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  1. That was a weak performance. Providence is a good team but BU needs to be so much better. Jake played ok but not well enough. He reminds me of Tuukka. This is scary.

  2. Don’t despair, either Colin or Glenn, will soon be telling us how we turned it around last year

    Waiting, waiting

  3. Well lets not feel bad, B.C is even worse. Despite the result i think this is a very talented team that shows flashes (just flashes as of yet) of brilliance. They are very fast, move the puck around quite well. Wise, Harper, and farabee were especially impressive last night. Hockey games are won in episodes for the most part and last night Prov, just took advantage of theirs and the Terriers missed theirs ( they don’t shoot enough which accounts for the disparity of shots) Quite honestly while watching the run of play and then the scoreboard for the shots total i was surprised Prov was outshooting us by so much. Prov is also a very good , physical team and seemed to push the terriers around most of the night without much of a response who also probably wanted revenge for the loss in the HE final last year. Don’t worry guys it will get better.

  4. The Albie era has got off to a horrible start to say the least.. I see a team with no plan no strategy on pp or pk… He needs to keep 1 line together and hope they get hot until the rest of team catches up to speed.. I was out in minnsota for 2 games they played ok not great but effort was there and not for bad penalties by guys who should not be even dressed maybe it’s a different game… The last 2 games oh my no heart no flow people watching on pk which is leaving Jake hanging he’s making first save expecting his d to take care of it… And my observation is not 1 time I seen Albie mad or show any emotion which alotbof people were on Quinn but he held players accountable and O’Connell press conferences he just seems so relaxed and like he just won a game .. Quinn gave a good post game saying what most of us saw that night this guy has yet to do that.. We need to turn it around and quick .. Bc is like us which is a shocker given that they have some of u guys favorite coach “Jerry York, CLEARLY brown was running the show but York get credit… Go bu …

  5. I thought bu carried the play in the first. After providence scored the second goal. Bu unfolded they all went off the tracks together. It’s what happened at Merrimack. We are young and there will be growing pains. It would be nice to score especially first as I think that will give this team confidence. Jake had some stellar saves and kept team in it through the halfway point of the game then the flood gates opened. It is true we had the same start as last year and it is true that we can’t keep starting the season in pairwise despair. But here it is we are 0-4 I see the issues coach sees the issues we can be negative and constantly point it out with disgust or we can be positive and have faith that bu will figure it out. I have faith the kids will figure it out. My support for this program is unwavering through good times and bad times it’s always go bu🐾

  6. Is Albie’s system that different than Quinn’s system that perhaps it’s taking so long to learn? Just wondering.

  7. Glenn the same thing happened last year . The young team lacks confidence and gets away from the system when they are down. Follow that up with talented players trying to do everything themselves at a new level where things that worked at previous levels won’t work here. This team needs to stick to the game plan of bu hockey. We desperately need to boost our confidence. I think once we get a little success it will steam roll.

    • Well that’s the problem for years isn’t it Colin? What with losing a lot of players each year either thru graduation or early departures it always seems the Terriers start the season as a new, young inexperienced team needing to learn the system and playing at a higher level for the freshmen. unfortunately it puts you in the hole early on. It seems like BC is now also going thru the same problems. i agree it will get better.

  8. Well Tkachuk should never have left. That was the first mistake. However, this year we had more impactful upperclassmen returning than we have had in about a decade. I am confident that things will get better but my standard of success for this team was a sixth NCAA title. Not quite seeing that now.

  9. Colin, I wish I was as naive as you. I would be one happy guy. I have been watching BU Hockey before you were born and I can tell you this could be the worst team I have ever seen. I DON’T enjoy saying this but the team lacks effort in every way possible. They should be ashamed of themselves. If them don’t want to play then transfer so we can get some guys who WANT TO PLAY.

  10. Son of CC,
    I couldn’t say it better myself. Clearly team stopped playing after the second PC goal. Not Acceptable at any level.

  11. remember, we are the youngest teaming college hockey year after year, after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,after year,

    so sick of hearing it. if i could become a minnesota duluth fan, i would

  12. This team wants to win. If they did not want to win jake and Dante would be on a professional roster. The kids got up at ridiculous hours to work out over the summer. They care they are young they don’t have any confidence they face a little adversity and shut it down. They try and do things not in the game plan and at this level it does not work. The team needs to buy in to what the coaches are teaching. They are not deliberately sayin up yours to the system this is a quick game and it’s easy as a young player to get caught up in the tailspin and get away unintentionally from the system. You folks get disgusted about me saying we are young but if you think of your first day of work you may have done things today you don’t do today because you learn and are taught how to be more successful by doing things another way. This team needs to learn simple as that growing pains go bu🐾

  13. Colin, the game is not that hard. Skate hard, forecheck hard. shoot hard, backcheck hard. Simple. Teams with talent who do this win. Simple.

  14. Tough game tomorrow at NU. I would like to see Max start and come back with Jake at home on Sat. Nothing to lose. Matthews is a tough place to play. Give Oettinger a break and reward max with a start.

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