Terriers show resiliency in 4-3 victory at Providence

In a battle against #7 Providence with major Hockey East implications, BU overcame a two-goal deficit and got late goals from David Farrance and Logan Cockerill to tie and overtake the Friars en route to winning their second game of the new year.

“It was a big statement game” said BU head coach Albie O’Connell regarding the victory.

Looking to replicate their 5-0 thumping of BU back in October, Providence (12-6-4, 6-4-1 in Hockey East) came storming out of the gates, tallying two goals within the game’s first ten minutes. Junior Josh Wilkins got the Friars on the board early with a power play goal just six and a half minutes into the contest, and senior Scott Conway doubled Providence’s lead less than three minutes later. Wilkins’ tally gave the junior his team-leading 25th point, while Conway’s goal made him the first Friar to ten goals on the season.

“Just stick with it” was the simple message shared by O’Connell to his team after going behind 2-0.

With sour memories of the 5-0 thrashing in the back of their minds, BU (8-8-3, 7-5-2 in Hockey East) came up with an immediate response through the stick of Shane Bowers with nine minutes left in the first. The sophomore’s powerful net drive and clever finish cut the Providence lead in half before the teams headed into the first intermission.

“That got us going,” remarked Coach O’Connell about the early Bowers goal.

In the middle stanza, the teams traded opportunities for ten minutes before Bowers brought BU even with his second goal of the game, separating himself as the lone Terrier with seven goals on the season, good for second on the team, only behind captain Bobo Carpenter’s ten tallies. Providing the sophomore with a pass into space was Joel Farabee, continuing the freshman’s red-hot start to 2019.

Providence had three chances on the power play in the second frame, but the BU penalty kill was resilient throughout the period, and Jake Oettinger remained rock-solid between the pipes for BU. Following the second break, though, the Friars caught the BU defense by surprise just eleven seconds into the third period. Conway matched Bowers’ mark with his own second goal of the contest, regaining the Providence lead before BU could even gain possession in the final frame.

Despite going down late, the Terriers would not go away, as sophomore David Farrance drove in a shot from distance to level the game once more with 17 minutes left in regulation. Riding the momentum of the game-tying tally, BU kicked into an extra gear, and found a go-ahead goal just five minutes later. It was sophomore Logan Cockerill who provided what would prove to be the game-winner, snapping a shot past senior netminder Hayden Hawkey to put BU ahead for good.

“That’s a season-changing play by Cockerill,” commended O’Connell.

The Terriers would gain the benefit of a five-minute major penalty called against Providence’s Vimal Sukamaran with four and a half minutes to play, but Oettinger would still be called into action to preserve the BU lead as the Friars poured on pressure in the game’s waning minutes. It was a heroic effort from the junior netminder, fending off 33 shots and getting his second win in as many nights.

Continuing their undefeated start to 2019 with the victory over Providence, the Terriers will now turn their focus to #3 Quinnipiac (16-5-1, 7-4-1 in ECAC) when the Bobcats come to Boston next Saturday.


  1. Great job Brady and BU Hockey! A nice little steak we have here!

  2. Great job with the blog thank u we needed this.. Keep up the good work..

  3. The trains pushing down the track. The boys played well. Also I can’t help but notice Switzer did not get a assist but he was responsible for the quick transition which led to the go ahead goal. Providence did a good job hemming us in closing down lanes quickly our D needed to have our heads on a swivel. krys had a great first game back. It also helps when you have the best goalie in the country. I loved our overall game tonight we made mistakes especially at the end but we bent and did not break. I don’t like to complain about officials and one of my favorites is gravaleese but they were horrendous and we overcame that. CUrry showed a lot of poise as it was clear they were trying to goat him. Dejarnis through many cheapshots his way and Cury never retaliated he just took a number and shift after shift kept coming after them I love that intensity. His line mate Amonte played huge winning puck races playing hungry and never quitting on a play. Chabot throws heavy hits like he’s 6-6 280 I loved his game. Bowers has got his goal scoring touch back Farabee cockerill have some jump now back from world juniors the boys are playing great hockey and I’m happy for them. Go bu🐾

  4. Great win last night especially going down 2 but kept fighting against a very good providence team we are starting to make our push and seems like everyone is settled in to their places lineups, solid goaltending by Jake … Lets Keep beating these ranked teams only helps us out… Quinnipiac next let’s go BU… YET tk11 and frozen out and a few others unfortunately will make us some bullshit ti be negative its ok tho I’m on board 💯percent.. Just keep it going boys … Go BU… PS.. TRY GOING TO SOME ROAD GAMES AND SHOW US YOUR A FAN AND NOT JUST BASH THEM… ✌GO BU

