BU Hockey 2018-19 Season Superlatives

As I look back on this past season for BU men’s hockey, there are certain names that stand out among the rest, for a variety of reasons. These picks were made by Brady Gardner, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the Boston Hockey Blog team. Without further ado, here are my season superlatives for 2018-19.

Most improved during the season – Hugo Blixt

Even Hugo Blixt himself would have to admit that the first-year defenseman looked like a deer in headlights at times to begin his debut season at BU. However, as the Sweden native adjusted to the pace and style of college hockey, he became an integral part of the BU blueline corps, logging important minutes in special teams play late in the campaign. With BU’s top two defensemen moving on to the pros, Blixt will certainly be relied on more heavily in 2019-20.

Biggest surprise – Patrick Curry

Becoming an upperclassman among a relatively young team, Patrick Curry took full advantage of his increased ice time with a break-out year to spark a Terrier squad with admittedly few bright spots in attack. After tallying a combined seven goals and 22 points between his freshman and sophomore seasons, the Illinois native beat both totals with 13 goals and 26 points in his junior year alone. While BU has seen multiple offensive weapons depart in recent weeks, Terrier fans can be confident that Curry will be a consistent top forward in his fourth year with BU.

Unsung Hero – Cam Crotty

Likely overshadowed by talented d-men above him on the line sheet, Cam Crotty deserves some credit as a solid member of the Terrier defense in all 38 games throughout the season. The sophomore put up five goals after just one in his first year on Commonwealth Avenue, and finished tied for second on the team with a +2 rating, and third with 68 blocks. There will be holes to fill on the BU blue line in the fall, but it appears Crotty is ready to take on a bigger role.

Most to prove in next season – Patrick Harper

It doesn’t take a hockey expert to notice that Patrick Harper didn’t have the season he was hoping for in 2018-19. Despite appearing in every game for BU, the junior posted his lowest goal total (6) and second-lowest assists total (14) in his three-year collegiate career. The Connecticut native did heat up late in the 2019 playoffs, so the Terriers will hope Harper can continue that increase in production into the fall.

Biggest unknown ahead of next season – Jake Wise

Jake Wise was a heralded talent upon joining the team in the fall, and excited Terrier fans with encouraging performances early on. However, a season-ending injury brought an abrupt end to the Blackhawks prospect’s promising freshman campaign after just 12 games. Heading into 2019-20, it will be interesting to see if Wise can become the player the BU faithful were optimistic he could be when he arrived at BU.

Biggest offseason departure – Jake Oettinger

You would struggle to find a team who relied on a single goaltender as much as BU relied on Jake Oettinger these last three years. The junior appeared in all but two games for the Terriers in 2018-19, and was asked on a near-nightly basis to mask inconsistent team defense with flawless play between the pipes. Oettinger did it all throughout his Terrier career, from maintaining a high level of play season to season (see: 13 career shutouts, tied most in BU history), to coming up big in significant games (also see: 89 saves on 93 shots at the TD Garden in 2019). With the BU net now left to a keeper who has made two collegiate starts in Vinnie Purpura, Jake Oettinger will be a major loss for the Terriers as he moves on to the Dallas Stars farm system.

Terrier of the Year – Bobo Carpenter

This one is a no-brainer. Captain Carpenter was one of just two four-year Terrier skaters on the roster in 2018-19, but the North Reading, Massachusetts resident more than pulled his weight in terms of leadership among a very young team. After Carpenter missed ten games late in the season, there was a clear injection of energy and urgency when the senior returned to the lineup for the team’s playoff push. Carpenter demonstrated the highest level of toughness and dedication late in the season for BU, and served as both a role model and source of inspiration when the Terriers needed it the most.

Defensive Player of the Year – Dante Fabbro

You could not possibly put together a list of BU hockey superlatives from 2018-19 and not include Fabbro. The Canadian blueliner was a warrior for the Terriers as a junior, compiling the most time on ice by far for BU over the course of the season. The co-captain was involved on both ends of the ice, setting the pace for BU with 26 assists, and leading all of Hockey East with 82 blocks. After concluding his time at BU has one of the team’s most reliable players over his three-year career, Predators fans have reason to feel good about Fabbro heading to Nashville.

