transparent and realistic.
    Sorry to disappoint but Albie is on the hot seat and if there is not significant improvement it is my belief that his tenure will be short.
    The team finished 16-18-4 with 12 NHL draft picks. As reported one of the worst defensive teams in college hockey. I believe 8th most shots allowed and team defense ranked 50. No excuses for poor defense
    It can be taught , practiced and perfected. Where was your all star coaching staff? How come they lost more under grads than any other team in college hockey? Poor or no leadership from captains or assistant captain that could not wait to leave and expressed no remorse or accountability for their poor team performance.
    Noticed the all word goalie won 0.0 awards at the banquet.
    No standout players returning and no experienced goaltenders on the roster so B.U.has already lost the offseason. The fact that the former Harvard stating goaltender did not want to play for his former
    assistant coach and will be the starting goaltending at Providence reflects poorly on the coaching staff.
    Almost forgot to mention the Agganis Arena staff is really scuffling
    trying to explain and justify a decrease in attendance of over 25%
    I told them when you put a poor product on the ice , what do you expect.


  7. Frozen let me see where do I start. First I’m not a mouthpiece for any one. Brady wrote the article I commented on the subject and just like most of the blogs the subject switches somewhat from what was originally written. I honestly did not know who other then Colby knocked coach now I know they were former reporters. I can’t comment or defend someone till I know what was levied against them. I don’t know much about Purpura I was not thrilled when he got here . We had two very good goalies and I did not want a goalie controversy. Which by the way you and the rest of the haters tried to make a goalie controversy. Again just because I don’t agree with coach on a decision does not make him a bad coach and it does not mean he is wrong either. It maybe I’m wrong I’m not perfect but I do know college hockey and I do know bu hockey . I spend every second of every day thinking of bu hockey. If coach brought Purpura in here there was a reason. No one is a better evaluator of talent then coach. I don’t have any idea how good Vinnie is but I have all the confidence in the world that if we got him he must be good and I’m going to root for the kid just as hard as I did for my friend jake and just as hard as my other friend max. That is what fans do. I’m sure we will find another goalie don’t worry about that. You also mentioned jake sarcastically calling him all world goalie and no awards. Well he won plenty of league awards he’s graduating early set all sorts of goaltending records in just 3 seasons, are you disappointed he did not win the Ed Carpenter award. To say these kids were poor captains and did not care is a cheap shot . They cared they tried hard they gave it everything they had. Did they fall off path and away from the program yes but that’s what happens to kids in adversity loosing causes this adversity that’s why it’s imperative we have a better start this year. Had we not had the start we did this year this team plays in hockey east championship and makes national tournament. Now I know that statement leaves me out there and it’s hypothetical but I stand by it. Half of last years problems where as a result of poor team play and lack of confidence. By the end of the year this coaching staff you knock had them playing great and bought into a system. Not one kid quit and no one ever made excuses. As I said earlier I’m proud of last years team I’m proud of this years team. Go bu🐾

  8. we NEED a goalie – one who has NCAA experience. i would feel a lot better if lackey was coming in.

    forget recruiting these 14 and 15 year olds. a waste of time. they either decommit and go to another school, decide to go to the OHL, don’t develop as expected, or are not academically eligible by the time it is for them to come here. so i am done getting excited about those recruits. if i were albie, i would turn my attention elsewhere

    better hope Zegras gets in. this could be another max letenov deal. have you seen all the fission players heading to uconn? i would not mind that pipeline

  9. Vinnie rules are changing I think coach is just trying to get some last commits from young players before new rules officially take effect. I think the next few players lined up will be older bigger kids.

  10. And Larry, devastating news for you: The latest BU commit Quinn Hutson is described as having an unreal work ethic for both hockey and academics and can score at an elite level. I can’t stop laughing everytime you say we lost more underclassmen than any other school. We have more players whose rights are owned by pro teams than other schools ROFL! So, that was a ridiculous point. I guess you still can’t handle the harsh reality that BU won as many championships last season as UMass Amherst LOL. Even harder to face that fact that high-end players from all your favorite teams are ditching their alma mater for either the AHL or NHL. But I know you’ll keep laser focused on us losing out on margjnal graduate transfers haha!

