6 thoughts on “Live Blog: BU vs Acadia”

  1. The team has impressive team speed it seems and farabee looks like a highly skilled player. BTW anyone know if there was a color change this year . Will terriers be always wearing red at home?

  2. That was a pro-style wrister that Farabee shot for his goal. I believe that red-at-home thing will not continue. I know the pros do it but I hate it. The home team should wear white.

  3. Yea, good to have a win even though against a not so good team. Not enough vets on the team to win a championship but have a chance to win HE and/ or Beanpot. Talent seems to be there.

  4. Disappointed that there was no post game follow up reporting, as was standard procedure until recently. Just looked at the streaming option for tonight’s Minnesota game, and found that the price is $30/month. Can this be correct? If so, speak loudly Bernie I will be listening – not viewing.

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