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Hey folks, instead of continuing our offseason discussion on the Hockey East Semifinal recap post, let’s move the conversation here! Thanks in advance.


  1. Here, I’ll get us started. There’s no other way to put it – things are messy on Comm. Ave right now. That said, there are some promising recruits coming in, and potentially more moves to follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re entering a rebuilding year or two, but if O’Connell gets some time to enact his plan as a recruiter, I trust that he will know what will be best to get this program back on top.

  2. I agree Brady coach knows his stuff. This team will be ok. I mentioned it before we have some great players returning everyone wants to focus on the guys that left. Our defense will be solid. I think folks will be pleasantly surprised by this team. I can’t wait for puck drop I miss BU hockey already.

  3. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    I have been watching a lot of NCAA college hockey this week. We are way too young and weak on our skates to compete with the elite. Must get bigger, stronger and older to make the final four. Can be done in one, two years.Why do we get so upset when the players who left had a sub .500 record and did not win one game that counted ? Hay, Shane, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Yes SoCC, experience and physicality definitely seem to be shortcomings for this team – the good news is O’Connell seems to recognize that, and is taking the program in a direction where it will be better-suited to compete with those bigger, older teams.

  4. Son of Cesar I agree with you on getting some older experienced guys in here. We lost some great players but we will get new players in. What’s your beef with Shane-he played hard in limited role was on hockey east all academic team. He’s graduating and wants to play hockey somewhere and get his masters. He never complained about ice time that I have heard of to me he did everything right. I admired his career here at BU. I hope he goes to a school outside hockey east I think he’s a good player and I would not want to face him.🐾

  5. I just realized your probably talking about Bowers but I can’t blame him for leaving either. If you get the opportunity to leave to play professional hockey that decision must be a tough one

    • Evidently not so tough to leave Colin with FIVE early departures, and who knows there could be more, so far BC has had only 2, so its substantially worse for BU hockey in recent years. A program can only get better if you keep your best players and than add new recruits in following years. It can get better very quickly but I don’t see how they will be any better next year. If you’re satisfied with a program that finishes sub .500 with 12 NHL draft picks that’s fine but its clear most on this blog are not especially because of the tradition of excellence for BU hockey

  6. “we have some great players returning ” seriously? who is “GREAT”? show me the numbers that warrant the label “great”?

    • Sad to say I agree with Vinnie… There are guys with great potential, but they just haven’t had great numbers.

  7. sonofcaesarcarlacis

    Vinnie, you can’t comment to Colin. To him everything is “great”. This was a team of losers. Look at the +, – column in the team stats. It is the worst I have ever seen. If Bowers is to graduate he must need two more years of school. That is a lot of work and why would he want to play in the AHL instead of at BU if so into studies ?? Makes no sense at all. Not NHL material.

  8. Colin, enough with the superlatives. They finished below 500 and severely underachieved. Exactly who are the “great” returnees? TK out!!

  9. against the top 16 teams in the NCAA tournament, we were 3-10-3. only beat PC, Arizona and NU. we have a long, long way to go.

    the numbers do not lie


    • Vinnie I agree, those numbers are absolutely pathetic. However we don’t necessarily have a long way to go. That’s not how college hockey or college sports in general works. Programs become wildly successful over one season and wildly successful programs become crap too … in no time. I think we can all remember how bad the 2013-2014 season was. Then all of a sudden, we came within 8:36 of winning our sixth NCAA title in 2014-2015. The question is simply this: Can Curry, Cockerill and Amonte; via the infusion of Zegras, Mastrosimone, Phillips, Vlasic and Fensore; become the likes of O’Regan, Hohmann and E-Rod? Now Zegras is no Eichel but IMO he will be better than Keller. Do take some time to look at the mediocre-at-best numbers of some players on the 2013-2014 team whose production took a mega-jump in 2014-2015.

      For those of you who are watching the NCAA’s and see how much physicality matters, potential incoming grad transfer Alex Brink is considered a rugged and physical winger.

