Oettinger’s effort not enough for Terriers in OT Beanpot loss

Despite a 47-save performance from junior netminder Jake Oettinger, the Boston University men’s hockey team suffered a 2-1 overtime loss to Northeastern University in the semifinal round of the Beanpot at the TD Garden on Monday night.

“It hurts, it’s frustrating,” said BU head coach Albie O’Connell, who saw his Terriers (10-12-3, 8-6-2 in Hockey East) knocked off by the Huskies (15-8-1, 9-6-1 Hockey East) in Beanpot play for the second year in a row.

As they had in six consecutive games prior, BU conceded the game’s first goal, with Northeastern’s opener coming at the 3:14 mark in the first period. On a giveaway in the Terrier end, senior forward Liam Pecararo provided the feed to classmate Patrick Schule, who fired it past Jake Oettinger to put the Huskies on top.

“The first one, [Oettinger] didn’t really have much of a chance on,” said O’Connell after the game.

BU squandered two early opportunities on the frame’s only power plays, but eventually found their equalizer with 21 seconds to play in the period.

On a pass from sophomore forward Shane Bowers, fellow sophomore Cam Crotty launched a wrister towards Northeastern sophomore keeper Cayden Primeau. The puck fell to Joel Farabee alone at the back post where the freshman forward angled the rebound in off Primeau to tally his tenth goal of the season and knot the game at one going into the break.

“I thought Joel was dynamite,” said O’Connell about his standout freshman.

In a scoreless second period, Jake Oettinger came up big with some dazzling saves as pressure poured in from the Huskies. BU gained their best chances towards the end of the frame, but could not capitalize.

It was the Terrier goal scorer Farabee who had both opportunities for the Terriers, getting in alone twice within the period’s final five minutes but being denied by Primeau on both occasions. Ahead of the final twenty minutes, the teams would retreat to the locker rooms still tied 1-1.

“You’d like to bury those chances, but to put yourself in a situation to get two breakaways in a game, obviously shows a high level of intelligence and skill,” said a positive-minded O’Connell about Farabee’s two missed opportunities.

The drama continued into the third period, as the tension mounted the longer the game remained even. Northeastern attempted 34 shots in the final 20 minutes of regulation alone, holding a 48-27 lead in shots on goal after 60 minutes.

“We were dominating them, so we had all the confidence,” said Northeastern’s Primeau regarding the mindset of his Huskies during their offensive onslaught in the Terrier end.

Despite the pressure, Jake Oettinger refused to budge, and both the BU junior and his counterpart Primeau remained strong to keep the game level despite late power plays for both teams in the waning minutes of regulation. The score line would hold after three period of play, and the teams would continue on to overtime.

“I thought both goalies were outstanding,” said Northeastern head coach Jim Madigan.

The additional frame would not last very long, as the Huskies rallied for a game-winner just 51 seconds into overtime. Taking advantage of a mistimed Terrier line change, junior defenseman Jeremy Davies found freshman forward Tyler Madden streaking into the BU end. Oettinger got a piece of Madden’s shot on the breakaway, but the puck would trickle through, bringing an abrupt end to BU’s 2019 Beanpot bid and sending the Huskies into next week’s final.

“[There were] bright lights out there, and I shine in those,” said the confident freshman.

For the Terriers, it was the first semifinal loss in a Beanpot tournament since 2014, in which the Terriers were bounced by Harvard 6-2. The loss to Northeastern was also a repeat of last season’s championship game, which saw the Huskies overcome BU to win their first Beanpot title in three decades.

“I think everyone on our team is disappointed,” said O’Connell about the heartbreaking loss. “Tip the cap to [Northeastern].”

While he may have finished on the losing side of the game, Oettinger’s 47 saves were his most since last year’s Beanpot tournament, in which the Minnesota native also tallied 47 in a victorious semifinal effort against Harvard.

“It was probably one of the best games he’s played in a BU uniform,” said O’Connell of Oettinger. “It’s a good sign for our team if he can play at that level.”

The schedule will get no easier for the Terriers, as they travel to Amherst to visit #2 University of Massachusetts on Friday night before returning to the Garden to face Harvard in the Beanpot’s third place game the following Monday.