Most Valuable Player – Joel Farabee

Dante Fabbro gave Joel Farabee a run for his money with this title, but the freshman phenom edges out the co-captain solely based on his consistent production and immediate impact in his first season at BU. The Hockey East Rookie of the Year exploded for a team-leading 17 goals and 36 points in 2018-19, and was especially crucial in BU’s postseason run, tallying four goals in three games to lead BU over UMass Lowell in the conference quarterfinals. While Farabee would prove to follow the one-and-done path through college hockey, his presence was certainly felt on Commonwealth Avenue in the year that he was with the Terriers.

Agree? Disagree? Let me hear your picks for these superlatives below!

28 thoughts on “BU Hockey 2018-19 Season Superlatives”

  1. I like your picks i would also add cockerill to the list with harper… Crotty for sure will be one of your top defenseman and one thing on blixt hes got the size would like to see him hit a little bit moreand shoot more pucks…. Kakstanslo I will say is a tough one looks great 1 game then horrible the next his inconsistency is very obvious … Every one else sounds about right .. We need micheal lackey as your goalie…

    • True Rui, Cockerill is a good one there. Is it weird that I actually feel alright about our defense next year? And yeah, Lackey would be huge. (duh)

  2. Tough call with Defensive Player of the Year award … between Jake and Dante. Yes, I am so curious what’s in store for Jake Wise in his sophomore season.

    • Good point about Jake… I gave him another one though 😉 Big question mark with Wise, but they need him!

  3. To the biggest unknown, I would add the whole team. Can anyone, except for Sunshine Colin, really predict what’s in store for them next season? TK out!

  4. Honestly, with all due respect, what superlatives? A talent laden team with 12 NHL draft picks had a final record of 16-18-4. A national contender became a pretender. Perhaps the following was overlooked , 25th in the pairwise, last in the BeanPot , could not beat Harvard or the beagles and lost twice Northeastern when it really mattered.
    I judge a team by actions not words and ultimately their record. Simply put it is a result oriented business.(no gray area) I wonder how many team members thought how can I make this team better? How can make my teammates better? If I can make this my primary goals then my game will automatically improve. I would guess few to none . This is supported by the fact the B.U. had one of the worst team defenses in all of college hockey. Actually the 7th most in shots attempted by the opponent. A Corsi rating of 52.
    In other words neither the forwards or defenseman were interested in protecting the goalie. Instead they only were interested in themselves which explains a lot about the overall team performance. Even more alarming is the coaching staff’s inability to connect with these players to correct this deficiency.
    Six underclassman left the university early , willing to give up their eligibility and scholarships. Only one went directly to the NHL. Three with multiple years of eligibility left will have a severe negative impact on next years team, along with a veteran goalie that was alleged to be transferring to B.U., but ended up in Providence. Despite the fact that he was coached previously by B.U.’s associate head coach.
    So next years squad returning players are basically a bunch of JAGS. (just another guy) This is not to disparage any players but not one is a standout. The higher end talent (assuming they show up) are the incoming freshmen. Does this scenario sound familiar ?
    Compounding the preceding is although I do like Albie, he is under pressure to turn this dumpster fire around with little or no wiggle room. As I believe his tenure will not last beyond next year if there is not a significant impairment in B.U.’s record.

    • Sheesh Frozen Out! Just looking for some positive takeaways. The results weren’t there, but I think there were some things that deserve to be recognized. We can agree to disagree if you didn’t see any bright spots throughout the entirety of the season.

  5. Brady G.,
    Sorry to be so truthful. Honestly after participating in the B.U program since the mid sixties I rank this squad one of the worst that I have witnessed based primarily on the talent level and coaching. The inability to play even close to there potential is an alarming trend in the wrong direction. Unfortunately since Eichel mania the teams record regressed the past four years hitting a low point of a below.500 this year . Compounding the preceding is mass exodus that occurred.
    If you want to sugar coat and make believe that everything is hunky dory in Terrier land so be it.
    Noticed nobody on this blog mentioned how the crew team crushed it on giving day raising around $270,000, easily beating hockey that unfortunately did not meet it’s goal. Although it did manage to raise around $204,000. Disappointing considering more than twice as many individuals donated to crew, including some former FOH, then the alleged number uno sport at B.U.