      • Vito diGregorio

        Glenn i am cautiously optimistic about the terriers next year and your analysis with the jump we took from 2014 -2015 is quite true. It was not just eichel, alyhough he was a generational player, but the strong influx freshman talent , especially on defense that turned it dramatically around. Of course we already knew that rodrigues was a highly talented player. Maybe the mix that you mentioned will work next year, however with ottenger gone i do worry about the goaltending. I really like Cockrill, he’s a terrific skater and has skills, as well as Harper. Lets hope they take the step up next year.

  10. We will see. We will be fine. You want players curry Amonte Quercia Chabot Harper Kotkansalo Crotty farrence blixt witcowski debour chirametta to name a few. Continue to hate and I will watch bu win. Go bu🐾

  11. Frozen we have moved from end of season recap to this thread but your way off on Lowell I was disappointed in the refs in game two . I thought the hit on carpenter was a cheap shot and penalty. The young man who took the penalty was sitting in the back of the bu section I spent about 10 minutes talking to him and his teammates in between first and second periods. I think the incident your talking about happened long after I left. I never put down student athletes. My beef with northeastern is they have no class and I have provided several examples of that. Everyone gets upset when I say we will be fine . Are you really going to be miserable for 188 days I choose to be positive. We will be older and bigger next year with some veteran leadership coming back and what I’m told is a good freshman class all reasons to be positive

  12. I hate to agree with the glass half empty folks but aside from Curry and Amonte and Crotty, everyone else is a big question mark. The others are 3rd/4th liners who either regressed or didn’t live up to expectations, or have been embarrassingly inconsistent (KK), can’t shoot and somehow play smaller than their size (HB), and we don’t know if Harper will re-find his mojo without elite talent around him. And one of those guys on your list won’t be here next season. In sum, we have questions all over the ice (not even mentioning the question mark in goal) and will need multiple freshmen to play way above their heads which is a big ask. Can it happen? Yes. And I hope it does. But most successful teams have a line or two that scares the opposition, a sound goalie, and a team capable of playing a successful system. On paper (and from what we witnessed this year), getting all of those things next year is putting all your hopeful predictions on blind faith. Great if it hits but not something to bet the mortgage on. Let’s be cautiously optimistic with a focus on cautious. I supported Albie for the job and hope he grew a lot this season and figured out what needed to change going forward but he and the staff led an underperforming squad (that, frankly, wasn’t very inspiring/fun to watch) with more than enough talent to make the NCAAs. With most of that talent gone (or still leaving over the summer) it’s not fact, but hope that we know that they know how to get a team to play at or above the sum of its parts. Lets see what the roster looks like in September and set (realistic) expectations accordingly.

  13. Are you saying that curry Amonte Quercia Chabot Harper Kotkansalo Crotty farrence blixt witcowski debour chirametta Are great players? When I think of great BU players names like Eichel, Tony Amonte drury etc. come to mind. To use a quote from you, Colin, the guys you mentioned couldn’t carry their jockstraps

  14. Colin, you were asked for names of great players not complete roster. Today’s forecast: Brught sunshine on Comm Ave again. 756th consecutive day of sunshine. New record. Get real for once. TK out!!!

  15. Vinnie the kids I mentioned are good to very good division 1 hockey players your mincing my words by using all Americans and Hobey Baker winners . If your good enough to play at bu just making the team makes you a great hockey player. If you take all high school and prep players most would love to play at bu thus if your good enough to make the team your a great hockey player. I hope this explains it well enough for you.

  16. Colin,
    I am not miserable just truthful and honest, a straight shooter which is apparently a crime on this site. If I remember correctly you did not exactly praise the probable Hobey Baker award winner Cal Maker who by the way is most responsible for turning the UMass program from zeros to heroes. In fact how could you as a grown man criticize him for refusing to play for his country in order to entirely focus and put 100% effort improving the UMass team. Pretty mature and good decision on his part.
    So here are the undisputed facts. Prior to the season B.U. was touted as one of the top teams in both the east and the nation. Especially with 12 NHL draft choices and an all star core returning to school. The final record was 16-18-4 (below .500) last in the BeanPot , 5th in hockey east, lost in the semifinal of the hockey east tournament to Northeastern. No NCAA bid.
    The class that is graduating legacy is one hockey east tournament championship, 0 BeanPot titles , 0 Frozen Four appearances and each season there record was worse than the previous year. I
    judge people by their actions not their words.This teams actions spoke volumes. The refusal to play as a team just a bunch of individuals looking out for themselves for the majority of the season. A coaching staff that for the most part could not connect with the players. No respect or accountability to the program. As soon as the season ended a co -captain and two assistants, with remaining eligibility showed true leadership by leaving the program as fast as possible with no remorse or guilty feelings whatsoever. Setting a fine example for a talented freshman and promising sophomore to follow suit. Even though both individuals chances of being in the NHL next year is slim.
    As much a I like Albie, he certainly struggled his first year and that is being kind. This notion that any these individuals will actually come back and get there college degree is I suppose is possible but highly unlikely especially since they are now not on scholarship and focusing all the energy on the NHL.

