1. sonofcaesarcarlaci

    Why can this team not score ? Not enough “natural” goal scorers I would guess. Also too many times when we had the puck across the blue line took shoot weak shot that Woll easily stopped and it went the other way.It always seems like boys against men. Will we ever get a vet heavy team ? Philosophy of recruiting must change if we are to see championships in the future.Not good showing for Albie in this one. He is way too low key. Team reflects attitude of the coach.

    • i agree with your assessment caesar, terriers i thought played very well for 2 periods but the inability to score, which has plagued the team all season thus far as well as some incredible saves by Woll foiled the terriers. Its too bad because the team obviously is talented, plays and skates well together, and is gritty. There’s no question that the lack of upperclass leadership is hurting. When you are losing 6-8 players a year to graduation and early departure its difficult to maintain a team at top level for any coach. albie has inherited a difficult situation, but its up to him to correct it.

  2. Enough about the men! How ’bout those BU Hockey women sweeping #4 BC!!