Terriers suffer worst defeat since 2013 in finale against UMaine

With playoff home-ice up for grabs in the last game of the regular season, the Boston University men’s hockey team fell flat at the University of Maine on Saturday night, falling 6-0 in their most lopsided loss since 2013.

“Give Maine credit, they played a really good game,” said BU head coach Albie O’Connell.

The Terriers (14-16-4, 12-9-3 Hockey East) were in search of a crucial victory to secure home ice for next weekend’s Hockey East quarterfinal series with UMass Lowell. Meanwhile, Maine (15-15-4, 11-9-4 Hockey East) had little to gain from the contest, as their sixth seeding and matchup with Northeastern had already been confirmed.

However, as the Terriers would quickly learn, the Black Bears would not be an easy out on their Senior Night, and their final game of the season at Orono’s Alfond Arena.

“It’s the seniors’ last game in the building,” acknowledged O’Connell.

The Terriers conceded the opening goal to the Black Bears in the teams’ two meetings earlier this season, and this game was no different. The third time around, it was the Black Bears who struck first again, scoring less than two minutes into the contest.

Taking control from fellow defenseman Sam Becker near his own net, Brady Keeper lofted the puck forward into the BU end. Forward Brendan Robbins won the footrace to the bouncing puck and unleashed a laser to the far side to beat BU junior goalkeeper Jake Oettinger.

“They came out hot,” Coach O’Connell said.

The Black Bear lead would become two before the eight-minute mark in the period. After a hard hit by forward Mitchell Fossier on the forecheck jarred the puck loose from BU junior defenseman Dante Fabbro, forward Chase Pearson was right there to take advantage.

Alone in front, Pearson shoveled a backhand past Oettinger, collecting his team-leading 16th tally of the season and doubling the UMaine lead.

“[Maine] didn’t do anything fancy, they just outworked us,” said O’Connell.

To their credit, the Terriers would not hang their heads following the two early goals. BU gained the benefit of two power plays, and did everything but push one over the line on multiple scrums in front against senior netminder Rob McGovern, who was making just his third appearance of the season.

By the end of the opening frame, BU would lead in shots on goal 13-8, but trail on the scoreboard, 2-0.

According to Coach O’Connell, “if [BU] get a couple of goals in the first, it’s a different game.”

The glimmer of hope for BU following the first would quickly be diminished, as the Black Bears came out of the break with the same energy and, ultimately, output that they opened the game with.

It was Robbins again who lit the lamp for UMaine in the early stages of the period, streaking in and knocking home his second goal of the game just 2:28 into the frame. The play was set up by Becker and forward Jacob Schmidt-Svejstrup, feeding Robbins for UMaine’s third goal.

“It [was] a back-breaker,” O’Connell said in reference to the second Robbins tally.

Nearing the halfway point of the period, Maine would extend the lead to four. The goal would come on Schmidt-Svejstrup’s second assist of the frame, sending the puck ahead after an initial pass from Robbins, whose secondary assist made it a three-point night for the senior.

On the receiving end of Schmidt-Svejstrup’s leading pass was forward Tim Doherty, who snuck one by Oettinger to give UMaine their fourth goal of the opening thirty minutes. Doherty’s tally marked the end of Oettinger’s night, as freshman keeper Vinnie Purpura came on in relief.

“Jake has played terrific for us,” reaffirmed Coach O’Connell, who voiced his confidence in the junior goaltender going into the playoffs.

Worn down by the relentless Black Bear attack, BU stumbled their way through the second half of the period, taking a 4-0 deficit into the second intermission.

Things went from bad to worse for BU as the third period progressed. On an inspired individual effort, Brady Keeper took in a pass from Mitchell Fossier and weaved his way through the Terrier defense, snagged his own rebound, and tucked it in from behind the net at 7:22.

“They had a high level of urgency,” O’Connell said.

The Keeper goal would bring the score line to 5-0, equaling BU’s worst deficit of the season, which came in a defeat against Providence at Agganis Arena back in October. Six minutes after the fifth tally, however, a sixth Black Bear goal would come.

It was Keeper and Fossier who linked up for the second time in the period to produce the final Black Bear tally. Taking in the puck from Pearson, Keeper fluttered one goal-bound. Screening Purpura, Fossier was there to tip the puck into the net, and bring the total to six.

In O’Connell’s words, “[Maine] stuck to their game plan.”

The teams would skate out the final minutes to finish 6-0, ending a game that had been decided well before the final horn sounded.