  11. Glenn,
    You must have taken too much of the everything is awesome kool-aid. Your remarks as just as ridiculous and fake news as my pal Colin.
    It seems all B.U. Recruits reinvented the game of hockey until they actually put on the B.U. Hockey uniform. (If they show up at all)
    UMass easily won the Hockey East regular season title and the Regional Championship. They made the Frozen Four and lost in the final to better team. Compare that to the B.U. season. Almost forgot they won 30 games almost twice as many as the Terriers.
    Also the Hobey Backer winner who set up the winning goal the other night for Colorado. A man of his word, who despite the fact that he could of played in the NHL two years ago went to UMass . He kept his promise by coming back a second year and single handily turning the hockey program around. Not like the B.U. over rated underachieving prima donnas who played as individuals and could not wait to leave!
    Do you consider the starting Harvard goalie who led the team to the NCAA tournament marginal? I don’t, especially since B.U. has only one goalie under scholarship for next year and with no experience. Apparently neither did Providence. Perhaps you did not realize the player that ended B.U ‘s season that either assisted or scored the winning goal was one of those marginal transfers.
    No comment on the decline in season attendance of over 25% which has Agganis Arena very concerned about the viability of hockey at this facility. Before your rationalize and make excuses, the B.C . Game was sold out. Also UMass averaged around 8,000 a game. Perhaps nobody wants too watch a poor product.

  12. What part of my remarks are “fake news”? You seem to use that term as a defense against being exposed for how much contempt you have for BU and BU Hockey. The fact that you go silent when good things happen and when good things happen for BU Hockey and when BU kids stay with the program and do excellent things on and off the ice makes it crystal clear how much you despise BU Hockey. Perfect example … guys like Greenway, McAvoy (could have easily left after first year), Grzelcyk stay and you just ignore it and mope because it makes you look ridiculous. Guys like Bobo come on this site (via his letter) and say great things about BU and BU Hockey and thank Terrier Nation … and you’re in the FBI Witness Protection Program (silent treatment). Doyle Somerby wins an AHL Man of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the Cleveland community and you couldn’t care less. All you want to do is find examples of non-BU players succeeding. Your job as a BU Hockey Hater is pretty easy: As long as we don’t win a national title, life is beautiful for you! And whenever we do win any championship, all you need to do is hide and come back when we do poorly again.

    UMass is a sports school with an entirely different student population and setting (urban/rural). Good for them that they got 8,000 people per game. BU will get better attendance when we start winning again but it’s not going to be as many as any of us would like. We will always sell out against BC. For most schools, falling attendance is an issue. Is that “fake news”? Check out the problems they had with the Frozen Four:


    And as far as marginal transfers, I was not talking about Lackey or Hawkins. I would have liked to get those players. The grad transfer who was up for grabs and most impactful … we got in 2017 … Melanson. I bet it infuriates you every time you see that video of him scoring the winning goal in the Hockey East title game last season.

    And NO … I don’t consider finishing in first place during the regular season or winning a regional tournament to be a championship … sorry. Three kinds of championships that count Beanpot, Hockey East and NCAA. Granted Northeastern won two of those. Judging by the early departures of their best underclassmen (more fake news I suppose), they will struggle to repeat next season.

    Oh and thanks for reminding me that Clayton Keller, Brady Tkachuk and Joel Farabee lost their hockey skills once they came to BU. I almost forgot that. I appreciate you calling that to my attention LOL.

    Albie will now be judged going forward, as more of his own recruits come into the program, for how many kids stay at BU beyond the time when they start putting up big numbers. He will be judged by his winning percentage, by the hardware he does or does not accumulate … and most of all by the quality of people who put on the Scarlet and White.

    Finally, I applaud you being able to put together a post that doesn’t reference David Quinn.

