Paul Pearl named associate head coach of men’s hockey

It looks like BU men’s hockey has filled its coaching vacancy.

Paul Pearl has been named the new associate head coach of the Terriers and the rest of last year’s staff will return. Read Liam’s story here.



  1. Great to have such a experienced hand on board. What was so great about coach OConnell relationship with coach Quinn was the level of trust in each other. I think that’s the same chemistry that these two coaches will have. Go bu🐾

  2. Son of Caesar carlaci

    With all the outstanding (or almost all) BU guys in the NHL this was the best hire possible I believe. If I remember he brought in a lot of good players in the past few years.

  3. I like the hire too. Like I said in an earlier post, they going to have to build in a different way. I don’t think we’re going to get a steady stream of number one draft picks and maybe that’s OK. If they can get three and four are year guys who are B+ and A- players, that’s fine with me Actually I prefer it that way because you don’t have to be always on the edge of your seat about who’s gonna leave

  4. Vinnie
    I agree with your assessment. The one and done formula is short term and brought a lot more disappointments then championships.

  5. I hear you but I feel that if Quinn stayed he would have won a national championship at some point. Just a hunch. No crystal ball. I think he was starting to build a nice blend between first rounders and bono carpenter types

    We will never know.

    But leaman does it without first rounders. I think this year was his first one in jay obrien from Thayer. Is that right?

    • We believe it is his second. Mark Jankowski was drafted 21 overall by Calgary in 2012

    • Vinnie,
      Don’t forget Leaman did it by a fluke. Yes, they needed another goal but that goal killed their spirit.

  6. Vinnie,
    I think you’re spot on with the Championship coming soon. I think Quinn would’ve won one also had he not left. (a decision I support but hated at the same time) Albie has a lot to prove but he inherited a VERY good team, with his and Quinn’s recruits. Unlike Quinn when he took over, Parker and Bavis barely left the state to recruit. SO I hope he does awesome, he deserves it. Such a great guy and family man. And contrary to what some on here believe, Quinn was his biggest supporter getting the job. Made several phone calls and a few in person visits on Albie’s behalf. He is not a phony, money grubber. If he were he would’ve left BU after his second year for the NHL. Fact!
    GO BU!!!

  7. Good point sean. My biggest fear is that we regress to the Jack Parker and Mike Bavis era. And I know they got us eichel but other than that there was just a slew of really lousy recruits who Quinn, to his credit, got rid of.

    Albie himself admitted in an interview that he will not be on the road the way he used to because now he is the head coach. So we lose that asset. Obviously, the hope is that pearl can pick up the slack

    So sick of the tachuk drama. If that kid thinks he is ready for the NHL now, he is crazy. He scored nine goals last year. it took Greenway three years and they play a similar kind of game

    If he didn’t have the famous last name, I don’t think this would even be a discussion

    • Vinnie,
      Although ALbie wont “be on the road” he will most definitely have his hand in who is being recruited. He’s got a great eye for talent and I think Peal will fill in nicely. (I see Larry still is so bitter his BF Quinn left him high and dry. Im not so sure why he takes it so personally. The guy said it in a 100 interviews, the NYR was the only situation he would leave BU for. And even approached with it, he said no, twice, But Larry boy can’t let it go. He really needs to just move on. He keeps harping on the same point over and over and over….ugh!)
      ANYWAY, I totally AGREE BT is NOT ready to go. He’s a hot head and takes stupid penalties. I find him to be rather slow for how high he was drafted. He definitely needs more D1 experience. We shall see. Looking forward to an exciting year….wishing Albie and the team the best!!!
      GO BU!!

  8. Vinnie,
    The point is DD did not complete his tenure. He left after five years and did not complete the task. His teams had an abundance of talent but constantly underachieved. Clearly a great recruiter and developer of individual raw talent. However he was unable to take the proceeding and mold it into championship teams. You can speculate all you want but at the end of the day the results speak for themselves.
    Sorry to see Sean is still in denial after his guru abruptly left the program for the almighty dollar. One Agganis Arena employee told me that DD told him it was his job for life. I guess he must have had his fingers crossed.
    B.U. was clearly a stepping stone or a bookmark toward an NHL job. There is nothing wrong with that goal. In fact I admire him for getting five-year deal for $12.5 million. However don’t spit in my face and call it rain. DD never intended to be here long term . In fact as Sean mentioned he was looking into other opportunities as early as his second year.
    I hope BT follows in the footsteps of Jordan Greenway rather then JFK. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • and you get mad when people spin your words? NEVER did I say he was “looking into other opportunities”. Get a life please. So you’re bent on your anger towards Quinn and his reputation, you are losing it. He never owed you anything, so how do you say hr spit in YOUR face? Jesus Larry calm down. You might think YOU were on the staff or something. Grow up. It’s so childish what you’re doing on here aside from making a fool of yourself being so angry and bitter over a college hockey coach, who you FINALLY admitted to hating, for leaving for the NHL. Your IDOL Parker told him to go! Did you know that?? You must have since you’re in bed with him.

  9. Not being an insider the way Sean and Larry are, I always wondered what Parker’s stance on Quinn’s leaving would be. I was surprised to learn that he encouraged it, but whatever

    This team is going to heavily rely on Paul pearl to identify talent. I was never sure what the other coach, Len’s, role was. Does he beat the bushes toO?