It was the worst loss suffered by the Terriers since November 15, 2013, which saw BU by a score of 7-0, coincidentally in a visit to Maine as well.

“That’s hockey,” remarked Coach O’Connell.

While the ugly loss was not what the Terriers had in mind to end their regular season, BU will have to rebound quickly as they open the first round of the playoffs at UMass Lowell on Friday, March 15.

53 thoughts on “Terriers suffer worst defeat since 2013 in finale against UMaine

  1. We saw who wanted that game more tonight. On a night when home ice was at stake, BU laid an egg. I love how Albie said that if BU scored a couple of goals in the 1st, then it’s a different game. Why don’t they try scoring first for once instead of continually playing from behind? I’m afraid that UML will dominate them easily. So much promise to this season but so little has come to bear. At least BC sucks. How long before we have to hear that weak response? TK out!!!

    • I’m with you TK. You do have to worry about Lowell if that’s what you get out of a high-stakes game with Maine…

  2. So let me see if I got this right:

    BU, with its now scintillating 14-16-4 record, had EVERYTHING to play for, as the best goalie in the country let in 4 goals on 8 shots.

    Maine had NOTHING to play for. In fact they played their second string goalie.

    Add in that the chicks with sticks got pulverized 5-1 by BC, and it was an all around great day for BU hockey

    Ok, so let’s hear the excuse-makers and apologists rationalize this one

    • Not sure the last time BU hockey lost by a collective 11-1 score in one day, haha. Even with the backup goalie, Maine had everything going for them on Saturday night, it was just a snowball effect that kept getting worse and worse for the Terriers.

  3. Tk I guess the weak response your looking for must be from me or Roy as we are the positive fans who root for bu hockey. I first want to apologize when bu wins I try and read the great articles and post right away I guess for you and the rest of the frozen out bu haters you take joy in a bu loss. I have no issue whatsoever with what coach said bu came out hard if they scored when it was 2-0 I totally think it would have been a different game. When we chase games for whatever reason I blame youth but it could be a whole host of different things we get away from our strengths. One of which is our Defense. You see our defense is our team it actually sets our offense so when they start running around add that to forwards not in position those are the results you get. It’s that simple to explain yet it’s very difficult to correct. I think coach has done a good job with this young team installing in them the importance to play a certain way but we are not talking about 28 year old nhl seasoned veterans here these are 19 year old kids it’s hard for them to concept the notion of sticking with the game plan when it’s not working and when they vear off the game plan it goes from bad to worse. Bu will rebound ice freezes at the same temperature in Lowell as it does in Boston. I’m sure our guys tie there skates the same way up there as in Boston. I choose to look at positives and now I get a chance to eat cookies and cream dipin dots things are already looking up go bu🐾

    • The defense has left Oettinger out to dry at times this year, but I do agree that when they’re at their best, they are a huge strength for this team. They’re going to need the D to step up in Lowell after the 6-0 thumping in Maine, that’s for sure!

  4. Curious where you guys were during our 5 game win streak. You pick and choose when you write depending on bu results. I will post win or loose I support bu no matter what the result. I’m so disappointed that as the bu run free press blog Which does a great job covering this team we have so many haters on this blog commenting. I don’t know what bu fate will be but if they win like they did last year won’t you feel foolish. The same negative posts this year were the same last year at this point. We won then everyone was onboard and other then your leader frozen out happy fans. A true fan sticks with there team through thick and thin. If bu succumbs to Lowell I know you will all be thrilled but that’s sad because if and when they win your celebration will be hollow. I like our chances as we have the best goalie in the country and you never know what will happen but at the end of the day I rise and fall with my team I have a shot to win. You only win when we loose that’s sad and pathetic. 🐾

    • I appreciate your unconditional support of the team Colin, I always do. That said, acknowledging that the team has some flaws doesn’t mean that you’re not a true fan…

  5. Colin, I’m not a hater but a realist. When coach makes a statement like, if we scored first 2 goals, it’s a classic case of excuse making. If it was sunny today, I’d be in the pool but it’s not sunny so I’ll shovel. Jake, who recently played well vs weaker opponents, struggled tonight. Not to poke a hole in you best in country theory but top goalies win,or at least give their teams a chance to winthe big games. I hope they beat UML but it would be a big upset. I’ll be happy to eat my words if they win. A blind loyalist I am not. The snow must be melting fast on Comm Ave with all of that sunshine today. TK OUT!!

