Danny Zhilkin and Roman Schmidt commit to men’s hockey

This week, the Boston University men’s hockey team received commitments from ’03 forward Danny Zhiklin and ’03 defenseman Roman Schmidt.

Schmidt is a 6-foot-4-inch defenseman who plays a pro-style game. Neutral Zone has him graded 4.75 out of five stars.



Zhiklin is tall and has a powerful stride. The Ontario native is expected to be a highly sought after OHL draft prospect. The Toronto Marlboros product won the 2018 Jr. Chowder Cup MVP while playing for Maroon Hockey.



  1. So much for the worries about Albie needing Quinn to land elite recruits!

  2. Son of Caesar carlaci

    Yea, Glenn. Hope they come as as the Jr. Pros pull these guys in many times with there promise of a little money in their pockets. Boy these recruits are so young. I remember following my nephew in Bantam and how young he was. To judge them at that level is very difficult.

  3. There will always be a percentage of high-end NCAA recruits who, during the time between their verbal commit and would-be freshman season, decide to go the major junior route. However, the more high-end recruits we land in the first place, the more will end up wearing Scarlet at Agganis.

    Yes indeed SoCC, it amazes me how young recruits are these days! I have confidence in our talent evaluators.

  4. I’m with you Glenn I don’t know much about coach pearl but I do know a lot about Coach O’Connell and he knows how to judge talent. He also has a lot of praise and respect for his coaches so I believe them to be the best recruiters in the game. What astounds me is bu gets the best players available but always gets great kids. I run into these kids all summer long during my part time job and I have to say they are mature beyond there years. It has been such a great pleasure to me to be around college hockey and the bu program for so many years. BU hockey thanks to its leaders have set themselves up for some great years to come.Go bu🐾

  5. Whenever I have come up to Boston for the weekend and have had the chance to greet our student-athletes after the game, I have been impressed by their character. I get a good vibe about the overwhelming majority of them.

  6. colin,

    do you think Brady will return?

  7. Vinnie I hope so. I have not heard anything either way just people guessing. My guess is he leaves. I figure if that’s what happens the team is still very good and if he stays we are that much better . This kid matt Querrcia is a big power forward obviously not proven like Brady but has a good reputation of aggititating other teams defense and goalies draws a lot of penalties and rarely goes to the box by himself. If Brady goes this kids role could be increased. We will just have to wait till the 12. Go bu🐾

  8. I think it will be an absolute disaster if Btady leaves. I agree we will still have a very good team, but that’s not enough to win a NCAA title. As for Quercia and the rest of our incoming class, I am super excited to see them play.

  9. Glenn,
    BT is scheduled to make his announcement 8-12-18. (this Sunday)
    Until then only he knows his future. Either way it will impact this season.

  10. Thanks Larry. Yes, it will impact our season enormously. I think he said he will make the decision by the 12th. So, I would not be surprised at an earlier announcement.

  11. mark bucci says – In what obviously has been a very difficult decision where a player sees the positive in both choices, I would expect @Senators 1st round pick (4th overall) Brady Tkachuk to forego his college eligibility and turn pro. Official decision will come this weekend, likely tomorrow.

  12. Vinnie,
    Not the news I expected but not that surprising. Certainly will effect this years team. It seems B.U. has become a one and done school for top end talent. Hopefully that will change with the new coach.
    Why not more emphasis on the value of an education?