8 thoughts on “Live Blog: BU vs Northeastern”

  1. What an amazing all-around effort. Great job by Jake! I just can’t believe how many penalty minutes we had to kill. A very interesting trend this young season … the frosh are not dominating the scoring sheet. When was the last time that juniors and seniors were so offensively productive? I like that.

  2. Great game last night effort was there etc excellent pace of game no lose coverage overall very good effort u Bring that game in and game out u will be fine… Glad to see aganiss with a good crowd .. Jake on top of his game looked solid overall headed in right direction and can’t forget special teams pp looks good movement away from puck and pk more aggressive which lewd to back to back shorthanded goals… See U in unh..go Bu!!

  3. Roy spot on team played hard with conviction. They played great in transition and with a little bit of a mean streak they did not let northeastern push them around. Last year they had our number after beanpot they left us on our blue line for 20 minutes and on Thursday the goal celebration in front of Bu bench was a bit much. I did notice curry who has the flair for some dramatics had a rather long and punctuated celebration at center ice directly in front of NU bench. Normally I don’t like that stuff I have to admit I loved it. You can’t get much better then jake last night big save after big save. I’m a perfectionist so I do see mistakes. In hockey as in life you can do three tings the right ting the wrong thing or nothing in earlier games guys were standing around afraid to make mistakes last nigh we made mistakes especially defensively but we were moving our feet which allowed us to make up for that. the team is gelling they are buying in you can see it. The great thing is I think we are only scratching the surface they are only going to get better. Go bu🐾

  4. Yes i agree this is a very talented team and fun to watch. they are very fast and great in transition. Its always easier to play with a lead instead of having to chase the game all the time like they have been so far this season starting with the two games vs Minn. State. Jake was on last night and is a great goalie when he is. two picture goals in the third period after killing off the 5 minute major. If they can continue to score first and not fall behind in games I see a winning streak at hand.

  5. If Ott plays like that CONSISTENLY, then he can has earned the accolade of the best goalie in college hockey. one game is the first step. let nothing silly in. keep it up Jake

  6. If Harper and Wise can start scoring like we know they can, things could really get exciting around here! I just noticed that three of our top five point leaders are d-men.

  7. wise needs time to adjust. hope he can figure it out by the second half like amonte and the other frosh did last year

    harper? you got me?

  8. Wise and Harper are fine. Harper was buzzing up and down the ice. Wise is still getting adjusted but is not a defensive liability. You will see guys making positive strides as the season progresses and guys form chemistry. Go bu🐾

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