  6. right on TK. colin must have been raised in the culture where everyone gets a trophy, win or lose. a culture is which johnny is always right, even if johnny uses a blow torch to light a cigarette next to a gasoline tank. atta boy, Johnny

    i have come on this site many times and praised the team when they do well and when they don’t, i criticize. that does not make me a hater, but i could give two hoots if Colin and the rest of his suck-ups understand that.

    i have no problem that they lost. i get that. tough place to play. blah, blah. but they did not compete. that is a character issue; how do you respond when the pressure is on and you are in a hostile environment. last night, this current version made a clear cut statement: we just want to get back on the bus and go home

    and stop with the 19 year old kids BS excuses. you recruited them so either coach them up or change your recruiting philosophy. you can’t have it both ways, Johnny… i mean Colin. i don’t see Colin applying his “the ice freezes the same way” for the Maine game

    so we will see what happens against Lowell. if they go out with a whimper, that tells you they have quit on the coach. if they go down with a fight, then perhaps we can look forward to some promise next year. all i know is that Albie and his staff have some real soul-searching to do to turn this mess around. 14-16-4 and NO trophies…… yet. Ha!

    and what really burns me is that BC sucks and we could not beat them once

  7. No soul searching here and coach and his staff don’t have soul searching to do either. A lot of factors go into a season and playoffs are another season. As for me always getting a trophy I was not always the best at every sport but I competed and challenged myself . I got the most of my talent in my sports. Bu hockey will be fine you folks might be able to get a rise out of me but the program could care less about a group of program haters . Bu hockey is a program many schools try to be like. Just because you knock us does not make it true bu hockey will always be the premiere college hockey program year in and year out take some time to let that soak in haters.🐾

  8. 14-16-4. Wow that’s really premier. Oh I forgot 4th place in the beanpot

    I saw only 3 people Consistently elevate their game this year. Amante, curry, and Crotty. The rest regressed including Fabbro from a defensive standpoint

    And, btw, the program could care less about Pollyannas

    • Just Amonte, Curry, and Crotty, huh? How about Carpenter? Farabee? And let’s not forget Purpura, he looks like a nice addition.

  9. Vinnie if you can’t see how good Fabbro is have someone fill out a application to Perkins school for the blind for you . Best defenseman in a long time for bu🐾 you are correct about curry Amonte and Crotty all have had good years but there are plenty of others who have had good years. No one on this team has quit things don’t always go in your teams favor that’s sports.

  10. Vinnie, I had forgotten about the ” ice freezes the same way” comment. Good recall! Colin, just because someone points out another’s flaws, it doesn’t mean they are haters. They are just being realistic. Fabbro and Oettinger are good college players. They are not, as you would have us believe, the best ever at their positions. They do have bad games at inopportune times. We all would love to see BU repeat last year’s performance but exactly what have we seen this season to think a repeat is in order? I’d like to hear Brady’s thoughts. TK OUT!

    • Sure, they’re not the best ever at their position, that’s unrealistic to expect. But are they the best BU have? Yes. So anyone can complain that they’re not as good as other Terriers have been over the years, but at the end of the day, these are the guys that the team is relying on, and I think they know that. I expect that as the true leaders on the team, Fabbro, Oettinger, and Carpenter will be ready to go on Friday. Hopefully the rest of the team will be able to get up for it with them.

  11. Fans haters go back and check the blog at the end of February last year as the season ended see the comments Vinnie tk and son of charchili lambasting anyone associated with bu and of course me and Roy. I have a good memory of bu hockey and I remember how that turned out. Don’t count this team out

  12. It is what it is one of the worse games since 2013 with home ice on the line our boys had a rough night to say the least.. Our d core had a brutal night and Jake was off but didnt get much help either when your top forwards just wave their sticks at opposing guys which lead to goals 15,28, and others not enough effort on back checking especially/ from those 2 but overall in general… That said this is the March up we wanted so lets see this weekend… I think they should come ready to play its the playoffs if this don’t get u motivated u have issues… Everyone is at 0 and 0 so its a new season let’s make it count..ps vinnie and tk I’m still here … Go BU .. Colin when we win this series 2-1 wonder what they will say .. Go BU

  13. Vinnie if u recall all season I have clearly said this team is up and down def not what we thought we had before the season have they underachieved absolutely no one denies that but I have always said get into playoffs and anything can happen … So we win this weeknd great which I think they do if they don’t this year was a struggle … Some people point out 4 first round picks let’s not forget these 4 are not close to the other ones from last years ,tkchuck, Keller , etc .. Its a new season beginning Friday hopefully they come out and play inspired hockey it’s the playoffs that alone is enough… Go BU

  14. i agree with you, Rui. it is a new season and players should be up for the playoffs. i think it is reasonable to expect “inspired” play.