    • You’re right Frozen Out, it was a tough year. I think you’re confusing my attempt at recognizing some bright spots among a disappointing season with trying to sugar coat it or pretend everything was great. I always seek to mention the positives and negatives equally, even if that may be harder at some times than others.

  6. I’m not going into fund raising on this post frozen you can run the numbers and comment how you will. I donated to my team and that’s all I will say on that matter. What I did want to say is how classy Makar was at the conclusion of his run at U mass and I bring this up because it has been written several times on this blogs comment sections that bu players have no loyalty and don’t value there education. Well here you have a sophomore who can’t say enough good things about u mass and his team leaving. Does this make him selfish , spoiled all the things the haters on this blog say about our guys who leave in pursuit of there dream. I have not and will not put down a kid for leaving it’s not my call . That said I do like when they stay and I strongly believe we need to recruit differently to get more kids to stay for four years.

  7. Colin,
    I can understand that you do not want to comment on fund raising since it is a another poor reflection on the hockey program.
    Cale Maker was the best college hockey player since Jack Eichel.
    According to his coach he was a better person than hockey player. He made a commitment to play two years and was man of his word. Totally committed to the university and completely changed the culture of the hockey program. Unlike the self indulgent spoiled brats in our program he delayed his dream for two years and was totally invested in every aspect of the school. His main focus was to build a national program even giving up a chance to participate in the world juniors tournament in order to rest up for the remainder of the UMass season. Thankfully he was rewarded by scoring a goal in his first playoff game last night. Staying in school and not rushing to the NHL actually assisted in his growth and maturity on and off the ice.
    The being selfish issues at BU. is a cultural issue that was developed primarily under the last regime. It does not make them bad people or lousy student athletes. The has nothing too due with hate or bitterness, just factual. Two perfect examples was the team defense that did not exist this year and the fact that more undergrads left this team than any other team in college hockey. Unfortunately the preceding makes the coaching staff look really bad.

  8. Your argument frozen is flawed. You say he was totally committed for two years well so were our guys in fact several of our guys are graduating, he is not. He was rewarded with a goal come on now if that’s the argument Fabbro who was totally committed to bu got the primary assist on the game winner the other night so what’s good for U mass is good for my terriers. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticizing Makar for leaving or the manner in which he did but rather pointing out the similarities between his departure and our guys who left and who you constantly attack. As to the culture all I see is a team committed to win. Not sure which administration you are talking about but under Quinn the team had much success and previous to him we had the best coach ever to step behind the bench so I’m not sure who you are talking about and since they enjoyed so much success I can’t debate you on something That I don’t understand. For years bu Hockey has been the top of the college hockey pyramid. Nothing you or any of the other haters write or say is going to change that. Go bu🐾

  9. One point I forgot to mention Frozen you can reference our record all you want I’m sure it makes you feel all giggly inside but make no mistake our coach the guy you constantly attack will right this ship. Last years team was close to achieving great things rest assured I as being president of team awesome as you call me want no one else behind our bench then coach O’Connell.

  10. Colin,
    My argument is factual according to the words of his college coach. It is clear that Cal could have made the NHL and not attended college .He agreed to two years and was a man of his word. Furthermore it is my belief that if a college player is NHL worthy he should leave. Fabbro was the only under graduate that should have left the program. Although I feel he under achieved this year my belief is that he will be a better pro than he was a collegian. I do wish him the best
    It is obvious who I am referring to is the previous administration. Interesting that after Jack Eichel left the building (not his recruit) that his team records and performance regressed every year with the exception of a Hockey East Tournament Championship. Then he
    abruptly left his dream job for much greener pastures. Certainly showed his true character by reneging on a new contract and leaving the program in total disarray. On and off the ice as demonstrated this year.
    As much as I like Albie, he and his coaching staff failed miserably . The team and him own the record of 16-18-4, 25th in the pairwise, last in the Bean pot . These are undisputed facts. Almost forgot had 12 NHL draft picks many first and second rounders. Clearly you cannot handle the truth. You never addressed the issue of the team allowing the 7th most attempted shots on net or the Corsi rating of 52. On elf the weakest team defenses in college hockey.
    I am not laughing and actually hate the fact that at best B.U. is a mediocre program in free fall. I do like the fact that as a legacy donor, former FOH board member and student manager whose family supported and assisted building the program for over six decades in becoming a national power no longer exists.