  5. I forgot to mention Quercia on that top line has worked out well. He too can throw a big hit. I can go down the line with players who played hard Cloonan was flying Willman played well carpenter was cool as a cucumber at the end when we were coughing up the puck. I can’t say it enough very proud of this team it was only a regular season game but it puts us in a good position in the league and it was a statement game. I thought coach deserves a lot of credit playing three games in first week back the guys were ready to go tonight. Being the away team matching lines becomes more difficult yet he was on it. Again the officials were horrendous and he let them have it as he should but I’m sure in the locker room he told the boys to let him worry about that and he did a good job balancing everything going on. A shout out to the best strength and conditioning coach in college sports we were flying tonight coach Czech 💪🏻🐾👍🏻

  6. Terriers finally making their skating, puck handling ability, and play making pay off. Nine goals in two games against very good opposition and two HUGE Hockey East points puts home ice possibilities definitely on the table. at 8-8-2 with 5 consecutive home games to follow the season starts anew with a chance for hardware this season seriously in view. Harper , Cockerill, Bowers, Fabbro, especially impressive this weekend and with Krys back in the fold things are looking up for this talented group.

  7. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Maybe, just maybe, BU is getting its act together. I have a real smart hockey guy tell me he has not been able to understand why so many talented hockey players have not been able to win. Remember Kelly had two under .500 seasons before the breakout year in the 60’s. Could be out new coach is finally getting to the guys and they are a TEAM now. Scoring from the forwards helps a lot.

  8. Son of cezar I don’t think it’s the kids are now just listening as if too say before they were not. This team is young. In fact youngest in the country. They played a tough schedule the first month they were unsuccessful and reverted to old habits which probably worked at previous levels. As the first half wore on the team started to buy into what was being taught. Too many on this website knock the kids for not caring or trying this angers me because I know how hard these kids work it’s not easy being a division 1 athlete the time and effort put in over the summer months is daunting. Now we are getting the results everyone wants so some say we are now listening to coach and we are trying. The reason why we are winning is because we have been trying all year the kids are learning the game. Coaches are getting results through working with these kids for some months now. The effort has been there since the first workout the results are now just coming in. I’m always positive on this website I can’t say it enough Saturday win was as big a win as you can get in a regular season game because of what was at stake the way we won etc. but we made several mistakes. We need to keep getting better and moving forward I think with coaching staff working with these kids the way they are they will continue to get better. There is a lot more hockey left and I’m excited for this team. Go bu🐾

  9. Another point I failed to mention Cezar I agree with you in that we have very talented players so does most division 1 programs. The difference between our team and others is youth and inexperience. We have the best coach in the country who is molding this young group and in my eyes doing a fabulous job at it. I said this before playing Minasota Mankato a older more experienced team to start the season hurt us big time. We had a handful of practices and many players with no experience playing a top ten older team. Those loses never let us get our confidence. As I stated above we have our confidence guys are bought in coach has them playing good hockey but that youth inexperience pops up as one should expect every once in a while it did this weekend especially at the end of pc game it’s times like that you need Ottinger to stand on his head for carpenter to step up . For Fabro to make a clear without getting a icing. This team is a work in progress. Again I can assure you and everyone else the kids on this team are special be excited come out support them. Go bu🐾

  10. Congratulations to Albie, his entire coaching staff and the players for beating UNH and Providence on consecutive nights. Although not perfect at times, it showed mental toughness, resiliency and the will to win and play as a team. A step in the right direction that gives B.U. an opportunity to not only earn a top seed in Hockey East but perhaps sneak into contention on the national level. The next five games are at home so Terrier Nation will soon find out if this years edition are pretenders or contenders. Obviously victories are needed. As the team is only 8-8-3 (.500 for the first time this season and 24 in the pairwise.)
    On a somber note the Terrier Family lost four members recently, former team manager and long time voice of B.U. hockey, Bernie Corbett’s mother Faye, Bob Crocker, former player, assistant coach at B.U., general manager of the Hartford Whalers and long time dean of NewEngland scouts, Al Petras fan and supporter of B.U Athletics and very involved in the Friends of Hockey. He also assisted several B.U. academic programs. Jim Quinn, co -captain of the 1967 team that finished as both the ECAC and NCAA runner-up. I remember that team lost both championship games to Cornell. They had a goaltender named Ken Dryden, I wonder what happened to him???
    Many they all rest in peace and condolences to their families.

  11. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Yes, Frozen, we are losing the “old guard” that brought BU Hockey to its current tradition. Thanx for the memory of those outstanding BU hockey people.