    • Larry I agree with some of your position but to say that Makar turning down Team Canada was going to help his play for UMass is something with which I completely disagree. Time and time again players come back from World Juniors and have a major improvement in their game – with their school being the beneficiary. Unless he was injured, then turning down Canada would make sense.

  17. Frozen yes I did criticize Makar for turning Canada down twice and him telling the coach he was playing too much . I was making comparisons to he and Fabro who did play for Canada and played a ton of minutes for us. As for the pundits picking us high I don’t think we finished that far off. Now I know your going to come after me with there record and yes that was disappointing but this team never got out of the gates well. I blame a tough schedule to start and team never getting confidence. In the middle of the season it was a tough injury bug. At the end we were playing well we were one mistake away from hockey east championship game for second straight year. I can confirm Jake could walk graduation now he is coming back to start a masters program. He not only did everything right on the ice but in the classroom as well. I honestly don’t know about Fabbro and Krys but I do know they were always taking classes over the summer so I’m sure they are close. I think everyone on this blog agrees we need to get a mix of older kids with the 1-2 year high draft picks to build some continuity. Coach has acknowledged this as well as me in several posts. I think we agree on that. Frozen let’s see how the team shapes up next year as you know I never give up and I always root for BU but there are a lot of unknowns about next years team so I’m not listening to outsiders predictions I want to hear from coaches and my own two eyes. I think we get older kids with size and grinders with some speedy forwards that’s my recipe for success 🐾

  18. ok, Colin, if you want to believe that if you make the BU team, you are a great player, then fine. i define great by how they measure up to the competition. whatever. i accept your clarification

    i look at all these teams who are in the tourney without tons of NHL draft picks. it can be done. the Q had 4 seniors and 10 freshman. what i do not know is how old their freshman are. i think that is key. a lot of our freshman are 17, 18, 19 whereas on other teams the freshman are 20 and older. so i suggest that the coaching staff needs to hold a lot of these kids back in the USHL or BCHL etc. for example, i hope a player like Cade Webber comes in when he is 20. play a couple of years in the USHL and then come to BU. much more polished and physically developed

    and finally, just because a blogger points out a shortcoming, it does not mean they do not root for BU. i always root for them to win even though i can be critical. i would take a BU championahip over any other Boston team on any level winning. following them for 57 years (since 1962)

  19. i found the ages of the Quinnipiac freshman – 13 total, not 10

    4 defensemen ages 22, 21, 20 , 19

    9 forwards ages 20, 21, 20, 20, 21, 21, 21, 22, 22

    not sure how many play but you have to assume a good number do. are these kids draft picks? not sure, but i doubt many are

    this is an elite team in this year’s tourney.

  20. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Good research Vinnie. Just about proves our point here.

  21. thank you, son of Caesar

    finally, from my research the Q has a total roster of 4 drafted NHL players: 3rd, 5th, 6th, 6th rounders

  22. Glenn,
    Perhaps , you missed the news that UMass made it to the Frozen Four and according to their coach the primary reason was the leadership and play of Cal Maker. (his words not mine) It proves my point that skipping the junior tournament and focusing all his energy on the UMass program was the correct decision.
    The junior tournament is nothing more than a glorified exhibition created so the NHL can further evaluate elite talent at young age competing against each other. I do enjoy the tournament but it does not always translate into improved play when they return to college. Also injuries are a real possibilities. In fact Eichel missed a game because of injuries and exhaustion.