  13. Very nicely written Glenn obviously I agree with what you have said. I also want to once again state that it’s great we are getting young prospects to commit but we need older guys . I can’t state how important it is to get out of the blocks with wins this year. Love the enthusiasm go bu🐾

  14. Great post Glen💯💯 rigjt on the dot… Why even give that clown attention poor guy💩💩.. Go BU…

  15. sorry glenn,

    i mean Russian players not fission. stupid auto correct

    gorman decommits and goes to princeton. while i am not a big fan of high school kids coming directly into college, i am concerned about us being precariously thin up front

  16. Thanks guys! Yes Vinnie, auto correct can create some pretty comical mistakes LOL. I think we all agree that we need to get older. It’s funny how in pro sports no one ever says our team needs to be older. But I think that between seeing some younger kids decommit and seeing how well teams like Minnesota-Duluth and Minnesota State do when they use older student-athletes … makes me think that it’s imperative that we move away from this never-ending condition of being the youngest team in college hockey. Quinn use to mention that as an excuse but to some extent we choose to be young.

  17. Glenn,
    I feel sorry that you and Colin cannot handle the truth or reality that the B.U. program is mired in mediocrity.( and that is being kind) Four years in row their overall record has gone in the wrong direction. For you to dispute that UMass won two legitimate championships and a trip to the final four is doubling down on stupid.(lol) If this was the Terrier season clearly you would be singing a different tune! The other fake news that you stated was the two senior transfer would be marginal. Quite the contrary the one from Harvard would have been the starting goal tender and the one from UNH was a better player than Melanson.
    Please let me know what good things occurred during this season, I must have missed them.
    Congratulations to the Boston University Bruins on making it to the conference finals. A word to the wise they better be prepared for an up and coming, extremely hot Carolina team that recently swept the Islanders and prior to that eliminated the defending Stanley Cup Washington Capitals in dramatic fashion.
    Matty G. and Greenway were the exception to the rule for B.U. I applaud them both for playing hard and actually focusing on the team. However Charlie Mc, who, I met and personally, like is a perfect example of what is wrong with culture of the program. In his second year his main focus was not the B.U. hockey program but the Bruins. To the extent, as reported in the Boston Herald
    , that his extremely poor play in the Bean Pot final was because he was concerned that the Bruins were going to trade him too Colorado. Ask you friend at the Rangers if this is true if you doubt my veracity.
    You are correct and support my position that the high end talent at B.U, players utilize B.U.as platform to improve their individual skills similar to a glorified AHL team . Two perfect examples are Charlie and Clayton. Both currently two of the brightest stars in the NHL. Another fact B.U. won NOTHING the one year they played together. Am I being negative or truthful?
    I met the head of premium sales at Agganis Arena for lunch last week and yes attendance being down over 25% is a real issue. If you do not believe me check out next years schedule and please note one game is scheduled at Walter Brown Arena. Allegedly a lot of finger pointing going around. Unfortunately the clueless , inept athletic director instead of looking in the mirror , decided to replace the deputy athletic directer who believe me had NOTHING to due with the hockey attendance!

  18. The game scheduled at Walter Brown is an exhibition game vs Concordia. Why not play it at WBA? The attendance problem is real. Many factors contribute to the lack of fan showing up. Prices, other things to do, quality of team, lack of marquee players, etc. Not an easy fix for sure. I’m nervous about the season. Albie is in the spotlight. The grace period is over. Goaltender or no goaltender. TK out!!!!

  19. Frozen I hope you have some cheese to go with your whine. I have never said U mass accomplished nothing this year. They made it to the national championship game therefore only one team was better. And yes I would most certainly be saying it was a good season if it were bu in that position. As to the game at Walter Brown it’s played there because Agganis has Disney on ice every year the boards are taken down pyrotechnics are set up etc. it has nothing to do with poor attendance. I think coach scheduled it over break so the team can shake out any cobwebs after a long break. I think it’s a great idea. Bu Hockey will be fine

  20. TK1180
    I agree with your assessment. Not only not an easy fix but the concerts and other events held at Agganis Arena are extremely profitable. In fact the business decision was made to schedule more events. Unfortunately hockey games have become a white elephant and has fallen below the break even point. Another words the facility loses money on hockey.
    If the everything is awesome club does not take this matter very seriously then sooner rather than later the hockey teams home games will be shifted to WBA. (similar to what occurred to the basketball team)
    Before you attack me this is strictly a decisions that makes sense .Replace these games with profitable business. Emotionally a very sad day if this does occur.
    The goaltender situation is beyond scary. No coacher team can survive without an elite on.

