Live Blog: BU vs Maine

Trying to extend their three game unbeaten streak, the Boston University men’s hockey team hosts the University of Maine for a two game set. You can read Matt’s preview here and follow along with our live blog.


  1. Wow awfully quite all of a sudden … Good win boys work in progress but keep on winning ans keep the critics of the blog 😂😂😂..

  2. Im here Roy sitting in my favorite restaurant looking at all the Bu glory on the wall. Great compete last night. Big game tonight 🐾

  3. That was an exciting game and it was an excellent sign that we could draw a penalty and convert a power play opportunity in the final few minutes of the game. Harper seemed more impactful. Still, remember who we are playing (not exactly a ranked team). Seems like the way to another HE title this season will be through PC and UMass-Amherst. Having said that, thrilled to have a four-game undefeated streak. Go BU!

  4. Slow start was overcome with hard work, determination, and talent. What appeared to be Maine’s tying goal was tainted; i.e., too many men on the ice. Although the goal itself was scored with Maine’s extra skater(s) having successfully gotten off the ice, Colin quite correctly observed that Maine’s entry into our D zone was accomplished while they had six (and possibly seven) players participating. The officials declined to review the goal, which is understandable, but they ought to have acquiesced to review Maine’s center ice entry into BU’s D zone, wherein the unfair advantage created the scoring opportunity.
    Akin to last week’s dive, and its resultant phantom call against us in OT, Maine’s late goal was answered with the aforementioned hard work, determination, and talent. When faced with adversity, and even injustice, this group shows great resolve and character. The men did us proud! PSD

  5. As Ott goes, we go. he has strung some nice games together. let’s hope he can keep his focus. playing now the way a junior first round draft choice should play.

    how about Bowers with 12 shots? that is crazy. keep shooting Big Fella

    like to see us come out buzzing tonight. 4 points would be sweet

  6. Frustrating game to watch as Terriers struggled to score until late in 2nd period when they converted on 2 PP. important for this group not to fall behind too far which happened tonite. They have shown mostly fight back in most games and an ability to win close games which bodes well for the future. Carpenter, Harper, Wise, Bowers and Farrance especially impressive.