    • LOL, I wish I missed the news of UMass making it to the Frozen Four. Of course Makar is the leader and overwhelming superstar on that team. However, it’s baseless for you to think that missing the world juniors helped Makar do a better job at UMass in the second semester. The evidence is clear that the tournament helps raise the game of high-end college players. Quinn’s decision to give Eichel that game against Union off due to exhaustion in no way validates your point.

  23. Colin,
    Every team plays a tough schedule. Look a both UMass and Providence, they did not make the Frozen Four by playing the sisters of the poor. It sound like a bunch of sour grapes, rationalization and excuse making on your part. Like it or not B.U.’s success or lack of it is defined by its record and championships. There is nothing deceiving about it. Perhaps you forget a four game losing streak to start the year. (ever consider the team was not ready to start the season.) A six game losing streak in the second half of the season. After the coach proclaimed that as disappointing
    as the first half was, that only half the season had been completed. News flash, Albie the second half was no better. Also injuries are part of the game , ever hear of next man up.
    However the worst part was what happened at the conclusion of the season where two key pieces Bowers and Farabee followed their leaders and left school. Both not NHL ready, a real slap in the face to the coach. Obviously the believe they will receive better coaching in the AHL and the scholarship piece is not that important.

  24. Frozen we can keep going back and forth you have your opinions and beliefs I disagree. I think that schedule had a lot to do with it. I found something I agree with Vinnie your right we need to get older. It’s the new trend in college hockey so I definitely agree with you on that point.

  25. Wow, Vinnie and Colin agree. good stuff! Go BU

  26. Lets see what next season brings but u almost NEED or HAVE guys like curry ,Harper,amonte,cockerill,crotty and farancce amd others to step their game up a another level to mix with this talented but young freshmen… Hopefully get some older kids and see what happens … I think debour,quircia,chermata and witskoski who knows whatchu gonna get I wouldn’t bet on them they just not that offensively talented not a knock just stating the obvious… Hopefully lackey has a good year and everything clicks from the start of season.. The kida that left im not sure anyone of us wouldn’t do the same in their situation… Minnesota Duluth vs Denver final…

  27. Hey Terrier Nation … don’t forget that today, April 3rd, is BU Giving Day. Donations to Men’s and Women’s Hockey will be matched.

  28. Glenn,
    The fact that prior to Cal Maker, UMass won total of five games and this season won 30 games and hopefully two more, proves my point despite what you think. His goal was to make UMass a national contender , not benefit his own resume by playing in an outside tournament during the semester break. It is called being a good teammate and sacrificing personal goals for the well being of the team . A concept that does not exist at B.U.
    I was hoping that giving day would be the athletic department refunding money to the season ticket holders who witnessed one of the most disappointing and under achieving teams in B.U. Hockey history.

    • Frozen Out coming through with a BURN! Get it? No? Ok, I’ll go back under a rock.

    • Larry, it’s not just a matter of disagreeing with you. After reading your post, I can’t even unravel your logic. How in G-d’s name does that prove your point? Answer: It most certainly does not. I said that going to play in the World Juniors makes these elite freshmen and sophomores even better when they come back to school for their second semester. You just stated the obvious … that Cale Makar made a monumental difference in UMass these past two seasons … compared to the Pre-Makar years. Well, yeah, of course! That had about as much to do with what I said as the price of tea in China.

      And I agree with Colin, even with a mediocre team in place (though he did not say that), the value of a BU Hockey game is still incredibly high .. as far as the entertainment value.

      And for the record, I share Rui’s desire for UMass’s season to come to an end against Denver.

  29. Colin,
    No problem agreeing to disagree. Who do you want B.U. to schedule? it is bad enough that they play meaningless exhibitions against a Canadian team that would not win 10 games in Hockey East and the under 18 USA team.

  30. Frozen my beef was not who we played it was when we played them. We were the youngest team in college this year. With 12 draft picks as you pointed out. We lost and got knocked around from there we lost two more. The kids got away from playing the system taught to them. Which is natural if your loosing night in night out and your 19 your going to revert back to what used to work. Bu did play better the last half minus the Maine game. My point with the schedule was if we played minosota state later results may have been different. The good news is most of us agree and coach has stated we need to get older and bigger. Frozen your not going to like it but I would pay twice the amount to watch this past years team no refund here. They worked hard played hard and in sports sometimes things don’t work out. I enjoyed the year and I’m looking forward to donating to a program I consider the best in the nation.🐾

  31. Just noticed that NU junior Davies signed with the Devils. What a horrible and classless teammate he is!

  32. i am not liking the rumors that Lackey visited PC. we need that kid. Now, please take deep breaths, Colin. i do not want to start the season with Vinnie P as the starting goalie. too inexperienced to carry the load. and please do not mention Prawazlik as the answer. we saw what he did against NU at NU.