  21. TK1180
    Sorry two senior moments. The last line should read no coach or team can survive without an elite one.

  22. Colin,
    I am certainly not happy with what occurred since Jack Eichel left the building. The exception being the one Hockey East Championship that I gave everyone involved full credit. However what ever good will that was created was more than destroyed this year.(strictly based by results)
    No accountability, explanation ,or remorse by anyone involved, just excuses and rationalization.
    My remarks regarding UMass was directed towards my pal Glenn’s no sensical remarks.
    Please explain with actual facts why you believe B.U. Hockey will be fine?

  23. Frozen everything awesome club would like you to know why bu hockey will be ok. First and foremost to play at bu is a privilege many hockey players would treasure. It’s not to hard to be able to talk a hockey player into going to bu. Unfortunately it has become extremely tough to get players past admissions but that’s a topic for another blog. Secondly the Athletics staff is fantastic I know you don’t agree with me but under AD marichello the Athletics department provides so much support to not only the hockey team but all of the sports. I have seen first hand how hard folks from this office work it’s astounding. Other schools may work just as hard but I can’t see any other school with a better support staff then bu. Also as I have mentioned before bu Hockey program is run like a professional program. Kids get to work out with Kyle Czyeck who is legendary in strength and conditioning he is the understudy of Prentiss the Yankees and several other professional athletes strength and conditioning coach. Every summer pro athletes and several bu alums flock back to comm ave to work out. They usually work out after our team . Think how cool it must be for a young man to think wow that could be me in a few years. Another reason why bu hockey will be great is because if a player stops playing after college then a bu degree is a very significant degree. Bu is a well respected University. I’m not just saying that as I don’t have a degree from bu. Another reason why bu will be fine is the sense of comradery between previous and past players. Most players who depart bu can’t say enough good things about bu and the hockey program. All the things I mentioned above makes bu a school and a program players would want to go to therefore bu will be fine.

  24. Also frozen your fixated with attendance. I don’t know how many times folks have explained attendance is down in general in college hockey. I think college hockey is a great bargain but the prices have gone up. That said Agganis is certainly not loosing money. I’m not sure what there operating costs are but there are enough butts in the seats to cover it I’m sure. If you want to make this a constant issue that’s fine but know as I have stated before I would go watch this team play in a meat locker in Mexico if I had too.

  25. Hi Pal Larry! The reason you are not being truthful is primarily due to you accusing BU Hockey of things (many of them valid) that you give all other schools a pass on. There was nothing good about our 2018-2019 season … with the exception of the development and progression of guys like Patrick Curry. As for my “nonsensical remarks” about UMass, apparently you’re the one who can’t handle the truth. I never said UMass didn’t have a great year; I said they finished with no more championships than BU. Please for the love of G-d don’t try to give me their regular season first place finish or them emerging from their regional in the NCAA’s. I won’t let you get away with that BS mainly because you would never ever let any Pro-BU fans on this blog get away with saying that BU won championships if we did what UMass did and failed in the end. You would have said we had guys like Makar, an amazing goalie and a strong supporting cast made up of upperclassmen and we still couldn’t win the Hockey East Championship or the NCAA title. So, whether you like it or not, you’re getting a taste of your own medicine.