    The best thing that could happen for BU this summer is if Wahlstrom turns pro. I know a lot of negative things about him have been said in terms of being selfish and his parents being obnoxious etc. etc., but that kid is going to kill us if he plays college hockey. My prediction is that he will either win the Hobie baker or be a top three finisher So I am hoping he takes the same road as toloven, Milano, and that other kid who showed up for two days and left. A first line of Jack McBain, Wolstrom and David Cotton will be devastating

  10. Since I am not an insider like Sean and Larry, I always wondered what Jack Parker’s position was in terms of Quinn leaving. Interesting to hear that he supported the move

    I still say we are not going to get the full benefit of albie’s recruiting expertise. We are going to have to rely on Paul pearl. I never was sure what len Q really does. Is he a good recruiter? He just seems to stay in the shadows. I know he has a lot of college coaching experience. We need him to pick up the recruiting slack as well. Maybe he does this, but I have never heard much of that

    In addition to TaChuck’s return, the biggest thing that could benefit bu and all of college hockey is if Wahlstrom turns pro before he gets to BC
    In my opinion that kid will dominate college hockey and will either be a final three candidate for the hoBey Baker award or he will win the award out right. A first line of Wahlstrom, Mcbain, and Cotton will be devastating. So I hope the Islanders do not sign Tavaris and they turn to Wallatrom. This kid might have some defensive liabilities, but they won’t really make a difference in college because he will score tons of goals

  11. Vinnie,
    I am not an insider but I do believe that Coach Parker was not thrilled that DD left after B.U. won it all in 2009. Do not know what he felt this time I doubt he was surprised.
    You are correct about Wallatrom, some have compared him to Eichel. He certainly could make you know who the favorites.
    Interesting to note that after he was drafted and subsequently interviewed that he never mentioned going to college. I can only wish he goes directly to the NHL.

  12. Sean,
    Some more very fake news.DD was the definition of a carpetbagger. Always moved from job to job never staying in one place more than five years and leveraged his power over B.U. to obtain his dream job. I beyond ecstatic that he has left the building and plan to fully support Albie. I am actually happy for your pal as not only is he coaching the NYR, he is millionaire no matter how it works out.
    I never twisted your words but agree with you that he had ample opportunities to move on to greener pastures. He certainly was smart to wait and maximize his opportunity.

  13. It’s called moving up the ladder to better yourself in your chosen profession.
    Fact: parker told Quinn when he won a national he would step down. After 2009 Quinn approached him and said ok, we won the nationals and Parker told him he wasnt ready to go so he ENCOURAGED Quinn to move onto the pros to get head coaching experience.
    I know you hate him, for stupid reasons….but he is a class act, extremely loyal and everyone that matters to him ( MANY BU alum, and present employees) have him their full support. Sure some took longer than others, but they called around. And look at it this way, what a door he opened for Albie.
    Stop being so angry. It can’t be good for your health
    GO BU

  14. Sean,
    I totally disagree with your assessment. You can spin the story to fit your beliefs but I judge a person by their actions not there words. Nothing wrong with moving up the ladder unless you purposely mislead people by renegotiating a new contract then once again reneging and abruptly leaving the program. At the end of the day I admire your pal for playing B.U like a violin and convincing his loyal subjects that he was justified when all along this was his ultimate goal.
    I honestly do not know what Coach Parker feels and I highly doubt that he would ever make a negative public comment about one of his former players or coaches. Especially since he is still employed at B.U.
    Any body who is not a man of his word and breaks a contract does not fit my definition of a class act. The only thing he is loyal to is himself. Believe it or not there is a huge silent majority of alumni who could not stand him and are glad he has left. Those are reflected in former season ticket holders that no longer follow the program. I confirmed the proceeding with a former employee of Agganis Arena that I talked to during the N.C.A.A. tournament. Although this particular person had no personal issues with D.D. , his refusal to interact with any alumni interested in the hockey program had a negative impact on season tickets. Especially with Premium seat holders and Suite holders.
    I am not angry. In fact I feel vindicated that I never believed in him or the way he ran the program.

  15. Ok can we move off Quinn. He did what he did. If albie can establish himself like a leaman or
    a Bazin, we are in good shape. But there is going to be a learning curve. Thankfully he is inheriting a good team if everyone shows up

    I see Harper is at the Nashville camp. This is good. Shows he is over illness

    I see melanson is in the rangers camp. Good for him. Glad Quinn is giving him a shot however slim

    Are those 2 Transfers still coming? They are from Brown and RPI?

    Cmon let’s talk hockey, not spilled milk .

  16. Cawlidge Hawkey Ins.
    Cawlidge Hawkey Ins.
    1st round picks in the last 5 years:

    1 Boston University 9
    2 Michigan 5
    Boston College 5
    4 North Dakota 4
    5 Wisconsin 3
    6 St. Cloud 2
    7 Connecticut 1
    Denver 1
    Duluth 1
    Massachusetts 1
    Miami 1
    Minnesota 1
    Providence 1

  17. Vinnie,

    Hopefully, BU will on top of the # of National Championships soon.

  18. Dante Fabbro will return for his junior season

  19. Great Matthew! I thought that was a done deal in April?

    • Matthew Martin

      We were told back in our end-of-the-season interview with Quinn. However, due to some comments on the blog, we were trying to ease some of the concerns about certain players leaving after Quinn went to the Rangers. Darren Dreger tweeted out today that Fabbro will return to BU next season.

  20. Thanks for the info! Now we can focus our concerns on Brady!