  11. Colin,
    Another senior moment I left out the word not in the last paragraph, after the word do before the word like.

  12. Frozen coach Quinn was there five years he had one poor season his first and that’s not on him. He built the team to make it to the national championship game he had hockey east championships and several regional championships so for the life of me I’m trying to figure out what your talking about. You hate bu hockey and everyone associated with it . I just don’t get it . You obviously liked them somewhere along the way and when they were playing well at the end of the season you came around a little bit. I understand you were upset with the friends room shutting down but it’s open now and the folks who run it do a outstanding job it’s one of my favorite post game activities. I’m also impressed with there fundraising they are professional and considerate as I said the athletics department at bu is under great supervision I’m so happy and proud to be associated with this group of men and women give it a shot Frozen bu hockey is to good to be bitter all the time go bu🐾

  13. Colin,
    Happy holidays to you and your family. The truth is dishonest, dollar Dave ruined the hockey program. His recruiting method were an abject failure. No hate just fact, he won one regional championship with Jack Eichel. A great recruiter and fund raiser.
    However he underachieved with the most talent in college hockey.
    A team with two of the brightest young stars in the NHL, (Charlie MC. and Clayton K won zero.zero championships. Almost impossible to accomplish but he did it. He should have been called second place or runner up Dave. Left Colorado prior to the whole coaching staff being fired and abruptly left B.U.when he parlayed a Hockey East Tournament Championship into an NHL job even though team had a disappointing regular season.
    Hate to ruin your day but he was the person whom is responsible foe dismantling the FOH and shutting down the Friends room He alienated every alumni group who wanted to interact with the team.
    No comment on the teams refusal to play team defense for the entire season???? How about the fact that another graduate transfer chose Northeastern over B.U.???? Not a good look for your all star coaching staff, who I believe is on a very short leash.

  14. Frozen love the hot stove hockey banter. I guess it could be called air conditioning banter since the summer months are coming but don’t fear 170 days till hockey season. It’s clear we disagree with each other on coach Quinn success while here. I think he was a great coach and I enjoyed his tenure here. I also enjoyed the friends room I was very disappointed it shut down that year. I also heard coach explain why he was shutting it down I did not agree with it but he’s the coach and one decision he makes that I don’t agree with was not going to change my opinion on him or the program. I understand your in a different boat as you were in charge of the room so I get the logic of why your upset but he is gone now and as I have said the friends room is now run by the university and it was run very well this past season the young lady and young men poured there heart and sole into making that room and the die hard fans who gather there feel part of the program. They care very much for the fans the players and there parents I can’t thank them enough for all they do. They along with friends I met this year made it a very special year. I know you look at the record and get frustrated so do I but college hockey is more then just wins and loses it’s the love for your program. This year may have not been a success on paper but I saw with my own two eyes how good they were at the end of the season that’s a credit to this coach. If you know hockey and you saw this team at the start of the season and where they were at the end you could see the improvement. The numbers and stats on defense are what they are in hockey if you score more goals then your opponent then you win if you have more loses then wins then your defensive numbers are not going to be so good. When the guy you said had a off year plays 35 min a game then you may have problems when your goalie sees more rubber then the Michellan man you have problems. When your forwards are trying to break out of the zone and go end to end all by themselves you have problems. This team had holes but it was this coach and his staff that coached this team to being one of the top teams in the country by the end of the season. I think the world of the AD and his knowledge of all sports not just hockey I’m certain he has faith in coach. I honestly believe we have the best coach I would not want anyone else behind a bu bench. You also asked me about transfer goalie maybe coach has another option I just don’t know and won’t comment on something I don’t know. I will say this bu takes there admissions very seriously so just because someone puts themselves in the portal does not make them eligible. As always go bu

  15. Colin,
    The best comments that you have written on this blog to date. Although I do disagree with some of your assessments especially of the previous coach and the AD.
    Perhaps some day I will tell you facts that I know to be true but do not want to put in writing do to the individuals involved.
    Especially concerning the unprofessional disrespectful treatment by the previous coach and athletic director towards former senior FOH and older alumni hockey players that cost the hockey program several MILLION DOLLARS.
    Pretty sad when the crew team raises almost $280,000 on giving day and hockey $204,000. Also B.U. another senior transfer to Northeastern.