25 thoughts on “Oettinger’s effort not enough for Terriers in OT Beanpot loss”

  1. This one stung but I wanted to get on here early before all the BU haters came on here bashing Jake and the team. first and foremost Jake was awesome he was big and square to the puck. nu’sfirst goal for the second straight game came as a direct result of a non call as crotty was hooked from behind officiating needs to be better in hockey east .We also should have been awarded a penalty shot when there guy tied up the puck in there crease. We hit two posts and had two breakaways so the chances were there. With all that said Northeastern carried the play for a the majority of the game. I loved how hard we worked the guys gave it everything they had and I’m proud of them. I hope you think of that before you make statements detrimental to the team and the kids. The turnover at the end was tough but there is no one else I want with the puck then the kid who had the puck as coach said he is a 19 year old kid who made a mistake so please think of that before you post trash on here. Embrace this team they are battling things of late have not gone there way but we still have hockey left and the program is ok so BU will find its way to hockey success and all the haters will try and get back on board. I’m not going anywhere BU hockey is my team through thick and thin again I’m proud of this team they showed a lot of heart.

    • As always, the optimism is appreciated, Colin. A devastating loss, especially in the way it happened, but your analysis does help put a positive spin on the game and the future of the team.

  2. BU could have won the game with a little puck luck. That said one must look at this game and Friday’s and admit we are not a very good college hockey game. U Mass pushed us about and so did Northeastern lat night. We lack quality depth on the roster. Something must be done about our recruiting. It is not good of late. The transition from Quinn may have had something to do with this but I wonder having non BU guys on the staff is a good thing. Young forever is the spot we are always in because most of the players don’t care about BU as a place to be educated. That MUST change. The USHL is not the only place to get players. and going to western Canada should be a place to look. Much tougher players there and we need guys who can man up. I know this is very far afield but does the extreme liberal attitude of the University permeate the athletic teams ? It would seem so as I see very passive players on the ice. Sure there were jams last night but I saw no emotion on the BU bench in keeping with tradition of Parker teams. I have coached many years and can “feel” the attitude of teams. BU does not have the “killer” instinct . As to Jake. Good stay at home goal tending but in the end he gives up the goal he should have stopped. Close only counts in horse shoes. Sorry, Colin. I have seen the “real” BU teams of the past and this team does not parallel them at all.

    • Wow SOCC, really digging deep into the cause of BU’s issues here, but you do bring up interesting points. Certainly hard to disagree with the passive play at times last night, and you have to wonder if the dominance of the Northeastern fan section had anything to do with it… Lastly, you know my opinion regarding yours about Oettinger, so, much like the defense for stretches last night, I don’t think I need to defend him here.

  3. I have to agree with you Caesar. A very disappointing effort in a tourney i thought we could win. No determination as NU carried the play from the get go. The terriers again behind the eight ball with a costly early turnover gift goal. Despite being dominated we could have actually won if not for the early gift Jake was so outstanding. The team is really disorganized last night, bad passes blown coverages, where was our captain and star Fabbro on a BREAKAWAY overtime goal? Terrible. The Terriers rely on great individual efforts for goals ( sometimes yes or no) but cannot sustain a sufficient PP because the needed teamwork and understanding is not there and will never get there if we keep losing players to early departures. Also to be outshot 50-30 in a big tourney like the Beanpot with our talent is ridiculous. I can only say i enjoyed the great individual skills of players like Cockerill, Harper, Farabee but unfortunately with no paydirt for their few terrific solo efforts. We certainly missed Carpenter who is the only one who can bury opportunities consistently for sure.

    • Vito, great points about the teamwork. When you get so much youth in each year, it’s understandable to have a bit of a lack of communication and chemistry early, but it certainly feels like those growing pains should have subsided by now. As you said, the individual talent is clearly there and is often on display, but, as we saw from Northeastern’s offensive onslaught last night, team offensive is always best.

  4. tip of the cap to our goalie. outstanding

    the good thing is that we no longer have to play the role of the Washington Generals in the finals. Instead we get to do that in the consolation game next monday.

    albie might need to start looking in the mirror because the giveaways on D were atrocious and the offensive is stagnant. patrick harper, where have you gone?

    • Vinnie. Not sure the point you’re getting at with the Washington Generals comment… regardless, I do agree that both sides of the puck had their clear shortcomings last night, and, as has been the case all season, Harper just seems like his confidence has it rock bottom.

