Hank Crone not returning to men’s hockey

Forward Hank Crone will not be returning to the Boston University men’s hockey team. The Cedar Hill, Texas native had 12 points in 35 games with the Terriers. Crone will transfer to the University of Denver for the 2019-20 season.

Crone will rejoin the Fargo Force of the USHL next season. Prior to the Terriers, Crone had 99 points in 106 games for the Force. He finished tied for third in the USHL while playing for the Force during the 2016-17 season with 62 points.

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  1. I think we can understand why we don’t have many championships the last few years. Many of these players are not “true blue” terriers. Good riddance.And take you low point per game totals with you.

  2. Agree SOCC. However I think this is the trend in most of D1 college hockey. Its merely a short stepping stone for these kids. They don’t care about a degree, they care about getting to the next level as fast as possible. (Some have awful advisors that’s for sure!)

  3. Yea, Shawn. As I have told about the former BU first line forward a few years ago who was down and out with a family and no place to play. In the Globe article he was quoted as saying “That’s all I know how to do “(play hockey) Left after one year and had the “full boat” to a first class University to develop cognitive skills for a career. Did not used what he was given. Sad. Was a pretty good player too. I will not use his name but old time BU guys know who I am talking about.

  4. I guess Hank was offended that he was asked to go back to the USHL for a year? Oh well, we should have more than enough high-end forwards this season.

  5. yes he was told that he was not a top 6 forward and too small to be on the 4th line. so this was not about his commitment to BU. i wish him well. i think he could have become a good player in time, like carson holman did his senior year

    • Yes Vinnie, fellow Texan Cason Hohmann did a great job in progressing throughout all four seasons at BU. Of course maybe not so much his junior season but that 2013-2014 season was a disaster for just about everyone. I do think this was indeed about Crone’s commitment (or lack thereof) to BU.

  6. Sean,
    I totally agree with your thoughts regarding Hank Crone. Its to bad too many of these players do not value or place enough emphasis on education as the majority will not play in the NHL. Then What? Minimal pay in the minors or perhaps going over seas. How long is that going to last ?
    Perhaps B.U. should adjust there recruiting philosophy.

    • Frozen Out,
      I know what you’re saying but in the end….its really hard to pass on these super stars and watch someone else get them. Advisors and PARENTS should be looking out for the kids best interest. Especially the kids like Crone. Take Brady for example. He needs more time in college before he makes the jump….but Im sure his father and brother and advisor are not thinking that. I was surprised how high he went, to be honest. I find him to be too much of a hot head and he seems slow to me.
      These kids need to be kept in reality. Like you said, how many actually make it to the NHL for g mbioney?? Get that degree first!! I think they feel they can always go back and get it? who knows

  7. Glenn,
    A change in culture where the value of an education is discussed with an incoming class as well as emphasized on an individual basis. For example I know the prior regime eliminated the hockey alumni mentering program. This could certainly be reinstated if Albie thought it would be beneficial.
    I know former players who regret there decision of leaving early especially when they realize that unless your atop draft choice then for the most part most average prospects are treated like cattle.
    One agent told me that it is also very political and cut throat. One of his draft choices was held back in the AHL until the NHL coach was let go and the new coach promoted him as soon as he was hired. An AHL contract is now worth less than a B.U. scholarship. Is this explained to the parents and potential recruits ?

  8. Hi Larry. I had never heard of the alumni mentoring program. Was it BU hockey alums providing periodic guidance to current Terriers? That does sound like a very good program. Still, I would highly doubt any such program or culture is going to filter out all players who do not place a sufficiently high priority on a college education. I think of two BU players, Yasin Cisse and AJ Greer, who seemed unwilling to accept the roles that they would serve as Terriers, and decided to go play junior hockey instead. This phenomenon is inevitable. Hohmann was different. Of course he was a huge beneficiary of the Eichel effect, but he stayed with the program, got his degree, and is now playing pro hockey in Europe I believe. In sum, BU hockey has done an excellent job with maintaining high academic standards and graduation rates. I am confident that will continue under Albie. Again, there will never be a way to prevent occasional malcontents from finding their way to BU. One last thought … can you imagine if current NY Ranger and former Terrier recruit Anthony D’Angelo did not decommit from BU? He would have been an absolute disgrace in our program … given his crappy attitude and behavior. All in all, we have done pretty well in getting high character kids who take pride in their academics. I think we can all agree that we should pray for more Brandon Hickey’s to enter Terrier Nation!

  9. It’s unfortunate things did not work out for hank he was a good kid. Wish him the best going forward. We will be fine with our bench or incoming freshmen. Not worried a bit.🐾

  10. Colin,
    In all due respect, you are never worried about anything BU hockey-related. and that is your right

    i feel the guys up the street are really gaining steam. they have some real high end guys coming in. better hope Oliver does not show cuz he is gonna put up Eichel numbers

  11. A belated Happy Birthday to Coach Jack Kelly, who was one of my mentors and had a profound influence on my life. He was the primary reason that I started following B.U. Hockey.
    It was an honor and privilege to be one of his student managers his last year . He is the Godfather of B.U.Hockey and the founder of the Friends of Hockey. He literally built the program from the bottom to the top where B.U. established itself as the premier program in the country!

    • Frozen,

      The Godfather, quite a title. I remember Kelley as a kid i first became familiar with him when he coached the N.E. Whalers, playing much of their first season at the old Boston Arena! I was aware of his record and achievements at B.U but i was a very young kid at the time. He won the first Avco Cup (WHA Championship) with the Whalers with quite a few American and ex B.U. grads. Pleau, Sheehy, Caffery, French, Jordan, Hurley, Webster ( great memories) Of course the Terriers had a great program even before JK arrived ( legendary Jack Garrity in 50s all time single season goalscorer), but Kelley elevated the program to National Championship level of course. Happy Birthday Coach!

  12. On a warm summer evening, I am hungry for some BU Hockey news … and it has to be good news!

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