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  1. Can we hold a team to less than three goals for once? When will that happen? Glad to see a potent offense though.

  2. Much better effort tonite. Team showed determination and fight and really would have won but for 2 rather soft early goals vs Prawdzik. Good initial rush and breakouts, however i don’t like the back passes as i don’t think we need it since we have so much speed. till problems in D zone with some give aways and prolonged zone time for NE.

  3. To repeat my take on last night’s game as shared with my friends: “Good comeback – no quit – plenty of shots – could be a turning point from the poor start.“ PSD

  4. i think Albie deserves the Humanitarian Award for taking Max Prawdzik out of the game after the third string goalie (that is really what he is) after giving up 2 goals in a little over 3 minutes.

    it is one thing to come in and do some mop up when your team is down by 3, but now try starting a game on the road in front of a hostile crowd. not so easy. look, i am not a big fan of Ott – OVERRATED – but i had a renewed appreciation of him after watching Prawdzik – well deserving of the chant SIEVE.

    i am not mad at Max Prawdzik; i am mad at the bloggers on this site and other BU propagandists who have been saying all along he could be a starter on this team or another D1 team. WRONG! perhaps for alabama huntsville.

    Max Prawdzik is a third string goalie and for that i applaud his effort last night. the kid did the best he could. felt bad for him

    but here is a little warning to the faithful of Terrier Nation. we better get 2 damn good goalies in here next year PRONTO. then Max Prawdzik can play the third string that he was recruited for if we fail to bring two studs, we are gonna be in bad shape. didn’t the venerable Parker once said that the name hockey should be changed to goalie? or did i say that?

    great to see the team score, great to see their resolve. i saw a lot of positives. Albie has been saying they need to shoot more and sure enough they were firing from all over the place. and the NU goalie and D are pretty good this year.

    now we see how they respond . i do not care to hear the cop-out excuse that it is still early in the season. Bullcrap! and those who agree with me, know that Saturday is Wicked Huuuuuge!!

    now is the time to form an identity, fellas. let’s not wait to Feb when it is too late

    Go BU

  5. Vinnie, there was some basis for starting Max. Don’t forget what he did against a highly ranked (at the time) UNH team. He shut them out last November 11th. As for next year, it will probably be a mix of Purpura and Oettinger. Commesso will arrive in 2020 I believe.

  6. It was a tough go for max for sure. I know he’s better then that Glenn your right he has played well when givin the opportunity last night was just a fluke. Last time I checked Alabama Huntsville has had some good teams but that’s neither here nor there. Jake was solid last night the team played great plenty to work on still but they got shots on net and got to the net. I’m not worried about goaltending next year I hope jake stays but he may be called upon by Dallas if that happens I have 💯 %confidence in max. But as I said I’m focused on this year. I was thrilled by Bu forechecking . I think we still struggle on break outs. Need to be moving our feet when we don’t have the puck. Things are looking up.🐾

  7. Ottenger will never make it in the pros. Let in another easy goal last night. Good that the team is coming out of its funk. Long way to go. Why do other teams get very good goalies all the time. What is wrong with BU recruiting as to goalies ? Something wrong here.

  8. Son of Cesar we have the best goalie in college hockey. And I don’t care what happened last night max is a good division 1 goalie🐾

  9. Good morning I know it was a tie on the road against a good team but signs were all there last night , energy,desire,grit and lookinh how game started easily could of gone thru motions but they didn’t… Still a little lose coverage in our own zone but I see improvement… Pp looked some what better ..so think that game gets up going… Ps I like max but Jake is your guy that experiment failed miserably… See u guys Saturday night go Bu!!

  10. As far as Jake not making it in nhl we all said the same about Jonathan quick when he sucked at umass ans all he did was win Stanley cups so slow down im sure Dallas wouldn’t pick him in 1st round and they didn’t believe he can make it… I guess Joseph woll won’t make it either? Jake makes first save and expects his d to get rebound or block the guy … I have faith in him.. Name me 1 hockeyeasy goalie better then him… Go bu

  11. Rui, better that Jake ? How about just about all of them. As to being the number one pick the NHL draft has been replete with first rounders who were duds. Look at the Boston NHL teal to see a lot of that.

  12. Hey frozen out in the past u always mention BC but this year I been quite what happen?? Maybe 0-5 start have something to do with that and unlike us they Do have a stud player Oliver walstrom which seems invisible… Maybe your buddy Jerry rode brown tail to winning now that brown is gone ain’t looking to good …

  13. I’m not going to put down opposing teams goalies . We have some great ones in hockey east. If I was picking a team from all of them. I pick jake every time and twice on sunday🐾

  14. Those of you who are acquainted with me know that I am a very sore loser, and that I freely admit to being so. In fact, as any losing effort progresses, I become so irritated that my companions readily distance themselves from me, given my propensity for instant negative judgments and comments. Moreover, I must plead guilty to having done so this year. That said, perhaps my “rush-to-judgment” perspective, and then subsequent “time-to-consider” viewpoint can mitigate some of the concern, if not panic, that has been put forth.

    At the beginning of last season we were plagued by similar D Zone difficulties, and goaltending concerns. At that time the defense was unsteady in front of Jake, and he was left guessing what his defensemen were about to do, rather than knowing. Hence, he was in wonderment as to what his next move should be, and that indecision resulted in a number of goals against. As the season wore on those issues were addressed and, as a result, Jake returned to form, and we came up one game short of the Frozen Four. This year similar D Zone issues have manifested, as a number of uncovered opponents have been allowed uncontested net front presence; which has given rise to easy scores off of the rebounds of initial saves. I am sure that as the team’s chemistry builds this problem will disappear. Please remember that this team has speed, talent, and (given the no-quit comeback Thursday night), character.

    Finally, please remember the horrible first half, and remarkable second half, of last year’s campaign before cashing in your chips so early in the season. As for the criticism of Colin’s and Rui’s optimism, please note that they were similarly disparaged last year, but in the end they alone proved to be correct by predicting last season’s resurgence and NCAA birth.

    Give us time and keep the faith! PSD

  15. Rui Estrela,
    Sorry to disappoint but their record speaks for itself. I do not follow the beagles and seldom mention them unless they are playing B.U., or once in a while, in direct comparison ( if warranted) to the Terriers. For example currently both teams are playing way below even reasonable expectations.
    As far as respecting the opposition, I learned a valuable lesson many years ago when I was one of the student managers. After a misstep against you know who, which coincided with a historic victory , for a soon retiring legendary hockey coach,I was instructed to go over , shake his hand and congratulate him, After I hesitated, Coach Kelly gave me a stern look and I did exactly what he he instructed. I realized many years later that he was teaching me a valuable life lesson. As painful as it may be sometimes you have to accept losing before you can win.

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