  5. “Our star Fabbro” was in the same place as the other 9 skaters without the puck chasing after the puck carrier . Vito I don’t think fans understand how much this kid means to this program. He plays a mans game he logs unbelievable minutes he’s produced offensively. I don’t know of a better defenseman 1-1 he has not been beaten this year or last in that respect. As to recruiting only time will tell I think coach has a firm grasp on recruiting he’s the head coach now but I’m sure he keeps up with what’s going on in the hockey world. I know he’s respected among the hockey world as a first class recruiter. I have given him praise many times as to not only finding great talent but the character of the kids he finds is unreal. Coach has made his players available after games for autographs and what not. I encourage everyone to talk to them reading this blog you would think they are ignorant to the program, I can tell you that is so far from the truth every kid on that team gave it there all last night everyone’s hearts were broken last night. Our captains are great leaders our coaching staff is top notch just because our record is not where any one wants it that does not mean we don’t care. Son of ciarchili you may have walked on the ground longer but I’m pretty sure I have spent more time in rinks hockey is my passion and bu hockey is my obsession and I don’t apologize for it. I have seen some great games and have seen great teams. This present team may not have the best record at bu but it is a special team it’s made up of some great kids. I choose to be positive because this is my team I think we can win I think we can beat anybody but at the end of the day I’m here to support them win or loose.🐾

    • Couldn’t agree more about the praise of Fabbro. In terms of O’Connell, I think it’s hard to judge his recruitment until he’s had a few years at the helm to really build the program the way he wants it. Finally, I think we all wouldn’t be here if we weren’t so dedicated to BU hockey, so while we may have different opinions about the state of things or the best direction going forward, we’re all similar in that we’re first and foremost fans of the Terriers.

  6. Good article Brady. Thanks for your time investment here. From my vantage point at the game last night, the goalie was strong, but our game in the defensive third was exposed over and over again – including on allowing the game winning opportunity. The thing to remember is we are all fans, and these are college kids, not professionals. I will continue to root for them, not criticize.

  7. All this is a dead topic if farabee scores on break always so with that said yes huskies carried the play but it went into ot and it’s anyone’s game now the play was to dump it deep and change not go against 4 lose the puck and sets up a breakaway Jake got a piece but not enough … Shit happens … Our record is what it is but for some puck luck it could be different so every game we are in it just 1 or 2 plays from winning qnd losing… Lets get into th3 playoffs like u have always said and what u did all season means nothing… Trust me fabroo is the least of our worries kid is a stud whobi personally think is playing too many minutes… That said on to Friday night at umass … Go BU!!!

  8. So I finally sat down and listened to NU post game press conference i had trouble stomaching it. We lost fair and square and I concede we were outplayed for sections of the game. But I was disappointed in Cayden primo and Tyler Madden I realize they are young kids but “we were dominating never in doubt” “I shine on the big stage it was just a matter of time it was never in doubt” I know everyone is worried about BU I’m worried we won’t play this team again. I think there coach is very good i have always said that I have met and talked with him about hockey and have the utmost respect for him but some of his players don’t have any class. The game was never in doubt we were dominating well I have never seen a game go into overtime where one can say we are dominating. A rule one should adhear to in sports is never put down your opponent it only cheapens your win. I hope our boys get another crack at them I don’t care how good they think they are they can be beat and I would love to see BU beat them. Between last years celebration purposely keeping us on the ice longer and then listening to there press conference I hope they loose to bc I have never rooted for bc in my life and probably won’t next Monday but I think I may smile if Norteastern is bumped down a peg. bc wins and loses with class so they earn my respect. I want another crack at Northeastern in hockey east play. A end to there season would be nice

    • Sure we can beat NU, we have already once this year as well as a tie I attended earlier this year and we would have won that one but for 2 soft goals given up by Prawdzik before Jake replaced him. That’s what infuriated me about last night. we allowed a team with inferior talent to dominate us. This is either on the players or the coach because IMO the intensity was just not there. I disagree with you about Fabbro. He is a fancy skater and very good offensively able to score himself or set up plays but he makes as many mistakes defensively as anyone else on that D corp. Farrance in fact is our only D man who can lug the puck out of our zone consistently which is the most important play a defenseman can make.

