Dom Fensore commits to men’s hockey

Defenseman Dom Fensore has committed to Boston University after decommitting from Quinnipiac University earlier this week. He is expected to join the Terriers for the 2019 season.

The NDTP defenseman has been described as a puck-moving offensive defenseman and is one of the top 01 defensemen in the country. He is the first major recruiting victory since head coach  Albie O’Connell took over for New York Rangers head coach David Quinn.

The Thornwood, New York native has been praised for his skating ability and his footwork.

One cause for concern about Fensore is his size. However, he has managed to turn his frame into an advantage.

He is the latest commit from the U.S National Under-17 team for BU that currently includes defensemen Alex Vlasic, Case McCarthy and forward Travis Zegras.


  1. Congratulations to Albie and welcome to Terrier Nation Dom, from a fellow resident of Westchester County!

  2. Son of Caesar carlaci

    It will be very interesting in seeing how Albie recruits. He seems to be able to get players from other commitments. No word on Tkachuk as yet ????

  3. Yes CoCC, it is interesting that Albie’s first two commits, Cheremeta and Fensore, were previously committed to UVM and QU respectively. Every day I search for news on Tkachuk and see nothing new. I like to think that every day that passes without him signing makes it more likely that he will return to Agganis.

  4. Trevor Zegras.

  5. What about Trevor Zegras? You mean that he is from Westchester too (Bedford)?

  6. Glenn,
    Latest BT rumor is that he is leaning to returning to B.U. unless he has an outstanding performance in the showcase. I guess everyone will just have to wait and see until the showcase finishes.

  7. Hi Larry! I hope you’re having a pleasant summer. Thanks for sharing that information. Isn’t the showcase against other junior players? If so, I can’t see how an outstanding performance would mean that he’s ready for the NHL. I hope he does well but not so well that he decides to leave us. 😉

  8. Glenn,
    Thank you, I have had a terrific summer as my daughter”s wedding was fathers day! For once I agree 100% with your assessment ! I feel similar to Jordan Greenway that B.T. needs another year of college hockey to improve his overall game.
    Anybody else looking forward to a possible B.U.- Michigan rematch?

  9. Congratulations on that wedding! I think Brady would do well to compare his situation to that of Greenway. To me, that seems like a very reasonable comparison. He would see that Greenway’s numbers and overall game improved in each of his three Terrier seasons. Moreover, Brady has said that wherever he goes, he wants to have an impact. If that’s the case, he would make a monumental impact on the 2018-2019 BU team (one that would then have an excellent chance for a national championship) and a minimal impact on the outcome of Ottawa’s 2018-2019 season. So, from that perspective, a return to BU is a no-brainer.

  10. Glenn,
    Once again We share the identical point of view. Unfortunately B.T. was pretty clear that if Ottawa advised him to turn pro then he would comply with there wishes. So it will be interesting to see how it is resolved. Please note his brother did not go to college and Keith attended for one year. Do not know if the preceding will influence his decision.

  11. Well maybe Brady will want to win out on that family battle. Zero for Matthew, one for Keith and two for Brady LOL.