Notable Quotes from Coach O’Connell’s mid-week press conference

BU head coach Albie O’Connell spoke to the press today on a Hockey East championship weekend conference call. Here are the best bits from the coach’s comments, categorized by topic.


On the season:

“We came basically from a lot of really good individuals into becoming a team.”

“[The season turned around] when we went down to UConn.”

“We had a meeting after [the UConn game]”.

“If we play on the right side of the puck, it gives us a lot better chance to win.”

“It was all team stuff.” (What the team needed to fix)

“From [the UConn series] on, we played a little bit tighter, a little bit better in the neutral zone, a little bit more commitment to playing on the right side of the puck, which has obviously let to better results.”

“I like our teams chances when we play the right way.”

“It took us a long time as a team to learn how to win and play the right way.”


On the future of the program:

“It’s important…that we get guys who are going to be here for four years.”

“It’s nice to get Farabee, and Jack Eichel, and Clayton Keller, but those guys don’t stay long so it’s important that we get guys who are going to be here for four years so when you get in the battles at this time of year, you’ve got guys who have gone through it.”

“Moving forward, if you look at some of the guys we do have coming in, we’ve got some young, really good young players coming in, but we’ve also mixed it in there with some guys we know will be around a little longer.”


On Northeastern:

“We’re excited to play, no matter who we’re going to play.”

“They’ve got a lot of veteran guys.”

“They’ve got one of the best goalies in the country.” (referring to Cayden Primeau)

“We’re going to have our hands full playing them.”

“We won and tied one at the start of the year…so this will kind of be the rubber match.”

“[Northeastern] always bring a really good crowd.”

“We’re both used to playing at the Garden.”

“[We] know that it’s probably going to be a pretty close game.”


On Hockey East Championship Weekend:

“We really look forward to this upcoming weekend.”

“We haven’t had great success at the neutral sites this year.”

“We’re worried about winning one game and moving on.”

“It’s an event, and it’s a good accomplishment – it’s not a great accomplishment yet, but it’s a good accomplishment to get there.”

“I’m hoping that the BU faithful will come out.”


13 thoughts on “Notable Quotes from Coach O’Connell’s mid-week press conference”

  1. I know it’s only excerpts but I like what coach has said. For whatever reason the team was not meeting expectations. I have my ideas why Frozen and his crew had his reasons why. The beautiful thing about winning is no one cares why something was broken if its now fixed. Coach referenced the u conn series we saw the team play better from that point. We also saw coach let the team know he expects the team to follow team rules. I also like what coach has said about recruiting as myself and others on this blog have said it’s important to have some veteran leadership we need some 4 year guys. I also agree with coach regarding how good a team Northeastern is. They play a sound game with little holes in it. I think BU will come out with everything they have. I have stated in several threads that you should never put down a opponent. It may be my competitive spirit but I would make it a point early to put Madden on his back side then I would tell him row your ass back to Huntington Ave. or go make some snow Angels now. The first shot should be high on primo when we crash the net let him know we heard the post game interview and what he said about us maybe offer him some sun screen. We did not start this little fiasco but we need to make them own there remarks. When Farabee made his comments about I would hate to be the team playing us he never said we will dominate Northeastern that’s where we take the higher ground I’m sure every guy in our locker room knows they are a good team but so are we and we won’t let them bully us we will take the fight to them. If we win every shift every period every puck battle then we win the game. I like our chances as always very proud of this group. Let’s be AWESOME 🐾

  2. Colin,
    The best interview that Albie had all year. He understands that he has to have a mixture of older and younger recruits. Most importantly the name on the front of the uniform must be more important than the name on the back. It is unfortunate that so many players realized the importance of being a good teammate so late in the season. That being said, rather late than never.