  16. Colin,
    Another senior moment as after B.U. and before the word another I left out the word lost. (last sentence).Also before the word to add the words this time, the correct sentence is, also B.U. lost another senior transfer this time to Northeastern.

  17. I wouldn’t worry about 0.5 PPG grad transfers. Let’s focus on our recruits showing up in October at or near a rate of 100%. That’s what counts. Fingers crossed!

  18. Glenn,
    There is a reason why six undergraduates left early (more than any team in college hockey) and in addition B.U.was beaten out by two hockey east rivals for PPG graduate transfers. On a much needed starting goalie. It points right a the coaching staff which like the team grossly underachieved. Let’s be realistic Albie has done nothing to make any one feel better about the season except whine and make excuses. Is the next shoe to drop that some of these alleged prize recruits change their mind?
    No comment on the poor team defense statistic, or the inadequate fund raising on giving day?(or is everything just awesome?)

  19. Glenn,
    OPPs, left out the letter e in after on. It should have been one is a much needed starting goalie.

  20. Everything is awesome here frozen 165 days till college hockey . I’m having a great time. Go bu😂🐾

  21. Larry, of course there’s a reason why so many underclassmen left early … because BU had more NHL commits than almost all the other 60 D-1 programs. So, you’re trying to compare apples to oranges. You seem be giving the silent treatment to all the other underclassmen who have left their schools early … namely your favorite goalie, Primeau. And need I remind you, he’s in that other league that you love so much LOL.

    I don’t know about the donations for MIH on giving day. What was the amount last year and what was it this year? Not concerned at all about crew donations … but good for them.

    As for our poor team defense statistic, no argument here.

    I think you’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re trying to judge the state of our program by whether or not we’re getting graduate transfers. Albie just landed the first recruit for 2023, Ryan Fine. He chose BU last Friday over schools like BC and PC, and UMass Amherst. Also, not hearing anything about other key recruits decommitting. One player who is scheduled to arrive in October is an extraordinarily talented but undersized d-man Domenick Fensore He seems like the kind of player who will stay three or four years … and will be a major source of point production from the blue line.

    So, everything as of now is not awesome but the future looks bright.

  22. And no sooner than I check back on USCHO.com and see that UMass Amherst blueliner Ferraro leaves after his sophomore season. Hmmm. How could that be?

  23. Glenn,
    No hall pass from me for these underachieving, over rated prima donnas. Successful teams that actually make the Frozen Four are going to lose more of the elite undergrads. I agree that is the state and culture of college hockey is young talented individuals primary focus is the NHL. I have no issue with any one leaving and going directly to the NHL. However if these athletes are destined to the AHL then they clearly do not no how to add and have no interest in the value of an education. Believe me the AHL is no picnic , long bus rides , low wages , and below average hotels. Not to mention the fact that some older veteran could test them or take out their own frustrations with a vicious hit. It is cut throat and strictly survival of the fittest.
    BU had six undergrads leave early and most likely only one will play in the NHL. Two with more than one year of eligibility
    should have returned and it seemed changed their mind before deciding to leave. This is an extremely poor reflection on the coaching staff that has been widely criticized on social media by a former player and two alumni that wrote for the daily free press. (not the opposition or fans of other schools)
    I am judging the state of the program over the last four years which despite an abundance of talent the team record has regressed each year. Clearly supporting my position that it is the most disappointing program in college hockey. Do I have to remind you 12 NHL draft (top 6 defensemen all drafted) produced a record of 16-18-4.No Championships , last in the Beanpot and could not beat the beagles or crimson or huskies . (when it mattered.) So I think I am more realistic about the program then the everything is awesome club. Not to mention the returning players and I say this with peace and love are a bunch of jags. (just another guy). No standouts .
    I would not worry about future recruits since it is my belief that Albie is on a short leash and if there is not a dramatic shift in the won -lost total and some championships then unfortunately his tenure could be short.

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