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  1. It’s tough to only come away with one point this weekend I think we played better then that. I think our biggest asset is our speed I think when we stop on the half wall it allows not only time for our for checkers to catch up but also allows time for there backcheckers to catch up. I would like to see us go straight down the defenses throat use our speed to get to rebounds play a nasty breed of hockey let the goalie know we are coming. I think if we can do this the goals will come. I really love jakes game right now. It’s huge with our offensive struggles that we have the best goalie in the country between the pipes. This team is so close to breaking out🐾🚨

    • Colin, I too have noticed the tendency of our self-negating our team speed with half board curl backs, after having gained O zone entry. To some extent it is because the player gaining entry has no option; as you noted his line mates are still parallel or trailing looking for cross rink passes, rather than having burst ahead directly to the net. It seems to me that incorporating your suggestion into our offense would allow for immediate shots from the carrier, and possible rebounds and greasy goals. Hard shots purposely put on the pads can create havoc, if we have established goal front presence. Even shots that are blocked have a good chance of landing on a Terrier’s stick, and yielding a scoring opportunity when we have established numbers at the goal mouth. Jake was huge on Saturday! PSD

  2. Team played as well as thy could. Both teams can not shoot the puck on the net at all. We don’t have the natural goal scorers needed to win at this level. Wise and Harper ave no goals ? How many would have thought that at this stage of the season ?? Jake cost us the first game as he can not catch a puck with his glove. He was a back up to Woll when both were on the same team. We now know why.

  3. No SoCC, Jake did not cost us the game at all on Friday night. What did cost us the game? Revert to your earlier good point about Wise and Harper not having scored any goals yet this season. Max Willman has yet to score a goal this season. In fact, if you go to Hockey East Online stats, you’ll see there are no Terrier forwards among the top-20 in points …. ZERO. That’s what cost us the game on Friday … as well as plenty of other games we’ve lost this season. Yes, Woll is ahead of Jake in GAA and save percentage but not by much. In fact, if you take away October (when Jake did cost us some games), I believe the difference between the two NHL draftees is null and void. When everything was on the line for both teams this past March, it was Jake who proved to be the superior goalie. Having said all that, let’s see how Jake does against PC and UMass (NCAA top-ten teams) in January, February and (hopefully) March. That will be a huge test and I expect him to emerge favorably.

  4. Nice points Glenn. So the record is clear jake and joe shared duties at usndp and for last year at juniors jake could have been a nhl all star goalie and he was not getting a shot simply because of the politics of the situation and were he has his mail delivered. He played great 42 saves and a shutout. Joe is a great goalie so the argument that he is the best goalie in the league is valid. I don’t subscribe to it but to say jake can’t catch is ridiculous I’m sure he caught a few of those 42 shots. Was he dominating Friday no but he made enough saves to keep his team in the game. Saturday he was awesome

  5. A disappointing and extremely frustrating weekend! A reality check at this point in time, after fourteen games (almost half a season) B.U. has a 4-7-2 record and is #42 in the pair wise ranking. Clearly the most underachieving and over rated team in the country.
    I was embarrassed on Friday nite when after skating circles around the beagles for the first 32 minutes, B.U. could not get a second goal, and when the team up the street tied it up and took the led, B.U. response was to surrender and quit! What makes a bad situation worse was that both goals were created by badly losing own zone face offs.The third period one team picked up the pace and the other became a figure skating team. The lowlight being, when B.U. pulled its goaltender and after the puck was shot out of the B.U. zone there was race to the puck. The Beagle forward swatted one of the assistant B.U. captains away like an annoying fly and calmly deposited the puck in the B.U. Not exactly a great show of heart or leadership.
    The following evening was probably a better effort as the team play ed hard the entire game , although if not for the goaltending heroics in the first period , it might not have mattered.
    It appears that the most talented players are not playing well. the lack of leadership ,heart , focus and engagement continue to be huge issues.
    The team up the street could not beat Bentley and B.U. could not beat them. No way to sugar coat the results!