  33. Vinnie max is playing somewhere else next year. I don’t know enough about Purpura to state any opinion on the matter. My understanding is Ruck May leave northeastern and Merrimack goalie may enter portal. We will just have to see.

  34. Glenn,
    I do not understand your logic. Cal Maker made a full commitment to UMass and the hockey program. Total focus and complete dedication. No outside distractions. I wish our players had the same goals. Their primary interest is themselves and how quickly they can get to the next level. Individual goals over team success. that has beenunfortunately true since Eichel has left.
    I am rooting for a Hockey East final and UMass and Cal to win it all.

    • Larry, my point was that you pose a false argument. In no way, shape or form does the time spent with World Juniors diminish NCAA performance. It enhances it.

      The other false argument you pose is that players from other teams somehow are more committed to their programs than are our Terriers. With regard to the early departure of NU’s Davies, I find your radio silence deafening and hypocritical. Oh, and I almost forgot the early departure of Cayden Primeau. Do you know the name of the league he’s now playing in? What great teammates those guys are ROFL!

  35. Colin,
    Perhaps you forget B.U. was in both games with Minnesota State and could have easily won both. Unfortunately the all world goal tender had a very tough weekend which was confirmed by the coach when I discussed both games with him.
    The second half (excluding playoffs) was very similar to the first. Five straight home games produced a meager two victories and led to a six game losing streak. So the schedule was the least of their problems.
    I have four premium seats (season tickets) and even my own kids did not want to waste their valuable time on such a poor on the ice product. I even contacted employees in Agganis management and believe me I am not the only on disappointed by such a lackluster, underachieving team

  36. Colin,
    Another senior moment, the correct word is one not on.

  37. lackey to PC. the fallout from having a losing season and tons of defections. can’t blame the kid for choosing leaman and the friars

    but the greatest coach in the game according to Colin will fix everything. vinnie p all the way

  38. Vinnie,
    Who would not want to play for Nate the great. Honestly one of the best college coaches in the game who built not one but two national powers from the ground up. Six straight appearances in the big dance. One NCAA Championship and two Frozen four appearances.(possible another time sooner rather than later. Pretty sad since they met for the title how the programs went in the opposite directions. Noticed one former Terrier on their third line.
    The most troubling information is the B.U.’s refusal to play defense
    and never buying into the team concept. Until the culture changes, its rinse , wash repeat.

  39. As a long-tine season ticket holder, the constructive criticism is warranted; hating is not. Did the team play up to their potential? Obviously not. I caution everyone from using NHL draft picks as a measuring stick for college hockey teams. NHL picks are younger players in whom scouts see potential to play in the NHL. Relying on them is hardly a formula for success in today’s college hockey game. Remember that draft picks who stay four years become free agents; so there is a lot of pressure from NHL teams to get their picks under contract, especially early rounders.

    Clearly, this year’s team suffered due to a bad start out of the gate, a young roster, tough scheduling, injuries to key players and changes in the coaching staff. Undersized in general without a power forward to break down defenses, sniper Patrick Harper went games without so much as a single shot on goal. The team began the season overconfident that their talent and speed would carry the day, totally unprepared for how much bigger, older teams would push them around.

    Those factors do not explain some of the glaring weaknesses that seemed to go unsolved as the season wore on. BU frequently played poorly in their own end, had trouble breaking out and in transition through the neutral zone. Zone entries, especially on the power play were a major problem from day one and only got marginally better. Power plays often moved so slowly you could not wait for them to end. These are crucial areas where the coaching staff needs to do a better job.

    As Albie has mentioned, the departures were anticipated. BU has the second ranked recruiting class in the country. But the team will again be quite young. They need another goalie to bridge until Drew Commesso arrives. BU has played two freshman goalies before. Kieran Millan was a freshman when BU won the national championship.