  9. Sure we can beat NU, we already did once and tied earlier this year in a game i attended in which we should have won but for 2 soft goals allowed but Prawdzik before Jake replaced him. That’s what infuriated me about last night’s effort. The intensity from the get go was not there. This is either in the players or the coach and it better change or the team will finished at or below .500 this year. Remember Dollar Dave was still the boss when the Terriers turned it around last year. I’m not worried about our recruiting, we’ve brought in the best talent around over the last few years. the problem is getting everyone to buy in to the system and convincing them to say a while that has been the problem. I disagree with you about Fabbro. he is a fancy skater, can score and create play but IMO makes as many mistakes in the D zone as anyone else on our D corps. IMO Farrance is the only one who can lug the puck out of the D zone consistently and that is the most important play a D man can perform.

  10. Brady,
    The Washington Generals was the name of the team that the Harlem Globetrotters used to whip every game.

  11. I think that everyone is ignoring the changing of the guard in HE. BU is now a mid level team, no longer in the upper echelon. I know we have great kids but character alone doesn’t make a team. Colin, we know Fabbro is good but he is not nearly as good as you portray him. He stands out amongst an otherwise mediocre defense corps. That is all he is. We get that you’re close to the team and think highly of them. The rest of us can malign their skills while not attacking their character.

  12. Vinnie don’t need a deep breath I’m there for my terriers whatever there record is. I don’t turn on and off my loyalty depending on how there record is turning out. I live and die with this team. I understand many on here like to pile it on a team struggling and you may think BU will never return to dominance I think they are good now and I think they are coached by the best staff in the country. I know this erks all the BU haters but think of it like this when BU makes a run which they will do if not this year soon how can you come on here and say your a BU hockey fan when you jump ship so quick . I have said it many times and no one on here can change my mind terrier hockey is such a big part of my life it’s been a big part of my life since I was a little boy. I have seen some disappointing seasons and I never stop supporting this program. Over the last few years my respect level for those involved in the program has grown we have some wonderful people working in our athletic department and hockey staff. I know it’s a goal to many on here to persuade me to jump ship and support another program let me make it perfectly clear you have a better chance of seeing a unicorn then me leaving this team. If they play a season and don’t win a game I’m there rooting them on. You can attack me all you want but when BU climbs that ladder which they will do let it be known I was onboard through the good and bad teams. Go bu🐾

  13. To irritate the haters even more Fabro is more then good he’s the best defenseman in college hockey. He has been underrated and under appreciated by our fan base since he got here. He could be playing in the NHL right now. He loves BU and he came back. If we did not have Fabro in our line up we would be in big trouble. If I see another team breaking up ice and see Fabbro back it’s so reassuring. When was the last time he was beat 1-1 I’ll tell you when his freshman year. Look what he did in the Spengler cup tournament. FAbbro may be a college kid but he approaches the game like a pro. He makes the guys around him better as well just look how good Farrence is playing this year. Players look up to him he’s a good captain. He’s also a great ambassador of the university. So now I will wait to respond to the negative banter that soon awaits me for sticking up for our or should i say my captain. Go bu🐾

  14. No one is jumping ship here. Please don’t confuse criticism with apathy/ or disinterest. We’re all BU fans here. We all have the right to our opinions, misguided or not, positive or negative. TK out

  15. Its funny how when BU was on a 6 game unbeaten streak a bunch of u that are on here now no need to mention names were no where to be found but as soon as they lose yall come out that is pathetic and u need a hobby … Win or lose I still come on here and post amd will continue to do so … As I recall colin and myself were the ONLY ones who believed we could make a run last season and we can 1 game from frozen 4 so do I think its possible absolutely!!! Good times or bad times still a bu fan and a loyal one at that I travel to EVERY ROAD GAME because I cheer for my team either way … Maybe u Mickey mouse fans or fake fans should try invest more time coming to games rather than hope they lose to post and bash them… Fabro and makar by far best 2 defenseman in Hockey east maybe college Hockey… I said it… Go BU!! Next stop umass… At least frozen out has been quite that’s good..

  16. Thank Rui I know your passionate about terrier hockey I think we travel with many die hard fans who support this great program that’s another reason why I don’t get to upset when reading most of this hateful anti bu hockey propaganda on this bu hockey blog. Other then the few supporters on here most people use aliases for all I know Vinnie son of cezar tk 2110 and frozen out could be York Madigan carvelle and Lehman. Keep the faith go bu.🐾

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