  6. Frozen out I’m frustrated too . I think we are a better team then we are playing. I think we need to get to the net better and let the goalie know we are coming if we can apply significant pressure shots rebounds off the initial rush we can implement some of that second wave turn on the half wall offense. There is certainly something to be said about controlling the play in the offensive zone but again we are not getting the grade A chances from the perimeter. Coach sees this and he will make adjustments. I said it last year and I will say it again this team is not done they will figure it out. They are too talented not to score. As for Chad he was dog tired he was not pushed aside like a fly he lost the inside and tried to put loose puck into corner without taking a penalty. I know him as a hard working hockey player. He has been passed over several times at world juniors and only comes back to be even a better player. We are extremely lucky to have him. As for bc Bentley or any D1 team college hockey has a lot of parity. Any team can beat another on any given night. We should never put down a opponent. bc may not have a great record but they have a very talented team. I don’t like loosing to them but it was not because we quit . I love the make up of this team and I will be there till the last whistle rooting them on. I encourage everyone to do the same it’s more fun . Go bu🐾

  7. Colin,
    Happy Holidays! I am happy to agree to disagree with you. Friday was a nightmare. According to the coaches comments he was not pleased with the compete level (effort) in the third period.
    Sorry the assistant captain was clearly going thru the motions on the last play instead of knocking the beagle on his posterior.
    Finally it is a result orient business and today on 12-4-18 this team stinks.
    Perhaps you should read the Globe article on UMass on how the new coach turned the program around by changing the culture and team relationships. Where is the accountability for the mess on the ice?

    • Yes, UMass coach deserves a great deal of credit but it’s a lot easier to turn a bad team into a NCAA top-five team when you get a guy like Makar to return for his sophomore season.

    • Frozen.

      It seems like you’re pointing a finger at Albie? We are all frustrated with the recent results but i’m sure the players are more so. Also, how can anyone blame the goalie when you can’t score any goals? Two goals in the last three games is not going to cut it against any opponent. Harper, for example is a proven goalscorer at Division 1 level but has struggled mightily to score this year. perhaps missing most of last year has set him back a bit? carpenter and Bowers, also proven scorers the same. IMO the team is entertaining but lacking the finishing touch, thus far. I however don’t think its from a lack of effort. The team is frustrated at not being able to score. When they start to score, and they will, then they will grow in confidence and the results will come. Remember at this point last season the record was even worse. Lets give Albie and the club more time. If they score the second goal to make it 2-0 on Friday, incredible save by Woll, then the game probably goes differently. Games are often resolved in a few plays or key moments, when thoswe start to go the terriers way, the results will change.

  8. Frozen out if chad knocked him on his backside as you wanted that would be a penalty. It’s inerferance to hit a guy without the puck which leads to a defensive zone face off. He was beat to a loose puck plain and simple. As to U mass they are rolling and good for them my allegiance is to bu. Makar is a great young player but we have Fabbro. I don’t think Makar can hold Fabro jock strap. We need to figure out how our team can get better and who cares about other programs. As far as I’m concerned we have the best one🐾

  9. Glenn,
    Good point, perhaps the student athletes at UMass value
    an education and focus on the college game more than our recruits. This is part of the culture that their coach built into the program.
    B.U arguably has as much talent as any other school in college hockey. Yet they are a lousy team.

  10. frozen out bu is not a lousy team. Year in and year out we compete for trophies. It is a nice story about u mass but I don’t care about there program. I care about ours. We have some kids who are great students. I know how hard they work in school you give credit to another program and knock ours . I like our culture we have guys that work hard go to school in the summer work out in the early Am and represent the university in nothing but the most positive light. I’m proud of this team for what they do on and off the ice. 🐾

  11. Sure jake did not cause us to lose Friday, lack of scoring did that. But, let’s face it : He can not catch a puck as a very high percentage of goals against him is high glove side. If you can not see that you know nothing about hockey. NHL all star ? Crazy talk. If he was that good HE WOULD BE IN THE NHL NOW.