  15. RE, glad to hear from you and ALL others. Having opinions from both sides is healthy. Time will give us the answers we seek. Hopefully, BU wins. Contrary to Colin’s thinking, most of us want BU to win. Some of us get more disappointed when they lose. Some get very discouraged when they don’t even show up. This season has been an under achievement so far but there are still games to be played. TK out!

    • I couldn’t agree more with that first part. Great to hear from so many voices! Let’s keep this conversation going!!!

  16. Folks I know most of you even the truest of haters frozen out probably do root for bu when they are 24 and 2 but today’s college hockey has a lot of parity bu can beat anybody and anybody can beat bu. If your loyalty only counts if we are head and shoulders above everyone else then your going to be waiting a while. The landscape of college hockey has changed. Bu is still a program that competes nationally every year just look at what we did last year. I like our chances I think we can compete against anybody it’s concerning that so many can’t support this group. This is our team get out there and root for them win or loose the alarm clock will still go off Monday morning life goes on but it’s nice to have a passion for me it’s bu hockey I would never go on here bad mouthing anybody associated with this program it benefits no one I can’t understand why anybody who roots for bu would.

  17. Action always speak louder than words ! In the most important game of the year where B.U. was playing for home ice they suffered the worst defeat of the season. This results speaks volumes . What makes it even worse was that it was essentially a meaningless game for Maine. They even started a back up goalie who made his first start of the year.
    The final record was 14-16 -4, 27th, in the pairwise! As the giddy Maine announcer pointed out , in the middle of the third period, B.U. has 12 NHL draft picks, 11 in uniform tonight and they trail 6-0.
    Clearly the most disappointing, over rated , under achieving and frustrating team in college hockey.
    A far cry from the preseason expectations when both national and local media predicted a top four visit in Hockey East and a top ten team in the nation.
    This was as an average at best Maine team that simply had more will , determination and pride in their pinky finger than B.U,. had in their entire body.
    Mired in mediocrity, Albie was unable to motivate this
    team . Clearly their focus , competitiveness and engagement was missing on too many nights. No senior or junior leadership to turn around the attitudes and think team instead of individual accomplishments.
    The ice might be the same temperature at UMass Lowell but iI fear it will be slanted in the B.U. zone for most of the evening.
    The program is clearly in a free fall with problems on and off the ice.

  18. Frozen out your wrong on your first point wrong on your second point and let me summarize your other thoughts wrong wrong wrong wrong. And could not be more wrong about your free fall comment. The kids could not work harder on the ice and off. They represent the school with class.You relish there record because that gives you strength to attack the program you hate. This is not the most talented bu team and maybe they did not meet expectations set by some fans and maybe the season ends early I don’t think so but maybe as I said in my previous comment why would you be so happy why would your followers be so happy a true fan sticks with his team through thick and thin. By the way you said the same thing last year and again we know how that turned out. One difference is we don’t have our nationally renowned coach this year but the guy we have is pretty good. As always go bu if things don’t work out I wish you good luck with whatever team you decide to support but remember contrary to what you think bu will always be a nationally competitive team.

  19. ok, Colin, let me me know when they become a “nationally competitive team” because this year they seemed to take a sabbatical.

    brace yourself for the mass exodus of players. this losing season certainly does not entice a player to return.

    if BU wins the HE tournament and makes it to the NCAAS, i will make $1,000 contribution to the Friends in Colin’s name

  20. Colin,
    Apparently, you cannot handle the truth or reality. It is a result oriented business and my preceding comments were 100% accurate.
    Furthermore this is one of the worst B.U.. Hockey teams in the history of the program. Last in the Bean Pot and losing streaks of four and six games during the seasons are only some of the low lights.
    These kids as you referred to them have embarrassed themselves and the program by simply quitting in too many games this season. They are lazy and go thru the motions , refusing to block shots and clear out forwards in front of their goaltender. Too many games they refused to cycle the puck on offense, shoot the puck and dive in the dirty areas in front of the net.
    A bunch of dimes who think they are dollars. As much as I personally like Albie, he has filed miserably as a coach this year.
    Last year has no effect on this year, clearly a different team with different players.
    The nationally renowned coach you refer to, ruined the program . His recruiting strategy failed His lack of integrity and dishonesty will haunt the hockey program for years.
    Perhaps you should contact Agganis arena and ask them about premium seats, suites and season tickets sales. Did you notice the poor attendance at most games?
    Then I suggest you educate your self about the fund raising as the numbers for hockey are way off. So yes the program is in free fall with a clueless, inept AD who is part of the problem and not the solution.