  3. I agree on the recruiting thing and the idea that the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back of the sweater. I have heard Kurt Russell say it millions of times on miracle where we disagree and have disagreed basically all season is I think the kids do play for the name on the front of the sweater but it was for a variety of other reasons the team struggled at times many of which I have spoken about many times. I will say it till I’m blue in the face I know these kids and I’m positive they care more then one can imagine about each other and the hockey program as a whole. Now on to Saturday I have not heard any confirmation just hearsay on Farabee. If he’s a no go or limited we will need to make adjustments on the fly. I’m thrilled with coach right now he and his staff have done a great job all year and have this team ready to strike if our best player is dinged up they will need to act quick. Go bu🐾

  4. I’m sorry I meant to say best offensive player in Farabee due to his points I think we have many good players. My mvp for the season as a whole would be Fabbro this second team all star is a great accomplishment but sad all in the same sentence Davies can’t hold Fabbro jock strap. 🐾

  5. Davies and Fabbro are both excellent Dmen. for you to make such a disparaging remark about Davies just reeks of homerism. typical rose colored glasses statement by Coolaid Colin which is why the majority of your observations do not reflect reality. of course, I would take Makar over either of these two because he is a better all around dman.

    and i like Fabbro. solid captain. wished he was back

  6. Vinnie you bet it’s rose colored glasses he’s on my team and Northeastern does a lot of talking you can take who ever you want but I like Fabro plain and simple. I have been a BU fan since I was a little kid if your on this blog you should know that. Your entitled to your opinion but you like a huskie and a minuteman you sure you don’t want to throw in a eagle too and have all your bases covered. I’m rooting for my terriers.Go bu🐾

  7. It had nothing to do with rooting. I hope a BU guy wins the hobey every year. but i repesct my opponent. I am not so blind as to prevent me from recognizing someone else’s skill level. That is pure ignorance if you can not see that.

    There is a reason why makar is one of 3 hobey finalists and Fabbro is not. But all the hockey rwriters are wrong Collin and you are right. What do they know about hockey? Only you know. Fool

  8. Ok Vinnie first and foremost I see your trying to bring it up a level and that’s fine. I never put down my opponents both Makar and Davies are excellent hockey players I never said differently. As to Makar I lost a lot of respect for him when he turned his country down twice. Not Fabbro played and led his country every opportunity he had and he played a ton of minutes for us this year Makar told his coach he was getting to much ice time. As to Davies he runs his mouth to much as does just about everyone on that team. I don’t like the way he or most of that team carry themselves that aside as good a player as he is he’s no Fabbro. If my opinion makes me a fool if I’m looking through my rose colored glasses so be it. I honestly thought Fabbro should not only be a top ten finalist but top three finalist. When comparing Davies to Fabbro I don’t even think it’s close. 🐾

  9. Look for Curry my runner up for team MVP to have a huge game this afternoon. He plays big in big games. If a goal needs to be scored late he and Amonte will most likely get it done ✅ 🐾🚨

  10. Vinnie ,
    I think Cal Maker is the best player in college hockey. Literally took the worst program in college hockey and in two short years made them one of the best. I admire the fact that his main focus was on UMass and he turned down his opportunity to play for his country. It seems he certainly is a team player who desperately wants to win. Wish B.U. had players that were as dedicated to their school and as talented as him. Did B.U. even attempt to recruit him?

  11. Frozen I’m glad this week has allowed us to agree on many things. There is still a big difference on certain things. The first difference is you constantly challenge the kids commitment. Obviously we disagree on that. I don’t want my words to be misinterpreted Makar is a great hockey player but when your country calls you go. And when your coach and team needs you to do something you do it not tell him I’m tired I’m sure Fabbro was dog tired a lot this year yet he never asked for a break or some time off. I just wanted to express my point of view on this topic in no way am I saying Makar is not a good player in fact he’s a great player. One of the issues I take umbrage with on this blog is when there are differing views folks change what you say and interpret it in the way they think helps there argument. I think it’s ok to disagree on issues and have healthy debate however it being a bu hockey blog I would hope most of the comments would be positive to bu hockey.

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