Live Blog: BU vs Dartmouth

In its final game of the semester, the Boston University men’s hockey team takes on Dartmouth College. Matt and Liam bring you the game via the infamous live blog, follow along here.


  1. Very nice way to end the semester … with two straight wins. So glad that Harper got his first goal and added an assist. Although Dartmouth is far from a ranked team, the win was impressive in that we did it without Carpenter, Bowers, Krys and Wise. Happy holidays!

    • “the win was impressive in that we did it without Carpenter, Bowers, Krys and Wise.”: Well said Mr. Staub!

      I too was happy to see Harper rewarded while playing at an elevated level – he is showing a return to form. After nearly a full year off due to a significant health issue, it is more than understandable that an early season span of fine-tuning would be required. That appears to have been accomplished.

      Keeping the faith for a resurgent second half, and extending a Merry Christmas.

      Happy Chanukah Glenn, and others. PSD

  2. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Thanx Matt again for bringing BU Hockey to my home via the Blog. Those of us long time fans who are to far away to go to the games any more really appreciate efforts like your who do it with out compensation. Good luck in your future in communications.

  3. Looking forward to the second half. This team has worked hard at finding and correcting mistakes in there game. I think we are in a position to do some damage second half. For years BU hockey was known for peaking at the right time. I see our upperclassmen having a big second half i also believe our freshman will start to play with more confidence and produce more on score sheet. This along with the possibility of going on a run against some top tier teams will help us come trophy time. Everyone enjoy your holidays 🐾

  4. Had a terrific center ice seat to view the game. I think Ottie kind of stole this one. Some difficulties in our own end, and bad passes led to numerous counter attack opportunities for The Big Green. But it was a good victory against a good tough physical ECAC opponent who have victories over Cornell, Quinnipiac, Yale, and Harvard under their belts. BTW, anyone know why Carpenter was not available for this game.?

  5. Yes Vito, no worries. Carpenter seems to have a superficial leg injury. He almost was able to play on Friday but did not. It seems he should be fine for the next game. And thanks for pointing out the quality wins that Dartmouth has. I was just focusing on their low Pairwise ranking.

  6. 7 of our next 10 games are against teams currently in the Top 13 in the Pairwise:

    #1 UMASS (2 games)
    #3 Quinnipiac (1 game)
    #9 Arizona St (2 games)
    #12 Providence (1 game)
    #13 Northeastern (1 game)

    It’s a much harder road the 2nd half of this season compared to last season. How BU fares in this stretch will potentially make-or-break the season IMO.

  7. Might as well play those teams. Either way, we will have to play them if we make the tournament.

  8. It looks like jake Wise is going to be out with shoulder surgery. I think he was starting to figure out the college game. I was looking for him to pick up some points second half. Jake witkowski played great as the extra forward last week and I certainly would not want to take time away from him, but I have to much time on my hands and came up with this idea. Insert Switzer in as extra forward. Before everyone dismiss my idea please here my logic. 1 it worked with Oksanen who became one of the nations top scorers just a few years ago. Two Switzer can fire the puck. 3 he’s a big strong kid who can get in front of the net. 4 you can move him back and forth with Ferance who is also gifted offensively. Guys are playing great working tremendously hard at practice and I make it a point not to second guess coaches decisions like many on this blog but it is fact we need to score and I think this little experiment might work. Not to mention Switzer has been a healthy scratch most of the season and when he dresses he doesn’t play much He is a upper class man and a great student I would love to see this plan work out for a nice kid and great terrier 🐾

  9. I would be happy to see Albie give Switzer an opportunity to be a wing on the fourth line. I wonder if he has played that position in high school or juniors … ever before?

  10. Sorry to hear that about Wise. imo he has been one of the most impressive terriers this season. Experimenting with Switzer up front is an idea, at this point anything that could improve offensive output is worth a try.

  11. Having him as the extra skater on some nights allows you to insert him in at forward or defense to give some players a break we have several two game weekends and in my opinion it’s wise to give Fabro a break here and there as the score dictates he has been playing a crazy amount of minutes and again in my opinion is the best defenseman in college hockey I’m not sure how much longer he could keep that up with the amount of time he is getting 🐾

  12. I’m with Collin try thr rifle man switwer at forward and in case u need help on d with a injury or whatever hey it can’t hurt .. Go bu tough 2nd half but ready for the challenge.. GO BU

  13. And another reason to try him on one of the forward lines is that none of them are “en fuego” LOL.

  14. Fabro is playing in Spengler cup more reason to watch his minutes when he returns. He’s a class act he gives 110% all the time but I’m worried about how hard he is pushing it. Bu relies on him way to much. I must say it is comforting watching a player coming down ice and seeing Fabro back there. In two years I have not seen him get beat one on one yet.

  15. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Vito, Wise “impressive” ???? How so. No numbers at all.never has the puck when he is on the ice. Sorry to have him hurt but maybe some of this young guys are not ready for college hockey. A lot to put on an 18 year old kid most of the time. Some can do it most can not. Fabbro is the one to put up front on one of the top three lines. Need more TALENT in the first three lines.

    • IMO, from what i have seen of Wise he has all the ingredients needed to be a top Div. one player, speed, toughness, and vision. You wait and see he will be a great playmaker for the Terriers if he decides to stay, and i hope he will. He did play an excellent game vs B.C.

  16. i am with you Caesar. other than being down a healthy body, My feeling about Wise being out is blah. he did show a flash in that BC game at home but otherwise, he is still trying to figure the pace and physicality of HE.

    for once i do agree with you Colin. i think moving Switzer up front makes sense. why not try it

    just wish they could bring in an mid-season impact player aka freddie meyer, tommi degerman, chris o’sullican etc. (not oscar andren) i know it is not easy to do and i am sure Albie is beating the bushes

  17. Son of cezar you want Fabbro to coach as well. He plays 45 min a game he can’t play forward too without giving up some minutes on D. My experiment would have depending on circumstances A you need a little more offense some finesse you would put ferrance up on forward for a few shifts move switzer back for a few shifts paired up with a fabro or a Crotty guys that are responsible on the defensive end of things. If you wanted to switch lines up to get a different look during a game throw switzer up at forward he has always produced offensively he may not be a forward but he could Learn just look what oskanen did a few years back.

  18. It seems that as long as Fabbro and Switzer stay healthy we are a shoo-in to win the national Championship. Let’s be real here people! Santa isn’t coming to Comm Ave anytime soon. This year’s team is not ready, willing, or able to win anything.

  19. We have a lot of hockey left tk I’m not giving up on this team. We are in ok shape within the league we play some tough teams if we can win some games against top ranked teams it willl grow confidence. Coach will have the team ready when the second half starts. Jake will have a big second half just like last year🐾

  20. What makes moving Switzer up such a sure thing? If it is such a cure all, then why hasn’t either Quinn or O’Connell done it yet? They aren’t exactly tearing it up this season or last

  21. Tk we won hockey east last year and came extremely close to making it to frozen four so yes we did do some damage last year (tear it up) I stated the switzer move not as a cure all and not just for the insertion of switzer, I think I made it clear by putting him in it gives many options for the coach to get different looks for different opportunities. I think this team is playing better and will go on a run. I’m not sure this is the answer coach is there every day and has a better feel for things then I do but I like this move and I think by trying it the team is no worse then before trying it. I’m always looking for ways to make this team better. Regardless of how the second half goes I will be there rooting for my terriers they are a special group of young men.🐾