    How next year’s team performs will tell us a lot about the program’s direction. They should be stronger through the middle and bigger/stronger on the blue line. We’ll have to see who steps into the leadership roles. Certainly unanswered questions remain, but the potential is there.

  40. Why is it last week we were talking about how great northeastern was now they are out and we are talking about the great Nate and rooting for U mass well you guys have a 50% chance of winning. I’m all in for my terriers and only my terriers. I’m not disparaging any coaches or players in the final four field but I’m not kissing there backsides either. Glen your absolutely right that for many players after playing world juniors there game improves and unless you make the medal round you don’t miss any games. I also agree Frozen is bitter with the athletic program and has a opinion that our players are selfish and don’t care. Not only do I disagree I know for a fact that this is false. I have seen first hand how hard these kids work on and off the ice. I also know how hard they take loses.

  41. Maybe since its so bad, frozen just return your season tickets and save your money and u won’t cry about everything all the time .. Think about it my friend🔥💯👍.. Go BU

  42. Vinnie yes that is exactly what I’m going to say. Coach will figure everything out. I’m sure our goalie situation will be fine. Bu hockey will be all set next year. 184 days to figure it out

  43. Colin, Glenn
    Certainly both of you cannot handle the truth or any type of criticism. Nor do you believe in sportsmanship or give any type of credit to the opponent.
    Going to a glorified exhibition tournament, playing high pressured games night after night does not necessarily mean success for the players returning to their teams. I agree some show improvement, others unfortunately are injured and still some regress or play at the same level. It is an NHL showcase and good or the individual player not the team on semester break.
    Lackey going to Providence is another slap at the face to Albie and the coaching staff. His former associate head coach could not even convince to come here. As a result goaltending is a big question mark next season.
    I am not bitter at anyone but when you have no facts or rational argument then it always is convenient to question my character.
    Congratulations to the two hobby baker finalists from hockey east.
    Job well done.

  44. Poor sportsmanship where are you coming up with that. Nothing myself or Glen have said shows poor sportsmanship. I simply agree that most players come back better players after world juniors. I’m sure there are some players that might struggle and not come back improved. There also might be a injury but if you look at the tournament as a whole I think it’s great so many players from bu get invited.

  45. Larry, I am very capable of handling the truth … like that my Terriers had an awful season (top half of the Pairwise rankings but crappy by BU standards). I just have to call out your BS of accusing BU players and coaches of not giving it their all. I have to call out your BS of saying that student athletes who choose to play at the World Juniors are compromising their second-half-semester performance. All players are acting on their own behalf. Sometimes that coincides with what’s good for alma mater. Sometimes not so much.

    I have no problem with your character at all. If I came across as criticizing your character then I apologize. What is crystal clear is that you’ve had disagreements with BU coaches, players and administrators and you’ve found that the best way to handle that resentment is by badmouthing them when things go badly for BU and (with a few exceptions) going into the FBI witness protection program when they succeed and bring pride to the university community.

    Finally, you seem compelled to call out BU athletes for leaving early and calling out BU Hockey for drawing underwhelming turnouts at home games. I am in complete agreement with you that these are problems that must be addressed but unlike you I acknowledge that both are problems faced by D-1 hockey programs in general. When you try to frame it as more of a BU problem then you lose all your credibility … because the evidence indicates otherwise. Need I remind you who your favorite Hockey East goalie is playing for now?

  46. Well on the topic of “calling out”, I now have to step out of character and call out a former BU Terrier for one particular thing he said … not calling him out for his play on the ice at BU or anything he did while at BU. Last summer Brady Tkachuk, during the weeks leading up to his decision about whether to play for Ottawa or to come back and play his sophomore season at BU, said that his decision will be based on where he will have the greatest impact. Well, he had an amazing year for Ottawa and made many of us here at BU look silly (myself included, when we said he was not ready). But he played for the Ottawa Senators in a year when EVERYONE knew they would be dreadful and they didn’t even have their own first round draft pick. The place where he could have had the most possible impact was at BU and the place where he could have had the least possible impact was Ottawa.