  12. Colin,
    Unfortunately , you cannot dispute their record. According to the pairwise they are the 42nd best team in the nation. Sorry to be difficult but they do not work hard enough to produce a consistent sixty minute game or many victories. The culture has to change or the will be the undisputed most disappointing underachieving team in the nation.
    Clearly too many passengers and not enough drivers on most nights. Top six forwards and defenseman refuse to effectively play the cycle game or get in front of the goalie. At they times refuse to go to dirty areas, especially in the third period on Friday.
    The team so far is disgraceful and simply embarrassing . perhaps you forget the no shows against Providence and Merrimack.
    Albie was left a mess, I hope he is capable of turning it around sooner rather than later.

  13. Happy holidays, clearly we are not where we would like to be at this point all of the season clearly it’s been in up and down roller coaster to say the least and I’m a die hard fan as most of you guys know with that being said I think we definitely have the talent but lack experience… A a few guys are taking a longer time to adjust to this level like Jake wise and others that said there is games that we look unbeatable but as soon as you think we will make a good run they come up with a stinker I personally think that this Christmas break will do them good go back regroup and make a good second-half push as far as for Jake on Friday’s game that first goal he probably wants to have back but I blame that one on the face up guy which was Bobo lost the face of and never went out to get the guy and we can see what Jake did the following night so Jake is the least of our worries we also need to get goals from Harper wise etc.. I believe we will make a good run the second half and remember when you get into the playoffs anything goes so whatever you did in the regular season means absolutely nothing.. I know most of you guys on here love the fact that this is happening with clearly shows how much of a fan you really are every team has its ups and downs and if you support them in Good Times you should also do it in bad times which I really wouldn’t call this bad I called this inconsistent which can be fixed and I believe will be fixed as we move forward ask for now that is all see you all Friday night against low and then Saturday at Lowell go Terriers

    • Big Roy,
      You are absolutely correct; in spite of this team having a great deal of talent, it has been an up and down season. There have been periods wherein the aforementioned talent was on display, and periods when it was also coupled with creative team chemistry. The result of those components gelling together was inspiring Terrier dominance, albeit un-sustained for protracted periods of time. To me, that proves we clearly have the capability, but not yet the chemistry, or gelling, that is produced by experience – again, as you noted. Like Colin and yourself, I too believe that we are on the verge of a significant breakout, in that our talent level, when coupled with continued hard work, dedication, and time spent is too great to be denied. Keep the faith bloggers and fans, and remember that last year we were similarly challenged, but emerged with a much different second half. Best wishes to all for a blessed holiday season and New Year. PSD

  14. Son of Cesar crazy talk take a look at who got cut from that team where the coach is from where he coached at look back to the last few world junior teams it’s not crazy talk. Our goal keeper made a commitment to our program he has sacrificed immensely for this program. In my mind if he stayed out in minasota for school he would have been the starter for world juniors and also if chad krys was from minasota or any where else then the northeast he would have been on the team. The nonsense is you saying he can’t catch. I guess the NHL scouts don’t know hockey because they missed this when they picked him in the first round.

  15. Colin, the scouts make mistakes all the time on early draft picks. Take a look at the Boston Bruin drafts and see how their high picks have not produced to the extent that despite many injuries they are not even being called up even in this most dire of times personnel wise. You are to close to the program to see what we all can see. Where are the championships we have been used to in BU history.? We are, I hate to say, not as talented as advertised.

  16. My best assessment of the situation is that the high-end talent is there, but the absence of the twin-towers (Greenway and Tkachuk, who would have been in their senior and sophomore seasons respectively) make it easier for opponents to shut down our top-six forwards.

  17. Glenn,
    It is not that simple. It was assumed that both would not return. The program was left in disarray by its predecessor . Fair or not it took for ever to name a replacement . Albie was left with a mess. I hope he has the opportunity to clean it up. My sources told me that allegedly he was not the first choice of the primary decision maker. The final decision came higher up the food chain .

  18. Naming Albie took less than two months … surprisingly quick. How long did you expect it to take? What exactly was the “mess” that Albie was left with? What is the “disarray” that you refer too? In all fairness, I would say Quinn left the program significantly better than how he found it. Think of the 2013-2014 season. Of course for 2014-2015 Quinn did have the huge benefit of Parker landing Eichel as a recruit.