  21. frozen out,
    i don’t know some of the behind the scenes stuff you seem to be aware of, but i get the sense by the shabby way they have played this year, that something aint right. i like Albie too; i think everyone on this blogs hopes this abysmal season is just an aberration.
    I worry about the inept AD. Not sure he has the balls to look in the mirror, but he should be working feverishly with Albie to turn this around ASAP. because a small stumble can turn into a free fall in not time.

  22. I don’t know the AD very well but I like him obviously I’m a hockey guy and that is the sport closest to my heart. I did go to a basketball game and I must say I really enjoyed it I’m sure I will go to some more next year but what surprised me the most about the AD is how much he knows about all his teams not just hockey but all of them . He probably knows every kid on every team. He knows all the league rules he cares deeply about all his sports programs. If your son or daughter play basketball or field hockey you would be thrilled that the AD cares just as much about there sport as the hockey program. I will also say this every time I see the AD he always stops says hello and checks in with you as I said I don’t know him all that well but I’m very impressed by him and his work. You don’t like him for personal reasons again politics cloud your vision of BU hockey for whatever reason your love for BU hockey has left you. I don’t look at fundraising levels myself and my wife donate what we can and I did not like the closing of the friends room last year but coach Quinn gave his reasons and I respected it. This year it was opened back up and I’m sure the AD approved it and there were games when coach faced the music. I’m not going to be negative this team is still playing but what are you expecting do you really think the kids don’t care that they just give up that’s not true and deep down you know that. 🐾

  23. Colin,
    You are certainly entitled to your thoughts. However My family has been involved with the Hockey program since the mid sixties. I am all too familiar with the politics within the athletic department. One of my mentors Jack Kelly, told me many years ago before he defeated an opponent , he had to defeat B.U.. What he meant was he needed an outside independent alumni group to support him and the Hockey program with all off ice issues. The FOH did that for over five decades until it was dismantled by a jealous A.D.and deceitful, arrogant and ignorant former coach who was less than transparent during his tenure. Sorry that you believed any of his made up nonsense for closing the FOH room.
    The current AD worked under the former AD and everything was fine in his mind until his alleged good friend, dollar Dave betrayed him and abruptly left, leaving the A.D and his well being in the university in jeopardy. Trying to undo some of the ill will that was created he decided to open the FOH room with the blessing of Albie. What the A.D does not realize is the millions of legacy dollars were lost to the hockey program when he dismantled the FOH.
    I know this as fact because I personally know some of the people involved.
    I apologize for not sending my condolences earlier to one of the great heroes of B.U. Hockey. Brian Durocher ‘s dad recently passed away. Brian was a one of the captains of the 1978 NCAA Championship team, an associate Head Coach under Jack Parker and currently Head Hockey Coach of the woman’s team. A team he built form the ground up.

  24. Frozen out I get it coach Quinn closed the friends room and ran you out. Good reason to be scorned I guess. But the kids had nothing to do with it. The AD as you pointed out was employed so if you don’t like him so be it. The room is open now and it’s great if you choose to be bitter then be bitter but again this is the bu hockey blog support the program. If you come on the bu blog you should be supportive this is a student run forum about student athletes. We all know bu record why some just have to bury these young men in slander when you have no clue as to how hard they work is disgraceful. I know most of these kids and I have seen the work they put in. I know how hard they study I also know they bring great respect to the university for folks to trash them makes me so upset I root just as hard for this team today as when they played game one. These kids care just because the season has not gone the way you want it does not mean they don’t care. And the coaches and people associated with the athletic program cares. But let’s be honest bu has been in almost all the games they played this year. They can beat anybody im going to remain positive show up in Lowell and root for my team

