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  1. i just hope we don’t have to hear this year how Jake Ottenger is the best goalie in college hockey. please spare me the white noise. yanked tonight. pathetic

  2. Just cause Jake had a bad night doesn’t mean you’ve got to bring colin into this okay.
    Jake’s the real deal. Everyone’s allowed a bad night.

  3. Yes, anonymous, if I see one line from his apologist I will cyber puke.( Is it possible to cyber puke ? If so I will in this case). As to the game/ team outlook, Maybe too early to judge. Can not believe we can not score although we are not deep at all in quality forwards. Thanx for the great job on the blog again, Matt.

  4. Good reference, Anonymous! Funny how 3/4 losses brings radio silence from some. It is still early but not winning on road isn’t a good sign. Anyway Colin’s attention is somewhere around Kenmore/Fenway area for the next week or so. TK out….

  5. Wow love the support. The negative banter stopped as the bu train plowed down the tracks second half last year halting just shy of the frozen four. This years team is very similar the starts are exactly the same. This terrier team has a lot to figure out just like last years team did my hope is the team figures it out quickly the season is still very young. I liked the effort from many of the guys last night I just think we need to play a better team game. I’m confident we will be good. It is true that fenway and the sox have taken me away from agganis but as soon as the season ended last year I had my wife install a bu hockey count down app I love bu hockey and kind of enjoy the negative comments directed at me because it makes me feel part of this wonderful group of kids. This core of upperclassmen has proven negative comments directed towards them are not warranted they have proven to be great people students and players. Jake did not play great but he is a solid goalie and so is max. They have proven it.Every time this hockey club silences its critics I feel that much more a part of this team. Or at least as much as a fan can feel part of the team I love the character of this group and I believe we will be in the mix at the end. I was not at the games in Minnesota but I was at both games this weekend we need to get bodies in front of the net create offense by doing small things such as keeping our sticks on the ice in front of opposing teams net. There was no cycling at all last night we played the game the way Merrimack wanted us to play it. That will change as the season goes on. 🐾 And by the way I sincerely believe we have the best goalie in college hockey

  6. Colin. You have a blind love for this goalie. Please WATCH the games he plays. I tried to cyber puke but apparently it will not work on this site.

  7. Ah Colin, Thanks for bringing the sun back to Comm ave!!! As far as Jake being the best goalie in college hockey, I am not sure he is the best goalie on Comm ave. He needs to be much more consistent. Please spare us the message about what great kids they are. That is all well and good but if they can’t produce at this level, then they need to sit.

  8. Tk produce? He carried this team to a championship banner and also got them to the brink of the frozen four last year. This Friday another banner goes to the Agganis rafters that signifies production to me. I have only watched two games this year and they were both this weekend. Jake was not great in either one but I would not say he was terrible. He was pulled because the coach wanted to try and spark his team. Lucky for us we have a great back up. I mentioned earlier that we played the game the way Merrimack wanted us too. I listened to coaches post game comments he was spot on. Also we made it way to easy for Merrimack to break out of there zone. Merrimack goalie was solid but we did not have many rebound opportunities. He controlled his rebound because he saw his shots.we can win track meets against most NCAA teams but it’s clear we need to work on the finer pieces to beat teams in hockey east. I thank you for the ray of sun shine comment. I have seen many things that need to be worked on and I’m sure they will be. I can tell just by his comments coach sees the same things. What gives me hope is it’s clear by watching we have some gifted players be patient this team will be in the mix at the end.🐾

  9. Yea, Vinnie. Our number one goalie should be a back up somewhere. I wonder if we can get a good goalie at the semester break ????

  10. yes, that would be great if he was a quality one

    i am concerned about next year too. the only goalie coming is vinnie pupura. know anything about him. sounds like grant rollheiser to me

    the whole point of the first semester is to not have to dig yourself out of a huge hole. they barely made the ncaa, thanks to winning the HE title. i would not count on that

    friday is our fifth game (4 hainaut ncaa opponents). i say the game is HUGE. lose that and confidence takes a serious hit

    • Terriers have plenty of time to right the ship. They have played only 1 league game and i would agree that a win at home vs the Friars would instill confidence in the team. Don’t know what happened vs Merrimack but the team looked fast and resilient in their victory vs a very good USA under 18 team. Bowers , Harper, and Carpenter, along with farabee, and Wise look to provide good firepower. Probably playing back to back nights and against a defensive oriented Merrimack team in that rink had an effect but this group has to get used to that.

  11. The whole team played well second half last year. I’m convinced and his stats back me up on this without jake you don’t go on that run last year. as to our back up what has max done to suggest he is anything but a great back up. In a limited number of minutes he has produced he would be a starter at many D1 schools why are so many on this web site doom and gloom. This team is not off to a great start but it’s early and we are good bottom line we are in good shape. Go terriers 🐾

  12. This years team cannot be compared to last years or any other. It will develop its own identity. The rough start was pretty predictable considering the unsettling and disruptive offseason.
    When a coach leaves unexpectedly and so late it is ultimately up to those in charge to make decisive and aggressive action.
    B.U did the opposite. The previous coach agreed to a lengthy extension and a healthy increase in salary and then reneged on his commitment and abruptly left for even greener pastures. Obviously using the athletic director as leverage and playing him like a violin.
    I cannot believe that this helped the athletic directors career or creditability among the trustees and president of the university after everyone ultimately agreed on a new longer and more lucrative financial arrangement.
    It took for ever to name a new coach
    It is my humble opinion that Albie was not the first choice and I would not be surprised if the final decision for the coach was much higher up the food chain.
    As I previously stated the program was left in total disarray as he who will not be mentioned torched every bridge and relationship as he ran out the door. Including hurting the credibility and career of the athletic director, huge future and current scheduling problems, attendance issues and fund raising problems.
    I am rooting for Albie to turn it around but it will take time and patience How to you ignore, insult passionate alumni, students and dismantle a strong FOH and expect everyone to come back ?

  13. Sorry folks my last comment came up anonymous. I want everyone to know who I am so you can know who you disagree with. I read a article that was on the terrier fan blog from Mike McMahon talking about bu needing to betougher to play against its refreshing to know that his observations coaches comments all mirror what I have been saying. I realize not everyone agrees with what I put on this blog but others in the hockey world do. Now that I have identified the problems that have plagued our young team(youngest in the country) according to article the question becomes how do we fix it. My solutions for you all to mock at. 1 experience the more you play the better acclimated to college hockey you will become 2. Corner drills one on one battles.3. Offensive zone screen the goalies get rebounds be in the right spot. STICK ON THE ICE. Work a crisp power play. These kids are tremendously gifted the great play will come but you can’t always be looking for it because a good power play is deceptively good move the puck to open lanes move feet less stick handling find a lane and shoot. Also I would want to have more active sticks in passing lanes on penalty kills. Coach parkers teams always did this so well. I can’t wait for tomorrow night rafter time. Go bu🐾

  14. Colin. I have to agree with you 100% about play in the O zone. Parker’s teams could check in the O zone so well. Remember when BU dominated play in the O zone so much you thought the ice was tilted ? Those were the days my friend. Yes, go, BU for sure tonight.

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