  26. I’m amazed at how much this clown hates and knocks Bu Hockey and staff etc and still comes on and im sure will be going to games … Pathetic is what it is …. Umass like Glen said accomplished nothing no trophies but had a great season…. .. The Awesome crew loved your constant nagging and crying 😢… U know it all but yet so many things u say make us laugh… U poor guy u will be fine… October is almost here so u can gobto agganis watch the games then cry everything… Keep up the good work Mr frozen …. Thank u vice president of the awesome crew… 👍👍

  27. Colin,
    Please stop whining . First it was the schedule , then it was the youth , followed by injuries and now admissions is the cause for the poor results on the ice. . How tough can the requirements be to recruit student athletes who will be accepted if there were 12 NHL draft picks on last years squad?
    Since the current AD took over both Hockey and Basketball squads records have regressed each year. So his record speaks for itself. Perhaps he should lookin the mirror instead of blaming others for his failures and poor decision making.
    B.U. may have the best work out facilities and trainers in the country but it certainly was not translated on the ice and or
    the teams record.
    The head honcho of premium seating and suites told me attendance dropped over 25% in one year. If you and the other members of the everything is awesome club want to stick their head in the sand and ignore this fact so be it. I know a little bit about business and the Hockey Program on its own was not profitable last season.

  28. Frozen I don’t whine. I leave that up to you. You asked for a answer to your question and I gave you one. Don’t agree that’s fine . If your so upset with bu pick another school. I think it’s just easier for you to hate bu till bu wins then you become a fan again. I don’t mind this approach but I don’t think your going to fool anyone when you come back to the good side🐾

  29. Colin,
    I judge teams by their actions and their results. It is not that complicated. I am legacy donor, former team manager , and board member of the FOH so why would I pick another school? Telling the truth and being realistic does not mean that I am rooting against B.U. There is a fine line between loyalty and stupidity.
    Perhaps you are the one that is in denial and cannot see the forest from the trees.
    When I criticize the program I back up my criticism with actual indisputable facts. Believe me if B.U. had season like UMass, Northeastern or Providence, I would be whistling a different tune.

  30. Glenn,
    Hope you have finally come to your senses and stop drinking the everything is awesome Kool Aid. As league champions UMass received a league regular season trophy just like B.U. did in 2015. Similarly they received a regional NCAA trophy as did B.U.did in 20015. Finally both schools received the the NCAA runner up trophy.
    So if you do not recognize the UMass trophies then it would certainly be hypocritical to recognize the sameones B.U. won.

  31. Bu has had many seasons just like those schools had this year. We are only one year removed from a hockey east championship a year in which we were one over time loss away from frozen four. So your tune changes for short spirts but it mostly stays negative. We have gone over several times why you are negative and that’s your prerogative but I don’t think anyone buys the I’m a fan bit. I fully admit I give bu Hockey the benefit of the doubt on some things because I’m so passionate about my program. I’m a fan win or loose. Everyone of your posts except when we win are negative to either the kids coach or AD every single one. Life’s short my point is if you can’t say anything nice about bu move on to say bc. If you like bu as you say you do write something nice useful to this program. You don’t have to go on here every post and say all is well in bu land but every once in a while say something nice.🐾

  32. Colin,
    Sorry no apple polishing from me. There were no positives from last year only the continued regression of the hockey programs won and lost record. Unfortunately that is how the majority of fans judge a program. My concern is that I do not know if the program has hit rock bottom based on the early departures and lack of standout players returning. ( It does not mean they are not good students or fine people but limited skill wise.) Especially concerning is the lack of depth and experience in the net. Extremely disappointing the coaching staff still has not addressed or resolved this issue. If the kids or coach cannot handle the truth or constructive criticism they should find a different sport or profession. Perhaps they do not receive enough.
    The AD was embarrassed by the previous coach who abruptly left the program , after reneging on his commitment to a new contract,
    and his record speaks for itself. Both basketball and hockey records were below .500 this year. These are indisputable facts not fiction. so I am not being negative only honest.

  33. Glenn,
    Not only are you delusional, you are BS artist king. Remember about a year ago you guaranteed me there would be no coaching change and that was I was not telling the truth and being negative!
    I agree that Patrick Curry has developed into the type of player that contributes to the team every game and plays up to his potential. The problem is the majority did not.
    Perhaps you should inform B.U. to return the 2015 Hockey East regular season trophy. (the one with various hockey sticks) This particularly championship trophy is a more meaningful representation of a season then the Hockey East tournament which really is a tournament for a team that overcame issues and played well at the end of the year. It allows a team to overcome obstacles and redeem themselves. Like BU.did the previous year. Disappointing regular season. However great Hockey East tournament run which I gave them full credit for on this blog.
    Also B.U.received a 2015 regional Championship trophy. Since you do not recognize this trophy for UMass then you certainly cannot recognize it for B.U.
    No shame in winning 30 games and finishing second in the nation. Especially when they lost to a better team. Do you also want them to return the runner up trophy?