  25. Frozen clearly your off ice issues makes u feel a certain way towards BU Hockey but like Colin said its a Hockey blog we should keep it to that and as for opinions everyone has their own but to constantly bash and bash everyone every time a loss happens is just ridiculous we ALL know this season hasn’t been what most of us projected but still games to be played and it’s the playoffs and of the day it’s making it tjr playoffs and see what happens and it starts this weekend and I will be there like I have every game to support amd if things don’t turn out like we want it will be time to try and fix what went wrong this off season so next year don’t happen again.. U say 1 thing every time that I can’t help but laugh u say Quinn left this program in worst shape not for nothing we were 1 game away from frozen 4 few years in a row so because I hate the guy so say he left this a mess is hilarious again Hockey issues not foh or ad … Your buddy Parker for who I have lot of respect for left this a mess his final year ifbu recall had no talent no nothing so Quinn turned this around and u say he left it a mess… U just see the hate with him which is fine.. Bottom line let’s see what the weekend brings its playoff Hockey that shouldbe enough motivation.. Go Bu

  26. And Larry, BTW, if you need any further convincing that the crappy BU Hockey attendance numbers is part of a nationwide trend … look no further than the problems Minnesota is having and other western schools … as is described in a recent USCHO article. To say that the problem with BU Hockey attendance is mainly attributable to the Terriers having a losing record is profoundly wrong … case closed. Also, I am happy the FOH room has been reopened. If David Quinn did in fact have something to do with it closing last season that is certainly a blemish on his record.

  27. i agree with you glenn about attendance being down in college hawkey, but i do think if this team was ranked in the top ten, attendance would be up. it is common in sports: win and they come; lose and they stay home. any time a Boston team has been down, it is easy to get a ticket and scalpers take a beating. flip the scenario and tix go for way above face value. so i think both reasons for the drop in attendance, yours and FO, are valid

    i do think, despite it being spring break, that BU lost some timely revenue by getting trounced by maine and not having home ice for 2/3 games

  28. Fair point Vinnie. I wonder if anyone has ever run any stats to see what statistical correlation there may and may not be among the sixty division one teams … regarding home attendance and winning percentage (looking at both percentage capacity and total people in the arena).

  29. As I watch many games o TV outside of BU hockey there are many empty seats for sure. College Hockey has lost its edge for sure. Many reasons for this. One, students more interested in social media than sports; two, game does not allow rough play as in the past which hurts the quality of play; three, large demographic change in student population from White to minority who don’t, as a rule follow college hockey;four, lack of quality TV schedule as in the past hurts the promotion of the game; and as to BU a lack of radio, TV almost at all and demographic change more than most schools really hurts.

  30. Colin, Rui, Glenn,
    I would like to clear up a few points . I am not bitter . I did not like the the direction of the hockey program and decided, like many others not to donate or join the FOH that is run by the athletic office. I was never thrown out or told to leave, in fact quite the contrary.
    Apparently you are not allowed to tell the truth in this blog about a 14-16-4 team that finished last in the bean pot and is 27th in the pairwise. I have four premium seats and my own adult children did
    want to waste their valuable time to see such poor product on the ice. Why watch a team that plays so poorly and as the coach said numerous times during the season that the compete level and energy was not there tonight. It is not slander if you are honest and believe that on this team the name on the back of the uniform is more important than the name on the front.
    I do not believe that they practice hard or long enough as they are extremely undisciplined at both ends of the ice , at times tune out mentally and turnover the puck that create odd man rushes at an alarming rate. These issues should have already been addressed and corrected at the beginning of the year. Clearly a bunch of crybabies and prima donnas who when the going get tough stop going.

  31. i agree with this assessment: “Apparently you are not allowed to tell the truth in this blog about a 14-16-4 team that finished last in the bean pot and is 27th in the pairwise.”

    what else do you need to know? the numbers are plain and simple. when i point out that statistically Ottenger is ranked #37 out of 50 goalies, i am told i am being negative.

    the number don’t lie,
    but some fans deny

  32. Vinnie.
    Thank you, If this was a UMass or Northeastern blog my comments
    would reflect their fine accomplishments this season. How do you have 12 NHL draft picks and finish below .500? Almost impossible to do.
    No problems at UMass with attendance. Alumni, students and fans will go to games if the team is entertaining and puts on a good show.
    Either you make the Frozen four or you don’t. Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. B.U’s last appearance was the Eichel year which today seems like decades ago.
    I cannot wait till the ever thing is awesome crew’s next excuse or rationalization.

  33. also, check out this stat

    The Providence Friars have second best Corsi in college hockey and have 9 NHL picks (including a first) and Thompson will get drafted in June. so this just proves that yiu can have NHL draft picks and still be successful

  34. Vinnie,
    Excellant points. I consider Nate the best coach in college hockey.
    He built two national contenders from the ground up. Unlike you know who, turned down NHL opportunities to stay at Providence.

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