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The following article was submitted by Matt Martin, and is the first work published in our “YOU write for the blog” series. Matt led the Boston Hockey Blog before graduating this past winter, but is back to share his thoughts on the future of the program, and one player in particular.


Don’t look now BU hockey faithful, but the Terriers are about to look a whole lot different next season. With Dante Fabbro, Chad Krys, Joel Farabee, Jake Oettinger and Shane Bowers signing early — coupled with the graduation of Bobo Carpenter, it certainly seems that the Terriers have more questions than answers heading into next year.

Perhaps the easiest question to answer, is who will dawn the “C” for the Terriers next season. The answer? None other than Patrick Curry.

Remember the Freshman class of 2016? Well, only Patrick Curry, Gabe Chabot, Nico Lynch and Patrick Harper remain from that class.

With a freshman class featuring NHL prospects of Clayton Keller, Kieffer Bellows, Krys, Harper, Oettinger, Harper and Fabbro, it seemed as if Curry may never be looked upon to be a major contributor to his teams.

One quick look at his freshman and sophomore year stats seem to justify that idea as he combined for only 21 points.

However, his junior season he managed to more than double his point total as he finished third on the team with 26 points.

Who were the two people in front of him? None other than Farabee and Fabbro who both had first round pedigrees.

Although Curry may have been a better scorer this season, one aspect of his game has not changed since he first step foot on Commonwealth Avenue — his motor.

Terrier fans don’t need to look too far in the history books to see a Captain that got better every year and had a high motor. Last season Terrier fans got to see Bobo Carpenter lead the Terriers as a captain.

Although the Carpenter might be a better player than Curry, their styles are similar as both never take a shift off and stick up for their teammates on the ice.

Not sold yet? Let’s talk about maturity.

Last season, the average age of a Terriers was 20.5 years old, a mark that placed them as the youngest team in the country.

With Shane Switzer currently in the NCAA transfer portal, Curry is the oldest player slated to return next season.

Although being the oldest player is not a requisite to being named captain, there will not be a player on the roster that has played in as many games for the Terriers as Curry.

Moreover, a part of a captain’s duties is to help the underclassmen adjust to college life. Nobody is more suited for that role and to get the freshman apart of the Terrier tradition than Curry.

By naming Curry as captain will reward a player for his hard work and tenacity, which has the ability to create a ripple effect and show other players that it is possible to succeed without being an NHL prospect right away.

Besides, you cannot spell “captain” without Pat C.

6 thoughts on “Curry for Captain – Matt Martin”

  1. Matt I absolutely agree. Everything Curry does he does at 110% he would be a great choice for captain. He stayed for both sessions last summer and worked extremely hard with coach Czyeck. I think he would set a great example for the terriers 🐾

  2. No question Curry is the best choice for captain of the 2019-2020 Terriers! Not that this is all that relevant in the argument for him to be captain …. but like Bobo, I have found Patrick to be very approachable and talkative after the games I’ve attended.

    • Not yet, Vinnie. The Lackey move to Providence was really the last BU-related goalie news. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them stick with Purpura through what looks to be a one/two-year rebuild phase.

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