  34. Good morning Larry. I guess “BS Artist King” is how you react when you are called out and exposed on things to which you cannot defend. Clearly you were once a loyal and supportive BU Hockey fan. Things have happened that you don’t like and now you wish BU the worst. Yes, you were correct that Quinn left and I was wrong.

    So as to these trophies that are given out for regular season first place finishes and regional championships … not very meaningful to me despite your rationale … whether they are won by BU or our opponents. I care about three real championships … Hockey East, Beanpot and NCAA. I never said there was shame in winning 30 games. However, if that was BU who came away with 30 games won, a #2 final national ranking, you would have trashed our leadership. So, I won’t let you have it both ways. Believe me, with the talent we have coming in over these next five years and with the change Albie has with his recruiting strategy (getting non-superstar but impactful players who will stay more than two years), I will be plenty pissed off if we do not win our share of above mentioned hardware. If we don’t, I will come on here and say how pissed I am. You, on the other hand, will go and hide if we win hardware.

  35. Glenn,
    Have never hidden from any one with exception of my wife when she is mad. I simply tell the truth and clearly you cannot handle the truth or reality. I have defended all my points with facts. Unlike you who whine and make excuses. It is pretty simple you either win or lose. (no gray area) When your team is under .500 it is a bad season. If lessons are not learned then it will be repeated.
    Your failure to recognize milestones and real trophies is simply because B.U. won nothing this past season.
    The fact that you are happy that your other hockey team had the 7th worst record in the NHL and missed the NHL playoffs for the second straight year is another example of irrational, delusional behavior. I am sure the new president in charge will want better results sooner rather than later.

  36. well, i think we should all be able to agree that there won’t be any hardware next year, unless Albie surprises everyone and brings in some diamonds in the rough over the summer. He might want to start by combing the Watertown youth leagues for a goalie

  37. Vinnie,
    It my belief that Albie is on a very short leash to produce positive results sooner rather than later. It is not entirely his fault as he was left with the program in total disarray. However he did nothing to prove himself as a head coach his first year or so far since the end of the season. In fact any news that directly effected next years team has been quite disturbing. No experience goaltending could be a recipe for disaster.

  38. You would have to think that Albie is on the hot seat. Fair or unfair to a second year coach. We live in a results oriented world nowadays. He seems to be a likeable guy but can he coach? TK out!!!!

  39. see, i just don’t think the AD has the balls to admit he made a hiring mistake. and i do not think the apathetic administration cares enough to fire him. i have no inside information; just my hunch. albie could be there longer than you think. again, not saying i am right

  40. hey Glenn and any other new york hockey bloggers,

    i heard about this book that i think you might enjoy. it is called “Metro Ice, A Century of Hockey in Greater New York Starring: Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Americans, Rovers, Raiders, Ducks, St. Nicks”

    i ordered it from the library so i have not read it. what turned me on to it was an article in the NY times about the the St. Nicks amateur hockey club

  41. Vinnie,
    It is my belief that due to the Dollar Dave fiasco that the AD’s choice of coach was rejected by someone at the highest end of the food chain. This particular individual has no experience in athletics or hockey. He made the easy cost effective choice and not necessarily the most dynamic impactful one.
    Even though I believe the preceding to be true if the current trend continues I expect big changes. I honestly hope that Albie succeeds.

