NCAA ice hockey rule changes

Thursday the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a proposal that allows each conference to utilize one or two different formats after a 5-0n-5 overtime period.

After the 5-0n-5 overtime period, conferences may allow for either a five-minute, three-on-three overtime period and a shootout or just a shootout to award additional conference points.

This will not happen in non-conference games as those games will just end in a tie at the conclusion of the overtime. In the case of regular season tournaments, a 20-minute sudden death period can be played for overtime, instead of the traditional five-minute overtime period. These tournaments can use the three-on-three and shootout or the standalone shootout format.

Other rule changes were also approved which can be found here.

11 thoughts on “NCAA ice hockey rule changes”

  1. Remember when H E and the Western College League played an interlocking schedule and at the same time, I believe, The shoot out was used. It was great. Remember why they stopped it ? They said the goalies were having a hard time coping withe the anxiety of it.

  2. I remember the interlocking WCHA schedule. I definitely don’t remember anyone ever even implying that it was an anxiety issue that stooped the OT’s. Where did you see that? Sounds like an urban myth. I don’t really care about whether or not there is an OT shootout or not. I would rather see just a 5 minute OT session with four skaters. No problem with regular season ties.

  3. Yea. It was widely reported that some of the goalies were having anxiety problems with the shoot out. That IS THE REASON they stopped it for sure. VERY POPULAR with the fans. We could use some excitement in the game to get asses in the seats They say that a tie is like “kissing your sister” Not bad if your sister is Jennifer Aniston but otherwise ????

  4. I guess if it does increase attendance I would be in favor. For me, a tie in overtime in a regular season game is perfectly fine … and it doesn’t happen very often.

  5. As I have read more about it from my last post the HE “Commish” does not favor it nor does other coaches save for our guy. Yea, why make games more exciting ?Such a foolish idea.Let the game die.

  6. Based on NHL implementation, I do not think fans have reacted favorably to the shoot-out. I do think they have an extremely favorable reaction to the three-on-three or four-on-four. Two things that will put more fans in Agganis seats are our Terriers being a dominant team and creative marketing moves that are geared to the ever-increasing international student body at BU.

  7. Glen, you are right about the demographics change being part of the problem. My friends from the Boston area ( all alums) tell me BU is almost never mentioned in any media stories any more. It as lost its Boston “presence”that it had for so many years. I remember though when I could attend games at Walter Brown the fans standing for the shoot out were going crazy. I agree the three on three has the fans approval in NHL overtimes.

  8. I remember the energy at WBA was insane … the smaller arena and low ceiling helped a lot. I will never forget the first time I went into that arena when I transferred to BU … September of 1985. That began a passion that has only increased as the years go by.

  9. Yea, Glen, I miss those games at Walter Brown. SO MUCH ENERGY. Because I am far away now I have only seen two games at the new place and I can tell you I was very disappointed. We were told that the noise level still would be up there.. I can not hear any noise at all while there. It is like I was in a movie house.

  10. You actually have to have students and young enthusiastic fans in attendance to generate noise To many games of a half filled arena
    and more noise at the Mugar Library then at a hockey game.
    It starts at the top, if the president of the university went out of his way to promote the team it would certainly be a step in the right direction. Honestly I was shocked he attended and spoke at Albie,s press conference,
    Albie is aware of the lack of attendance, I wonder if he will be more invested then his predecessor . With no real FOH and the coaches cabinet now located in NYC it will be interesting to see how he plans to raise the money necessary to fund an elite program. A lot of bridges need repairing and I do not know if this is possible. Many of my colleagues have moved on. However I do wish him the best in what is a very tough and complicated matter.

  11. I must say that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I go to games at Agganis when I come up from NY and it is pretty noisy, and extremely noisy when a tying or go-ahead goal is scored in the third period or OT. Agganis’s size makes it hard to feel the same vibe as WBA, unless there is a sell-out. We can all agree to wish Albie luck in putting together a champiosnship season. I expect men’s hockey to have no problem in raising big bucks with the team we will have in 2018-2019.

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