  47. Glenn,
    We continue to agree to disagree. I state the following facts not opinion. The last four years, with exception of one Hockey East tournament championship the hockey program has won Zero Beanpots, zero Frozen Four appearances and despite having 12 NHL draft picks had a record of 16-18-4. this past year.(25th in the pairwise) They accomplished less with more. In fact in each of the past four years the record has regressed. No embarrassment or shame for this regression only rationalization and excuse making. A bunch of sour grapes from the everything is awesome club.
    Compounding the preceding is the fine example set by two assistant captains and one captain , all with eligibility, who left the program as soon as possible. Setting a poor example for the two key returning players who also decided to leave despite the fact that neither is expected to play in the NHL next year.
    A poor reflection on the coach and coaching staff that already has a less than stellar reputation on social media. The staff could not even convince a quality transfer goal tender to come despite having one of his former coaches currently on the B.U staff.
    You are misrepresenting the issue with attendance. I had a very productive conversation with my contact at the premium club. He actually agreed with my assessment of a below average team and a poor product on the ice. He reassured I was not the only one to express my dissatisfaction. In fact one fan wrote a letter. I was told that they valued my imput and would discuss a resolution in the near future.
    Customer friendly, professional and respectful!

  48. Colin,
    Did you read the media,com report on the B.U Hockey season? A huge weakness was team defense. Especially shots allowed , the 7th most and a Corsi rating of 52 (Out of 60 teams) More proof of the selfishness of the players who only card about themselves. Nothing to due with youth or talent (12 NHL draft picks) It doesn’t make them bad people or poor students just a culture that permeates the team.
    Where was the all star coaching staff that did not demand better team defense? Why was this the acceptable on any level?

  49. Larry, I am in no way misrepresenting the issue with attendance. I am presenting you with the fact that falling attendance is an issue in college hockey (and basketball too I hear … even though I don’t follow that sport) due to changing demographics and college kids being consumed by their electronic entertainment. UMass might be one of the exceptions, as they are a new hockey power and are a rural campus. This trend is indisputable and can easily be confirmed by a simple glance at the empty seats in D-1 arenas. You are the one who is misrepresenting the attendance issue by saying that it’s a BU thing and not admitting it’s part of a national trend.

    Having said that, I am glad that you’ve found that the Agganis staff is customer-friendly, professional and respectful. I will also acknowledge that we can put a much better product on the ice. Even if it doesn’t significantly improve attendance, it will make it more enjoyable for people who do buy tickets … and follow the team from afar.

  50. Glenn,
    Certainly changing demographics is a factor in the attendance but it ia minor one. The Arena was sold out against the beagles and both student sections were full to capacity. Obviously I do not expect a sellout every game. However the drop-off in attendance is ridiculous.
    I do believe a better product would draw more alumni and casual fans. If you have no true allegiance to a school. ,Would you rather watch two NCAA tournament bound teams in very close proximity or a below average team?
    Any comment that B.U teams defense was the 7th worse in college hockey and had a Corsi ranking of 52.(out of 60) Unlike offense, team defense can be taught. A team with 12 NHL draft picks could not or would concentrate on defense. Where is the accountability?
    Why was the coaching staff not correcting this obvious major problem?
    An extremely tough season for Albie has continued in the off season as three possible building blocks with experience will not be attending B.U. The remainder of the returning roster unfortunately are just a bunch of jags. (just another guy with no standouts) (This is not disparage them as people or student athletes ) So once again any type of success will be dependent on blue chip freshman.(assuming they show up) The biggest concern is in the nets with no experience or veteran presence.

  51. Larry, the changing demographics is a HUGE factor in the attendance equation. How could you possibly think that when international students become a significant part of our student population, many of whom come from countries where “hockey” and the concept of “school spirit via athletics”, are nonexistent, that this demographic trend would only play a minor role in our attendance problem?

    Well, to answer your question, if I had no allegiance to a school, I would never go to a game to begin with … whether that school’s record was 20-0 or 0-20.

    I agree with your concerns about our defense and goaltending. Vinnie Purpura is definitely a wildcard as we get to October. I can only hope that Crotty and Kotsansalo can anchor the blueline and get ample assistance from incoming frosh like Fensore and Vlasic. The defensive play this past season, with a few notable exceptions, was extremely disappointing.