  42. frozen out,
    but what makes you think the same trend won’t continue: of someone on the higher end of the food chain making another “easy cost effective” decision? I think BU is too cheap to pay for for an impactful, dynamic coach

    another concern this summer, in addition to the absence of a second goalie, is getting that kid Zegras into BU. getting past the ncaa clearing house is not the same as getting into BU. he is the jewel of this class. lose him and it is just another blow. not albie’s fault but still, that would be another huge hit/loss.

    and how about JFK leaving the Bruins and going back to Sweden? talk about a kid who should have never left BU. sad

  43. Vinnie,
    A competent AD usually determines the fate or makes the final decision to hire a coach. I believe the present AD had that ability until the previous coach destroyed his credibility.
    If there is not a significant improvement in the hockey team next year then I believe B,U. would have no choice but to open the check book for an experienced top notch head coach.
    I do not know about any admittance issues with the Zegras recruit. However I do know from a former Terrier player , that the Max L fiasco was caused by the coaching staff failure to get the paper work to admission office on time.
    The JFK situation is the perfect example of someone who should have stayed in college. I do feel bad for him and wish him the best.
    Hopefully others will take notice.

  44. frozen out,
    in all due respect, it think it is naive to say “B,U. would have no choice but to open the check book for an experienced top notch head coach.” they always have a choice and they can choose to go on the cheap because i do not think the university cares that much about BU hockey being a national power . that is just my opinion. it is meant as a respectful disagreement

  45. Vinnie,
    I respect your opinion and always enjoyed your comments . Nothing wrong in agreeing to disagree. It is my humble opinion that B.U would not have a choice but to open up the check book simply because of the sharp and continuing decline in not only overall attendance but sales of suites and premium club seats that generate a significant amount of revenue. Also total yearly attendance directly effects advertising revenue.
    I am sure that the bean counters at B.U. are concerned that the 17-18 hockey games per year currently generate a negative revenue stream. So even though the president is apathetic toward hockey I believe he does care about the bottom line.

  46. Coach O’Connell and the AD for that matter are very competent. Coach Quinn was also competent. Before him coach Parker was competent. I irks you frozen that bu Hockey is considered one of the best programs in the land. You come on the blog and put forth these conspiracies late paperwork??? After two days of being turned down by bu U conn gobbles him up . It was a admissions issue clear and simple. I do agree getting Zegras is important and getting good players through admissions has become a issue. Everyone involved in the hockey and athletics programs at bu is not competent. It’s the best athletic staff I have ever encountered in sports.🐾

  47. And I am sure you have encountered many college athletic staffs, Colin

    We shall see. I want albie to succeed. He can recruit them but can he coach the talent? Will they listen to him? Not sure everyone was on board last year, especially some of the higher end guys

    Frozen, here here to the bean counters if it comes down to it. I agree winning brings revenue in any sport and losing kills attendance

  48. Yes Larry, you have stated facts on this blog that are true. However, the reason you are a BS machine is because you call out BU Hockey for things such as falling attendance and players leaving early and not even going to the NHL … but insist on living in your make-believe world that your college hockey teams are not guilty of the same thing. I can admit that BU had a horrible season. With a boatload of talent coming in the next several years, it will be particularly disappointing if we don’t win real hardware (not to be confused with your first-place finishes). I don’t know what will be with Albie … assuming he does not turn things around. I think he will get at least a few more years … unless there is no improvement over the 2018-2019 season and that is doubtful. Remember, this is not SEC country. Their leashes are really short. Anyway, I can only hope that we don’t need to find out how short a BU Hockey leash is.

    As for Quinn, you’ve got to be kidding. I think even you know how well the NY media and the Rangers brass were impressed by his performance this season. It must come as a huge surprise to you that he was not the coach in 2017-2018. He is everything that AV was not. This season the Rangers were going absolutely nowhere (from the beginning) and the ownership pretty much acknowledged that when they wrote that famous letter to season-ticket holders and even traded two of our top scorers in the second half of the season for draft picks. Now next season he will certainly be judged for his win-loss record … big-time. If my Rangers suck then you can take a victory lap. After this season, most Rangers fans are very pleased with Quinn’s performance. I challenge you to find knowledgeable hockey writers who share your thoughts. That may change going forward but you’re out of luck for now.

    And Vinnie, thank you very much for that book recommendation. Here in NY we have had no shortage of hockey teams LOL. I grew up on Long Island and once cheered for the NYI. I switched back to the Rangers in the late 1980’s … and have been with them ever since … for better or worse … mostly worse LOL. One Cup though and it was sweet!

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