  19. Glenn,
    I could not disagree more with your thoughts. The former coach neglected to recruit his first year and did not arrive at B.U. until June. As proven his primary goal was the NHL, B.U. was a stepping stone until he reached it.
    As you are aware he constantly denied the preceding. Evan to the point of telling any one who would listen that this was his dream job and that he was here for life. Action always speak louder than words!
    Do you realize that he agreed to a new more lucrative contract with an extension to remain at B.U.and within approximately 24 hours changed his mind.
    If Albie was the first choice it would have taken a lot less than almost two months. In that time period who was running the program? I know B.U lost recruits and at least one player that could have contributed right away. So believe me the program was not better than when Jack was forced out.

    • Larry, you really can’t believe what you just said. First of all, I’m in no way taking away from the brilliant job that Jack Parker did as head coach of BU. However, it is beyond ridiculous to say that the program was in better condition when Parker handed the keys over to Quinn in 2013 than when Quinn handed the keys to O’Connell this past spring. Look at the pipeline of players coming into BU then and now. So a few recruits decommitted over the summer and went to major juniors. That was disappointing but even factoring in those decommits, there are many recruits who Quinn and company landed who are still planning on coming to play for BU. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to go through the list of recruits who were in the pipeline in the summer of 2013 and compare them to the list of recruits when Quinn left. You still have not at all been able to tell me what the “mess” and “disarray” was that Albie got from Quinn’s departure. As Terrier Lifer pointed out, I stand corrected: It did not take two months for Albie to be named head coach; it took two weeks ROFL! That passage of time felt like forever to you?

      On a final note, your recurring theme song when you see guys like Tkachuk and Greenway leaving early is that BU hockey players don’t value an education. PLEASE. News flash: Immensely talented players leave school early … wherever they are on campus.

  20. Obviously, Colin & Frozen Out are passionate fans who view & express the state of the BU Hockey program very differently. As someone in the know, Colin & F.O. both tell some of the truth, but spin it in their own ways reflective of their diametrically opposite personalities and attitudes.

    Colin is right in that the academic performance of the hockey team has improved in recent years. The overall GPA for the team has become commensurate with those of other BU Athletic programs. BU has become much more difficult to get into in recent years, as the acceptance rate is now under 25% (compared to over 60% in the early-mid 2000’s) and the average SAT/ACT score and GPA is much higher. Admissions is also less forgiving as they once were with admitting hockey players; there are a handful of guys on the team who are also strong students whom I know Coach Quinn had to fight tooth/nail for to get admitted.

    Yes, the end game for blue-chip players who come to BU is to develop themselves for the NHL. However, many of these players who leave early did well enough in school and care enough about their education where they’re still taking BU Summer classes towards their degree. Another thing to mention is the number of players who have positioned themselves to be very close to graduating by the end of their Junior year. The ability to go to Summer school on campus has created that opportunity, including enabling some upperclassmen to start graduate programs before their Senior year of hockey eligibility. There’s one Junior on this year’s roster who already completed his bachelors’ degree and is now enrolled in a graduate degree program.

    Also, think about the # of players who could’ve easily left before their Junior or Senior years but didn’t b/c they enjoyed the BU experience from a hockey, academic and social standpoint… Matt Grzelcyk, Danny O’Regan, Doyle Somerby, Brandon Hickey, Jordan Greenway, Dante Fabbro. Yes some guys bolt b/c things didn’t work out for them at BU (A.J. Greer, Kieffer Bellows) and others have left a year earlier than widely expected (JFK, Tkachuk). However, I feel the culture of BU Hockey is attractive enough where guys want to play here, work hard to do well on and off-the-ice when they’re here.

    F.O. – Yes, Coach Quinn did say numerous times that BU was “a dream job” and that he’d love to coach at BU as long as he could, which I think you construed as “here for life”. But I’ve been in a room with him more than once where he reiterated BU being “a dream job”, yet when asked about the NHL, he consistently said if the right NHL opportunity came calling, he’d be doing himself and BU a disservice if he didn’t consider it. I know he rubbed you (and some other BU folks) the wrong way at times and I know much of your bias is based on one verbal interaction with him that went awry.

    For the record, Coach Quinn couldn’t start at BU until after the 2012-2013 NHL season ended — which was prolonged due to the lockout. He didn’t start until May 1, 2013; at that point, it’s very difficult for any head coach to recruit for the following season.