  12. Glenn, Son of CC
    Thank you for the kind words. The founders of the FOH were mentors to me and taught me life lessons. They really cared about the hockey program and devoted a good portion of their time to making the program the best in the country. The fact that this independent group no longer exists due to the politics within the university is sad. So when I rant about certain individuals who in my mind have had significant negative impact on the hockey program I speak for them. As I will never forgot them. personally, I consider it an honor and a privilege.
    I talked to a former university employee who attended the Al Petras memorial service at Marsh Chapel and the gathering afterward at the GSU. After discussions with various hockey insiders, he further confirmed my thoughts about the disrespectful, deceitful, and deceptive way the Albie’s predecessor left the program. The brunt of which blindsided the cluess athletic director and other administrators within the university. (Obviously due to the embarrassment of how badly they were played, it will never be publicly admitted.) If they had only consulted Jack Parker before hiring you know who they would have known the truth. I believe off the record , Albie is no fan of his predecessor.

  13. frozen out. It’s clear you don’t like coach Quinn. It’s clear you don’t like A.D. I’m not sure what you think of coach OConnell. I did not know any of the above mentioned gentleman. It’s clear in what I have heard about them is that they were men who put BU hockey first. Idid not like it when coach Quinn closed the friends room last year but he had his reasons. He sought the big money and I understood and still do understand a division 1 program needs to attract big donors. Frozen out I work two jobs I can assure you I’m not a big donor. I am a friend of BU hockey and I go down to the friends room after every hockey game. The folks who run the room are great and the folks that go to the room support the team as much as they can we talk BU hockey and enjoy each other’s company. Coach is a big supporter of the room and as far as I can see A.D Marichello is in support of it. My few interactions with A.D have been great and I have the highest respect for him. The friends of BU hockey may have changed over the years but there is a friends club I know because I belong to it. I can assure you my only objective of being a member of this club is to do whatever I can to make BU hockey better. I have no other agenda. I eat sleep and dream BU hockey I have been this way since my dad took me and all the kids in the neighborhood to watch Ed lowney play for BU.

  14. Ed Lowney? I remember him. He dated a goyle on my floor at Warren Towers. I remember that line of Cullen, Lowney and Donatelli. My junior year I believe. Fond memories for sure!

  15. Colin,
    Thank you for your loyal support of the B.U. Hockey program. I am a supporter of Albie and am rooting for him to succeed. Believe me he was left with a mess.The only coach I did not get along with in my lifetime relationship with this program was Dollar Dave. Shame on him for not letting you have excess to the Friends room and to deny you special events for loyal supporters.
    The Friends exist as an extension of the athletic department and is not an independent entity that it was prior to Dollar Dave’s tenure. Therefore in my mind it does not really exist as originally it was created by Jack Kelly as an independent group to help him raise the additional funds that exceeded the athletic departments budget.
    Nothing wrong with having different levels in a Friends Group instead of strictly catering to the big donors. Do not be fooled by the A.D., it was under his leadership that the original FOH were disbanded. Since he was totally embarrassed by his supposed close friend , he suddenly modified his view. Especially since fund raising is currently way below expectations.

  16. Frozen out as I mentioned I know it’s changed but what I love about it is the friendships I have made in that room the hockey talk is fantastic. I’m not saying it’s better now or worse I would not know but I have to tell you it’s a highlight of my season getting to share bu hockey stories with others. It’s well documented how you feel about coach Quinn I disagree but I you are entitled to your opinion. He is gone now and we have a great coach who you support which hopefully you can embrace and enjoy watching win some games. I think our A.D. supports our coach and the rest of his teams to the fullest. I’m not a bu alum I don’t follow any other bu sports much but the few times I have spoken to the AD I have been impressed with how much he knows about all sports the leagues and the rules. I think if you give him a chance you will see he is a good man and great for your university. Other then Ed Lowney living down the street from me one of the main reasons why I kept following bu hockey program was the wonderful people it attracted its true today as it was back then.

  17. Colin,
    I have no respect for the current AD. He was the assistant AD when the vicious lies and fake news became headlines in that old fish wrapper the Boston Globe. None of those stories were true yet no one from the president to the athletic director disputed them . In fact there was silence. This ruined Coach Parkers reputation and put cloud over the whole hockey program
    Interestingly it is my belief that the current AD did not want to hire Albie but because of the Dollar Dave fiasco his credibility was jeopardized and the final decision was made allegedly by someone with no hockey experience. Allegedly a person extremely high in the university.
    It is my belief that the only reason he opened up the FHO room is cause he knows fund raising is a real issue. A little
    late as too many FOH have left the building and moved on.