    Also, Coach Quinn agreed to the Rangers job on May 22, 2018, and Albie was named his successor on June 6th — two weeks later (not two months). As for the hiring process, I know there was not consensus on whether Albie or the other finalist would be the best hire. When word got out about whom the other finalist, I know there were folks at BU that didn’t like the possibility of the other finalist succeeding Quinn. And it wasn’t necessarily for that finalist’s record as a head coach but more so for his perceived personality/demeanor.

    I sincerely believe you, F.O., when you say you hope Albie gets the opportunity to succeed. I’ve also been disappointed by the team’s performance so far this season and have concerns on whether they can recover the way they did last season. However, I’m optimistic Albie will succeed long-term, but IMO the first 13 games of this season is a bit premature to evaluate whether BU made the right decision.

  21. Glenn,
    Did you enjoy last nights game? You I believe are the same person who told me the coach of the NYR was not leaving for the much greener pastures.
    The dumpster fire on the ice is the inability to score on three breakaways, glaring defensive zone lapses that should not occur at the high school level and unfortunately, at least last night, below average goaltending.
    Good teams pay attention to details and bad teams make excuses. Extremely disappointed with Albie’s comments after the game. It sounded like a losers mentality.
    On 12-8-18 the record is 4-8-2. #46 in the pair wise. Attendance less than 3,000. More noise at the Mugar Library.

  22. No Larry, I was at a holiday concert. I agree that the state of our BU Terriers is extremely concerning. Guys we expected to be prolific goal scorers are not generating offense. Sorry to disappoint you but Quinn accepting the Rangers job after he promised to stay at BU is a non-issue … as far as what’s put us in this position. Now that he’s a NYR (my other favorite hockey team) you’ll do what you can to try and find a way to blame Quinn but that’s a failed proposition.

  23. Glenn,
    I guarantee you had a better evening than any Terrier fan. As far as your favorite head coach, I was totally vindicated. Believe me B.U did not hire him to have him leave after five years. Also anyone agreeing to a new contract and then reneging 24 hours shows a lack of integrity and character.

  24. Glenn,
    I guarantee you had a better evening than any Terrier fan. As for your favorite hockey coach, I was totally vindicated. Believe me, BU did not hire your pal for him to leave after five years. Never s good look for any one to agree to a new contract and then renege a day later. It shows a lack of character and integrity.

  25. Yes Larry, I was glad I had that concert to take my attention away from the game. The only thing you are vindicated on is that Quinn left for the NHL (which you said would eventually happen). As for Quinn’s success at BU: Two HE titles, a Beanpot championship, a Frozen Four birth, and going to the NCAA tournament in four of five seasons. So, the best you can frame your disdain for him is that he left for an Original-Six NHL HC job … a position which the Rangers had to make three offers before he accepted. What you said about Friday night’s disaster was reasonable … though they did a nice job this evening. If you think Quinn is to blame for our 5-8-2 record, you are living in a fantasy world.

  26. Glenn,
    The way your pal left had a adverse effect on the program. He was a great recruiter but his teams with more talent than any other team, under achieved. Threw away an NCAA title by playing his first two lines the entire game.Great at finishing second in the beanpot, destroyed the FOH and the hockey alumni mentoring program and no interactions or interest in students or anyone except his players.
    If it was not for Jack Eichel (not his recruit), then he won on title. Could not win anything with McAvoy,Grezlick,and JFK.

  27. Glenn,
    Opps!, Last line insert Keller for Matty G. A senior moment on my part. However for you to believe that when the head of an organization abruptly leaves that it would not impact the remaining personal is unrealistic.
    Nice victory last night. However only 5-8-2, 39 in the pairwise.

  28. Larry, your logic is defective. Yes, Quinn left suddenly and surprised many of us. Yes, we are having a dreadful season so far. But no, Quinn’s departure had no such adverse effect on the program. In other words, you’re trying to imply a cause and effect relationship and that is incorrect. The really funny thing is that if there was such a relationship, then all you ever said about Quinn only being a good recruiter and not a good coach would be proven completely wrong LOL.

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